Baby Chick Room Tour: Traycer

Here is my little mans room.  When he was first born, we didn't know if we were having a girl or a boy so we didn't do a whole lot of decorating other than both gender themed cowprint, so once he was born and got bigger we did some more fun stuff in his room.  He was originally in the room across the hallway which I now turned into my music room.  The room he is in now is much bigger!  He has a ginormous window looking out east and into the prairie!  He has always loved anything cowboy, bull riding, bull fighter!  It's probably because that's the only thing he has grown up around, which is totally fine!  Check out his room! 

I always loved the rope writings of names, so that's what I did with a kids rope (its a lot easier to bend then a bigger one)! 


This head board was made out of picket fence pieces which was considerably cheaper than using other wood! My mom had a single point burner that I hand drew all the brands on! Then my mother in law- Connie found the sheet/comforter set at Target. I had looked all over for western boys stuff and had not found anything I liked, then she bought this and not only I loved it, but more importantly, Traycer did! 

DSC_2546      DSC_2556


I searched forever for the decal I liked the best and ended up finding one that someone was selling on Ebay. Etsy has some awesome one and Ebay does too check them out! 


Here are some of my fun Hobby Lobby finds! If you sign up for their newsletter you can get coupons!!!! Also check online before you go because they always have good deals on something!  

DSC_2545    DSC_2545    DSC_2547


Here are some of Traycens favorite things in his room! 

This is a picture his Aunt Donna had given us from Cheyenne Frontier Days, and of coarse Traycer loved it because it had a bullfighter and bull rider on it.


Traycens toy chest that his Moomah found at a thrift store. We sanded out the letters to make it look more rustic and then re-stained it. 


We found some old rodeo pictures of his daddy and decided to put those up, along with a picture that our good friend Abby took! It's pretty awesome if I say so myself. We also have daddy's old chaps in his room which right now they are just hanging on the door. They need a home somewhere else in the room though!



DSC_2552    DSC_2547


I asked Traycer what one of the most favorite things in his room was and this is what he pointed to.


This piece of paper is very special to Traycen. Back in January we went to the bull riding at the stock show and we saw our friend Jamon there who took Traycen back to meet Flint Rasmussen! We weren't able to go back there with him but our friend said that Traycen kept laughing every time Flint would say something and was able to give him a hi five! This little guy came back with a smile ear to ear because he was so happy to have gotten to meet Flint. Earlier Flint had been running around in the stands giving hi fives and Traycen wasn't able to get down the stairs fast enough, so to his joy he got a signed autograph and a hi five! The joys of being a little kid! 

Then this just cracked me up because I have been very particular and like organizing everything! Traycen walks in his closet and goes "Mom this is soooooooo cool, I love it". I was like love what and he goes, mom my closet it looks sooo cool! Apparently he liked it organized. He said there's not stuff everywhere anymore hah! Gotta love little kids! 


DSC_2550    DSC_2548


Till next time!

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife,