Baby Chick Room Tour: Sheridan & Odessa

We have a new series of posts starting today that will feature tours of a few cowkids' rooms.  I know in our home the most thought out and decorated room has to be my girls' room.  Most of our house is built around functionality and not appearance, hence, the island in our kitchen just happens to also be our dining table.  But in our girls' room it is a mix of both.  I'm actually pretty in love with their room.  I wouldn't say there's any exact theme or color that rules in it.  It's just a fun mix of bright colors and we have everything from birds and horses to Minnie Mouse and flowers in that space.  It's definitely a little girls' haven but you won't get overloaded with a ton of pink, sparkles and tutus (those are tucked away the closet!) IMG_0189                                                              IMG_0188.JPG (2)


We painted the walls a really fun turquoise and grayish purple. I wanted the walls to compliment all the different colors we were going to incorporate into the décor.  The room is in the loft of our home so the tongue-in-groove ceiling comes down low on the west side which can make the room look dark with all of the wood so we thought bright colors on the dry wall would lighten everything up.

Sheridan's "Big Girl" bed is actually an old futon that I picked up at a salvage yard. I just sanded it and painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Robin's Egg. It's my favorite piece in the room because of it's uniqueness.  I picked up the foam mattress from Home Depot since the bed was such an odd shape for a twin mattress.  When she's a little older and won't fall out of the bed as easily, we'll flip the bed around so she doesn't have to climb over the railing, but for now, this works perfect.  All of her horse bedding came from Target besides the throw blanket that came from Pendleton Wools.  Her gallery wall is still a work in progress, but I think it always will be. I love the idea of adding fun things to her wall as she grows which will just compliment the wall even more.  The frames on the left and top and the "S" are all from Hobby Lobby and the other two were gifted to us. The scripture in the left frame was from a gift bag that I really loved in which I cut out and placed in the frame.  For the sign with her name I painted a slab of barn wood and cut it in half to fit the corner.  The idea for the bird mobile actually came from Martha Stewart's website.

IMG_0192.JPG (2)                              IMG_0198                             IMG_0199

I'm sure when they're both older this closet won't have near enough room for all of their clothes, but this is working for now. Both of the dressers came from thrift stores in which I sanded, painted and added new hardware.  I will never ever paint that herring bone design on anything again. I hated it!  I do not have the patience for perfection and that design required perfection. I'm glad it came out okay, but never again!

The teepee I bought off of an Etsy shop called Tnees Tpees. Sheridan loves playing in this and always makes Mommy and Daddy lay down to go to "sleep."  The wool rug was a gift as well as the white "time out" chair (Sheridan will have the paint worn off that in no time!) The turquoise toy box is actually an old potato box that I painted and put upholstery nails in.

 IMG_0200.JPG (2)

For now, Odessa still sleeps in her bassinet in our room, but soon she'll sleep in her crib in Sheridan's room.  I never had a sister, but I always thought it would be a blast to share a room with a sister close to my age. 


I bought this painting about 5 years before I became pregnant with Sheridan.  I saw it at a trade show and knew that it would someday live in my little girl's room.  It's funny how God will give you the desires of your heart.  Even though Kody and I would love to have a little boy someday, if it's not in God's plan I will be completely smitten with my girls!

Stay tuned in because we will feature a new room each week for the next couple of months!

'Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife - Candace