Featuring Megan from LiveWire Country Couture!


Megan Holdren of LiveWire Clothing Couture Est. 2013

I (Candace here) have known Megan since our high school rodeo days. I have always appreciated the fact that she marched to the beat of her own drum when it came to her style. She was rocking pearl snap shirts and painted boots long before they came back in style. It's such an honor to call her my friend. She backs up everything she makes with rock solid integrity and loyalty to making her designs not looking like the "run of the mill" clothing you see everywhere. Megan was also kind enough to dress Kirste and I for our blog pics, as well as donating a good chunk of her time to photograph us during a crazy day outside with kiddos and dogs running everywhere.


Megan lives with her husband Ryan of almost 5 years and two girls in Eaton, Colorado. Before Megan had her firstborn ,Paige, she worked in the supply chain of the poultry division at JBS for two & a half years. It wasn't until Paige was 8 months old that she decided to stay at home with her. She now since has had another precious little girl, named Gracie May, who is a couple months old.



Megan started her clothing line business in 2013, which features numerous creative designs of shirts, blouses, dresses, pants and accessories. December of that year, she designed a dress for Miss Rodeo Colorado, Sara Weins, to wear while she competed in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. With the creation of this dress, Sara needed a cowboy hat to go with it. Trent Johnson, from Greeley Hat works decided to work in collaboration with Live Wire to create a hat for Sara. This led to six more Live Wire designed hats from Greeley Hat works. Check out the collection, its amazing! 



Q & A with Cooped Up Cowboys Wife and Mrs. Megan Holdren from LiveWire DSC_2525


Cooped UP: What and who pushed you to start designing, as well as your own business? Family, friends, God, yourself?

Megan: God definitely pushed me through all of this, giving me the creativity to always have my own style from a young age and to be different in my own unique way. It was definitely hard to always believe in myself, but I had to learn and start believing and doing what God was telling me to do.  It meant stepping out even when I didn't know what I was doing. Relying on friends and family was also important, but one person who was inspirational to me was my friend Kristin at Spur Ridewear. She told me I needed to my crap together and start designing seriously. It's awesome how people speak into your life at the exact time that we need to hear it! 

Cooped UP: Where do you find inspiration?

Megan: Honestly during church! The word being ministered would hit home and my mind would start to create different things and God would show me what it looked like. It's always best to write any ideas down that pop into your head because if you don't you will forget! 

Cooped UP: How do you overcome obstacles in life, family and business?

Megan: It is definitely easier said than done! You have to make choices and stick to them. You can't have guilt for stronghold goals!  My motive is family first and integrity! 

Cooped UP: What goals/plans do you have  for 2014?

Megan: I will be collaborating with Greeley Hat Works and Spur Ridewear at some point this year.  I am also starting to plan a fall fashion show for the Live Wire clothing line!

Cooped UP: What are your 10 year goals?

Megan: So many people have helped me along the way, mentored me through starting this business and really have invested their time in me and I would love to be able to do that for other first time business starters like myself. Also , I would love for Live Wire to financially support my family in more than one way.

Cooped UP: What are 5 principles you want to instill in your girls?


1. Love God 

2. Love each other; I want my girls to grow up having that and to have it later on in life too. 

3. You can do anything.  I don't care what they choose to do in life, but I want them to go and do it and do their best! 

4. Be kind & accepting of people 

5. Don't let others actions affect your own, and be who you are! 

Cooped UP: What advice could you give other woman who may be on the fence about starting their own business?

Megan: I would tell them that honesty in your business is so important! I'd advise them to find someone successful in business and ask them to help mentor you.  You will learn a lot from them. Also do your homework and know "what's what" in comparison to what you are doing in your business. Know the "in's and out's" of the trade and most importantly seek God's counsel and wisdom on everything! 

Megan loves to create!. Check out her website; Live Wire Country Couture.