Fall Favorite Finds

So everyone loves a little fall right?  I honestly will admit that I am a little bit obsessed with the fall season.  From the amazing end of summer sales to the harvest of certain fall foods, the colors changing all around us and the infamous sporadic one day 85 degrees to the next day 30 degrees Colorado weather I love it all!   Fall here like many other places is when plants and trees change colors and start to go dormant for the colder months.  I personally love scavenging outside for fall decor to use in the house.  While lots of people go to the store and buy accorns, twigs, pinecones, willow, dried flowers and plants, I have the privelage of just searching for them outside and finding them!  Being on the prarie though doesn't give me much variety of decor, so that's what Moomah, "Traycers grandma's" house is for.  We have found willow straight and curved, berry plants, acorns and pinecones!  Here is a simple way of adding willow in your house.  Any vase that is tall and deep would work great!



Here is another example of some dried up wheat we found out by the prairie.  You can add wheat to any vase for inside or outside fall decor or any season decor!  There are some fun ways to use wheat if you search in Pinterest also!


The little guy loves crafts so we had found some old corn with the husk on it and pulled the husk off and added our own touch to it!  He is our "corn guy" Traycer says.  Take your kids out and have fun finding different things to create with.


If you haven't ever been shopping at the end of summer, I highly suggest at least going to look around.  This is when they have summer things left over and they are making room for fall/winter things so they mark everything done a lot! Here are some of my favorite discounted finds! 


 These pillows were originally marked $21.00 at Hobby Lobby but were in 70% off isle and only cost me about $6.50 each.  They said they were outdoor pillows, but I wanted to use them inside.  I love the unique print on them. 







These are some acrylic painted mason jar mugs.  I have mason jars as cups already but had never seen a mug!  These are my favorite.  I love all the colors and the price was right at $16 for the whole pack!  Here we come hot coco and coffee! 






Share any fall finds that you have with us or post pictures! Make sure you join us every Wednesday for a little something FALL! 


Till next time,  Cooped Up Cowboys Wife