White pumpkin fun!

Fall has officially arrived in Colorado as of September 22.  With this change of season comes the beautiful changes of color all over the state!  This is by far one of my favorite seasons in Colorado because of the warmer foods being served, the cooler weather (although here, we didn't have a super hot summer by any means), and of coarse the leaves of our state's Aspen tree  turn from a lush green to the vibrant colors of gold, reds and oranges!  If you ever come to Colorado during this season, I highly recommend taking a drive somewhere up in the mountains as there are thousands of these beauties all over the place changing colors right in front of you, it's amazing!  It's so cool how God created things and if we take time to look around, we truly see the beauty that He has made! Being fall, I have started to find lots of fall things around the grocery stores, nurseries, and ect. showing off that it is fall!  I love fall season, knowing I can go to the nursery and find some amazing deals on plants, trees for my garden to plant (yes I'm a bargainer and were landscaping so I like finding good deals and that means waiting till fall to plant)!  … Funny Candace and I are both landscaping at the same time (I will post pics soon also!).  Anyways, today Traycer and I at the nursery found small white pumpkins in which I let him pick out and we took them home.


I wanted to be able to have him do something special with these so we decided to pull out all the painting supplies and have at it! We used puffy paints, small paint samples from Ace (they're great because they are super cheap) and sparkle pens.     

DSC_2556                    DSC_2548







We totally didn't have many "boy" colors we he decided he wanted to make them for his friends!  What a great idea.  I love when it's my kid who suggests something for us to do and it's because he has such a heart to serve and cares about everyone else!  O, he soooooooo blesses me with how sweet his heart is.

So here is the pumpkins painted!  We had five pumpkins, which at our nursery they were .50 cents each.  I would love to go back and get more to decorate and put around my house for fall decorating.  What an inexpensive way to create and have fun.








When our pumpkins were dry, we wrote the names of some of his friends on there for him to share with!  He is super excited to share them with his friends!  Pictures to come.





          Till next time, 

                    Cooped Up Cowboys Wife, Kirste