Baby Chick Room Tour: Paige

This here is our dear friend Megan's (from LiveWire Clothing) girls room!  This little beauty Paige sure has a creative unique mom who designed her room out of her shabby chic designs.  When I asked Megan what style/theme she was going for when she first decorated the room for her first daughter Paige, she said " girly, western, cottage chic, and a little bit of everything".  She said she wasn't able to quite decide on one theme, so she wanted a mixture of everything! I personally think, this is what makes this room so uniquely special! Here is Miss Paige! Come take a look into her room…!










This dresser here is one that Megan had found at a thrift store and re-painted.  The colors that she used totally bring an antique shabby chic design to it!  I personally love the yellow accents around the edges and drawers. Megan decorated with pictures of Paige at different stages growing up, and amazing hand painted boots (by her) with flowers! 


Take a closer up look at these painted boots!  What a great idea to spruce up some old western boots either to wear, or for decor like this!  I would love to do this with a pair of old boots that I have!    


I asked Megan if she made these window shames because they looked like like her style of clothing, accessories that she makes, and she said that's what I thought too, but she actually bought them!  The Cowgirl Diva sign was from Hobby Lobby along with the burlap stringed flags here in these next few pictures!  Megan says she loves going to Hobby Lobby to the 60% off isle and that is where you can find all the great goodies, and knick knacks!  I love the way Megan associates different colors, floral, chevron, designs all together and makes it work and look great! 


DSC_2559        DSC_2567

DSC_2566 Now this is so adorable!  Megan told me her sister made this stuffed animal for Paige, she definitely could make money making these because it is so neat!  This elephant is quilted with pink, and has a paisley pattern detailed into it. 

DSC_2574I asked Megan if she could pick her favorite thing in Paige's room what it would be and she said the lamp shade.  When they were out in Las Vegas for the finals one year she found a little booth set up with this lamp shade!  She loved it so much and knew she had to have it to put in her little girls room.  Check out this website to find one similar. 




Thanks for stopping bye and taking a look at this little Baby Chicks Room! Remember to check back next Wednesday for the next room on our Baby Chick Room Tour!





                  Till next time! XOXO

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