Pumpkin Fun

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How much fun can a toddler have with a pumpkin?

Apparently quite a bit.

We've been painting pumpkins, making pumpkin cookies and taking pictures with pumpkins.

Last week we went to a pumpkin patch at the Big Red Barn in Eaton, Colorado and we filled our car with pumpkins of every shape, size and color.  We threw in a few gourdes and spaghetti squash for good measure and we were set for a fun October!


Sheridan had just woke up in these pictures so she wasn't quite in the mood to smile, but I love how she's holding Odessa's hand. So sweet!

Our good friends, Nic and Katie Ford and their kids as well as Grannie Jane met Kirste and I there to search for our pumpkins.

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It was essentially just a pumpkin patch. Nothing extra to entertain kiddos except wide open fields of pumpkins, dirt and a really great shaded area with grass.  That's the best kind of entertainment, right?  But it was an awesome place to find a bargain on pumpkins and their selection was awesome.  All of the pumpkins were huge!

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I bought Sheridan some Crayola washable paints and she's been having a blast painting her pumpkin almost everyday.  That girl loves to paint!  We also showed our Colorado Pride by painting one of our pumpkins the Colorado flag.  This pumpkin is going to sit in the storefront of our friend Megan's new Livewire Clothing shop that opens November 1st!  We're so excited!

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We plan on hitting the Fall Festival at Harvest Farms in Wellington, Colorado this Friday so I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy pumpkin patching, friends!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace