Friendliest Friends

Do you ever wish you could go back and talk with yourself when you were a kid?  You could just share with them that they really don't need to stress about that biology test on Friday, that not having a date to homecoming with your "dream guy" will actually be a good thing, and that not getting into the "right college" will not ruin your life despite what your parents may tell you.  I know for me, talking to my future self would've saved me so much heart ache. Especially when it came to friends. Girls can be down right mean when it comes to who they want in their circle of friends that year, month, week, day!  My group of friends shifted around so much and mostly during my middle school years. During this time I whole-heartedly believed that the friends I was trying so hard to hold onto would be my friends for life.  I was so wrong and if I could've gotten a glimpse of the amazing women I would call my friends now, I wouldn't have tried like heck to hold onto those friendships.  With the exception of one dear friend from middle school, my friends now, are girls that I've met in the last few years.  We do "life' together.  We have husbands that are into the same stuff (bulls, bull riding, raising bulls, raising dogs who catch get the picture).  We're raising kiddos.  It's funny this last year five of my friends all had girls within six weeks of each other!  Talk about craziness when we get together!   And what I'm so thankful for is that we are chasing after God!  Some of us may be going through rough spots in our marriages, with work or life in general but it seems like we can always can count on one another to lift each other up and encourage one another without a spirit of jealousy or competition.  The honesty and accountability that we have found in each other just makes my heart swell and when it comes down to what matters most in our friendships I really believe that we can go to one another for anything.  So here's to the ladies in my life that God has blessed me with.  I love you all so much!

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