Fall Fashion Favorites

Okay, I'm writing this post after getting home from running errands in town.  Man, I seriously feel like I ran a marathon after taking both girls with me to about 5 different places.  I always think back to the days before kids, not with longing, but just to keep everything in perspective.  What did I do with all the time I had on my hands?  I rode my horse a lot more, curled my hair more, maybe I actually enjoyed grocery shopping...yeah, that's a big "NO" on the last one there.  But I wouldn't trade these two little girls for anything, Kody and I are having the time of our life being parents.  With that being said, actually going to a store to try on clothes does not sound appealing whatsoever.  So, I've become very fond of online shopping.  I've found a couple of new online boutiques that I'm absolutely loving right now and I'll show ya what's on my wish list and what I think I'll just live in this fall/winter.

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This horse sweater from Pretty Western is really a perfect fit for fall. Throw a Chambray button-down underneath or over top and this would be perfect for me! I love the small detailing it has on the bottom hem and I'm always drawn to shirts that have the longer tail on the back.

Also from Pretty Western, is this Southwestern print shirt dress.  I'd pair this with a pair of skinnies and throw on my fringe Minnetonka boots and head to church.


And this bag!  Oh man, could it not be more perfect?  It's leather.  It's big.  And it's western.  Need I say more?  Check them out and use code COOPEDUP15 to save 15% on your order.

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I love to layer and these jackets are just begging to be in my closet to add to my layering addiction. 

This jean jacket sweatshirt is actually from Etsy.  I'd love to girly it up with a feminine lace top underneath and add some black leggings and ankle boots.

Green military jackets are such a great staple to anyone's closet.  That color goes with anything and the Aztec design on the back makes it so unique.  Plus, look at that model's hair, so pretty!

Oh flannel, how I love thee!  It just screams fall in Colorado.  The lace detail brings such a girlie touch to this little number.  Both of these jackets are from a great online shop called The Rage.

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To round out a cold weather outfit are these cozy boot socks . I'd pair them with any tall boots in my closet.  They come in some great colors and the design at the top is so classic.

I live in these leopard Minnetonka's.  I wore them a lot this summer and they also go great with boot cut jeans for winter.  They permanently live by my front door because they're so easy to slip on to  run out of the house.

Last on my wish list are these Minnetonka shorties.  They look so comfortable and I'm pretty much in love with anything Minnetonka comes out with, they can't do wrong in my book.  I don't know how many I've swiped at consignment shops for me and my girls.

I don't claim to be a fashionista whatsoever, but I do love a good jacket, a warm sweater and a great moccasin!  Hope I gave you a little fall fashion inspiration.

Stay Warm!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace