When are YOU having a baby

Have you ever been asked the question whether you have not had a baby yet or you already have had kids:   When are you having a baby, or do you want more kids?  It's the question that's not only asked from your parents, in-laws, friends or the guy in the line next to you at the grocery store, but the question that everyone just feels like is appropriate to ask right? Is it though? If your wondering, yes I have been asked that question.  To be honest, it get's pretty annoying time after time (just being honest)!  It's not that I'm  annoyed by the person asking, but it sometimes is a casually nosey question to ask.  Some people are probably shocked by my response sometimes but it stops all negative feedback or more uncomfortableness from what anyone else has to say.  Anyone who knows me, knows what my response is... yes I would like more kids.  If you choose to further ask me why I don't have another one, I will tell you, but it may sound too personal, but it's the truth!  I will tell you that we are not "trying", but were not "not trying" in which you can go okay or ask further.  Then I will tell you that if you are married, you are probably intimate with your spouse right, so there's your answer right there.  I believe it's all in Gods hands and in HIS timing so that's what I stand on! 

Traycen my son will be four years old in February, (holy moly the time has flown by), and I have definitely had my share of people asking me when is the next one!  Recently there was a lot of people asking me that last fall and then again in the spring when a good number of my friends were all  having babies!  But, here's the thing that comes to my mind when that question is asked; do you even know the people you are asking? Or better yet, know their circumstances in life to know where they are at with it.  I have one friend who they have been continually trying to have a baby for a few years (yay!!!! just found out recently they are pregnant, so congrats to them).  When she was asked the same question, so many emotions would roll through her.  The enemy would attack her mind telling her that it's her and that something is wrong with her when really medically there was nothing wrong with her.  She would have people come up and ask her that question or complain how horrible their pregnancy was at that time and to watch out for this and that and ect.  I can say I have been there too!  When you are wanting to have a baby and people are telling you way to much personal information about how they got "pregnant" so fast, or how miserable it is to have to carry a baby for 9 months (which really is 10 laugh out loud),  how you will be so glad for your pregnancy to be over ect., it's sometimes hurtful when you are not experiencing that stuff.  When you would give anything to be able to feel like pregnancy fees like even in the aches and uncomfortableness of having to pee all the time!

When we first wanted to have a baby, it wasn't just a "walk in park" for my husband and I.  I remember going to a midwife who told me right off the bat, well it's not going to work out and you will have to do all this medical stuff to be able to have a baby.  That day I received that and was so hurt and walked off believing that.  Although after talking to my awesome husband he reminded me, the enemy had NO hold on anything in my life and that we were not going to receive that word spoken over me and that God made me in HIS perfect image and knew the desire of my husbands and my heart!  At that point we decided okay God, this is in your hands and in your timing.  I would continually think I was pregnant and go buy a pregnancy test to check.  I would time after time get so disappointed to have no double bars on the pregnancy test.  It was at that point that I had to stop what I was doing and remember what my husband and I had vouged to together, and that was that we would let God do this in HIS timing because it's not our timing anyways (even sometimes I so feel like it should be mine). 

I decided I was not going to buy any more pregnancy tests because I was being dependant on what a test what telling me and not listening for the voice of the Lord.  I asked God to reveal to me when I was pregnant.  After some time (I don't remember how long) I had such an amazing dream from the Lord in which I had a baby.  This dream was so real and so beautiful.  I woke up the next morning knowing I was pregnant!  Anyone could have told me different, but I knew what God had showed me and that's all I needed to know.  A few days later I felt at peace to go buy a pregnancy test and sure enough I was pregnant!  Praise the Lord, he had showed me when he wanted to show me!  When we finally went to a midwife to see how far along I was (because I honestly had NO CLUE), we found out that I was like around 11 weeks pregnant or so because we were able to listen to the babys heart beat!  It was an amazing feeling, and we were so excited. GOD  HAD REVEALED IN HIS TIMING WHEN I WAS PREGNANT WHEN I WAS BEING FULLY DEPENDANT ON HIM.  If you think about it, all the times I took pregnancy tests, they all said I wasn't pregnant when I actually was.  When I let go and let God, is when he revealed it, which made it so much more special in my current circumstance. 

So for right now, we are letting God do, in his timing.  Yes we would like more babies, but it's in His timing and I am standing faithfully waiting for his timing which I know will be perfect!

So I guess I am writing this to you today from my heart in two different causes.  One is that I wanted to inform you of your words that you speak to others.  The bible talks about our words speaking either life or death to someone or even over ourselves.  We are not to disreguard what others are going through, we are to encourage, empower and pray for other woman in our life or even if we don't know them.  Please don't just take it lightly asking that question.  There is sometimes a lot behind the question and if you ask the question, be prepared to listen to the Holy Spirit and what he's telling you to encourage that woman with.  Two, is that the pregnancy and birth (which I will write about sometime because that's a testimnoy in itself!!!!) is a testimony!  People are always saying that there are no more miracles anymore these days.  HELLO, having a baby is a complete miracle from God!  We need to recognize that, because God is the ONLY one who can do that!

I encourage you, to love on other woman and pray for them in whatever current situation they are in, whether they are wanting to be pregnant or already are, or whether they are wanting to adopt, foster ect.  We all are different but all have the same God.  Jesus is so powerful and HIS word is living and true.  There is nothing that can change that!  So right now I pray in the sweet name of Jesus, that he would grow and teach everyone of you.  That he would give you the ears to hear his voice and the heart to receive his promises for you.  That the Holy Spirit would guide you in everything and give you wisdom.  That wherever you are in your life right now that you would depend on HIM and purpose to pursue him.  That HIS love is greater than any circumstance in your life and HIS love would enwrap you and hold you close when you feel like anyone else is telling you different!  Jesus loves you and I pray that you would let go of any circumstance, because it's not ours to hold, it's His.  That you would let God do what God does and you to just to receive in His timing, His season for you and most importnatly to receive His Love! 

Here's some pictures of when we first found out we were pregnant and my miracle who has grown so much !!!!! 





























Would love to hear your testimonies or anything God has layed on your heart from this post!  You all are AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL!

Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste