A Little Something Fall-Good savings!

So as I have previously stated I LOVE FALL!  So, this past weekend we got to drive up to Red Feather, Colorado with some of our dear friends.  There were so many beautiful colors on the trees and it made me even more excited for what we were going up there for.  Our friends had told us about digging up trees in the mountains a while back and after I finally got CW to agree to it we were going to make that happen.  My hubby was so not thrilled at the sound of digging up trees, just from our experience of planting some of the $10 over 16 foot barefoot trees we had first got when we moved out to the prairie, where some holes we dug were so stinking tough to dig into.  But, I love trees, and my hubby loves me and always wanted more trees so we had a deal!  The weather was not looking so great that day so my friend had a cooler and we made sandwiches on the way up instead of picnicking, which was a great idea because of coarse we get up there and it's snowing!!!  It definitely gave me the realization that fall won't last forever this year and that snow and winter will come sooner than I think.  Even though it was cold and blizzarding for a while, it was so fun.  I didn't quite know the process of digging up trees, but quickly learned that it's not that hard and the moisture actually made the ground softer to dig.  We ended up with 10 aspen trees and 6 pine trees.  Each tree that we dug up had to be tagged ( in which our awesome friends went before and got our tags for us at the CSU extension office ), ensuring that we had paid for the tag and were allowed to dig up the trees that we got.  If you are looking to do some landscaping and need a price cut here it is!  This was an amazing deal considering the aspen trees could be up to 12 foot tall and were $6 each and the pine trees were up to 6 foot and were only $10 each.  If you are curious about this, check out your local extension office or forest service to see what they offer in your area.  I am super excited for the trees we got because they will add so much to our outside (considering we had NO trees when we first moved into our house in 2012).  Here are a few pictures.  I have only planted four aspen trees, in which they are clustered and have placed them in a circle where we will have our fire pit!  We will definitely be doing this next year in the fall when they offer it again and getting more!  A little bit of manual work and the amazing blessing of saving money and getting great trees!  DSC_2718DSC_2719








The other deal that I wanted to tell you about is a thing called Bountiful Baskets.  Bountiful Baskets is located throughout various states in which Colorado participates in distributing fruit/veggie baskets, organic produce baskets and sandwich bread every other week.  This company's goal is for people to work together for mutual benefit, making it so that as a group you pay bottom prices for all your food.  My friend first told me about this and I tried it out and loved it.  You can log on to see different baskets prepared each week and see what you would like to get.  I have an amazing friend who lives close to town and always calls me when she orders hers to put my order in with it.  She is such a blessing to do this for me because the food is amazing and the savings are great!  Check out what this last basket that I got was filled with.  This basket only cost me $19 and has enough fruits, veggies, stew packages, and organic bread bundles to last me two weeks! 

DSC_2705DSC_2707DSC_2708Check out their website!  http://www.bountifulbaskets.org

Loving every minute of fall, especially the fall savings on things!

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife