Out of Sheridan's Mouth

Do you remember that show called, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things!"  I believe Bill Cosby (yes, I know the allegations, haha) hosted it.  I always loved that show and seeing the things that kids would come up with. Sheridan's day has finally come for what comes out of her mouth can now totally embarrass us as her parents or just make us crack up!  She's becoming quite the opinionated little thing and she's the master at asking questions that put us on the spot. Especially, if it's within earshot of the person she's asking about.  So, I thought I'd enlighten you on some of the silly things my kid says.

IMG_6063 IMG_6457 (2)

"Mom, why does that lady have blue hair?"  This happened at Target while "the blue haired lady" was standing behind us in line.  I guess if you dye your hair blue you may be okay with little kids calling it to attention, at least she didn't seem to mind, ha ha!

"Mom, why is that little kid acting like a brat?"  And, this took place in the cereal aisle of the grocery store at almost the exact time we pass the "bratty child" and his mom.

"I don't want to talk about this right now."  She said this after I asked her if she wanted to go to "time out" or brush her teeth.

"Mom, you're making me tired."  I hear this from her at least a couple times a day, it happens mostly when I'm asking her to pick up her toys, get in her car seat or etc.

...and my personal fave, mostly because she's totally just copying what she's heard me say...

"This is so freaking frustrating!" 

She said this when she was trying to put on those awful Barbie dresses that are extremely hard to put on even for a grown adult woman!  Yes, those miniature size dresses stress me out just a bit!  Okay, personal rant over!

Anyways, that is the big news going on in our lives.  My kid kinda has a potty mouth thanks to myself and I am extremely terrible at dressing Barbies!

I hope you are all having an awesome December and you will get to have a wonderful time hanging out with family and friends over the holidays!

We are gearing up to launch a new look on our page here,  as well as bringing you some amazing testimonies from some awesome women, so stay tuned!!

Much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


Conversations With A 4 Year Old!

Have you ever just sat and talked to your children? What kinds of things do they talk about? I love talking to my child. I find that our most precious moments are when we get to snuggle, when he shares something special with me or our small talks through out each day. Sometimes our talks consist of the randomness of how our day is going and how he burped when he ate a pickle, to the seriousness of why God loves us and why not everyone has Jesus in their heart. I personally think that when we get questions like that, we as parents need to be intentional on how we are responding to these questions for our little ones. I as some of you can admit that sometimes I just don't know how to answer some of the questions he asks me. Or I don't have the time he is wanting me to explain the answer to him. But, I think that we need to be intentional about sitting down with our little ones and conversing with them about these things. This is just what we got to do today! I hope you enjoy some of our small conversations from the day!  image

Mommy: Trayce what is your favorite thing about God? 

T: That we love Him and that He loves me. 

Mommy: What does that mean to you to love Him? 

T: That it means loving everyone and it means good not bad. 

Mommy: What does God do for you? 

T: He makes good things like strength. He also makes us Glorious. 

Mommy: What does that mean to be Glorious? 

T: To be strong and have strength and be healthy. 

Mommy: That's so true Trayce! Does God make your heart healthy too? What does God do in your heart? 

T: When there's yucky stuff and bad things, He washes your heart out...Cool huh? 

Mommy: Yes that's so neat that He can do that for people. Is that what happens when we forgive too? 

T: Well it (forgiving) means to say sorry and to forget and throw it away. 

At this point I'm just honestly in awe of what my child is saying because I think it's amazing!!! 

Our conversation continues to go on about when friends do things that hurt our feelings. We talk about how we say sorry and then we throw it away so that we don't keep bringing it up. This has been a recent thing for Traycen to say as we are going through the "tattler" stage of wanting to make sure everyone else is doing what they are suppose to do! Anyways I decided to change the subject and to ask Traycen what we can do for our friends when we get hurt feelings and we want ourselves and our friends to make good decisions. 

T: We should pray for friends that come over and play with us. 

Mommy: When should we pray for them?

T: All the time! But you can't pray for people to come back from Heaven. They are there in Heaven for all time. 

Mommy: Who is in Heaven? Can you tell me about what you mean? (He looks at me silly sometimes when I ask questions like this because he knows that I already know).

T: People go there when they die. You get to see them sometime. You only get to see them when your old, like me I'll get old one day and be able to go there when I'm real real old. I'll see my dad's dad and my dad's grandpa. 

Then the conversation changed to going to his Moo-Ma and Papos house this weekend! It was short but sweet! I love these moments of small talk with Traycen. They truly are a blessing because I feel as my child talks, I get to learn. Yes I know the answers to these questions, but the way a child presents the answers are so pure and faithfilled it just amazes me. They make things so simple when we are the ones trying to make sure we have the correct answer and make sure it sounds right. We tend to make things more complicated for ourselves when all along our kids know the answers and are saying "just listen to me, it's simple."

I encourage you all to sit down and really dig into a conversation with your little one. Make time in your day, your week to talk to them about God. We can send them to church all we want in hopes that they will have a relationship fulfilled with Gods love, but we need to guide them in that. We need to step up and lead them into knowing God more. Through this we probably learn more about ourselves as we are learning more about God through them. 


Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

A Childs Faith: Raising them up

Good morning Monday readers!  Today we carry on with our mini series, "Raising your kids up in faith."  As you will read this morning, this gal Kacy has always been an amazing influence to me.  I always have looked at Kacy as a "super mom" with her daughter, Austyn.  I admired the way Kacy was teaching her daughter to live, and move and breath in God's goodness!  I only met Kacy a few years back and really have started to get to know her better lately.  She is truly a joy to be around.  Not only is she an amazing wife and mom, she is an amazing friend and teacher.  Kacy helps lead little ones into worship and the word in our church's Extreme Kids Ministry.  Her heart for God pours out onto everyone around her and she constantly exudes joy!  She is such an authentic worshipper (yes, I always look for her while worshipping on stage because her praise is so exuberant I love it... a true worshipper).  I know you will enjoy getting to know her and her family just as much as I have.  Coming from Kacy: 

Most importantly our family does not take themselves very seriously!  I am not exactly shy, so Austyn has grown up with a mom who wishes life was one big musical.  I have been known to dance in the grocery store and sing my sentences instead of speaking them!  "Dork” is a term of endearment and something to be proud of in our home.  Her dad is a little more buttoned up in public, but don’t let that fool you, he is a big kid!  He takes Austyn to ride horses, loves cartoons, and is a master practical joker.  One of his favorite past times is jumping out from behind corners to see how loud he can make us scream.  We are a very close family and spend lots of time together.  Austyn has 20+ aunts and uncles who spoil the heck out of her and is really close to her grandparents.  We love to travel and try to make it to see at least one new place per year.


How does Austyn's upbringing in Christ look like compared to how you and your husband were raised?

My husband had a very traditional upbringing in Church; they went to Church 3 times a week and he knew all of the "Sunday school stories."  But, he says it differed quite a bit because it was so traditional and was not "spiritual."  There was a way to pray, rules to follow, etc. but God and prayer were always part of their family and just what you did growing up.

I wasn't really raised in Church.  I remember Sunday school a few times but it was when I was really young and then we just stopped going.  It wasn't until I was older and out of the house that I found out who God really was and really got on fire for Him.

Austyn was born into a home and Church family (Kersey Cowboy Church) where everyone was completely in love with Jesus.  The church we attended when she was born was really like family.  She was able to pray on the stage, sing on stage in Church, and it was just second nature to be a part of a Church where love came first.  It really helped her to understand the love of God because growing up she was surrounded by people that showered her with love and affection.


How did you start to foster such a strong giving & helping spirit in Austyn?

First, by praying for her and over her constantly and thanking God for the gift He gave us when we became her parents.  Then, by never setting limits!  She was given freedom in her faith and her prayers.  We never wanted to make God "kid sized" and so whenever we would pray or talk to her about God it was the same way we would talk to an adult.  We read out of a family devotional, and did an adult Bible study on David.  Some of it was pretty mature but she got it.  We have always told her that God has huge plans for her and a vision for her life.  Right now at 6 years old that means she is going to be a pilot so she can live in Hawaii and be a missionary in Guatemala all while being a paleontologist in both places...we say, "GO FOR IT!"  If she grows up thinking there are no limits to who she can be, it's easy for her to understand there are no limits on what God can do in her life.


Tell us about a special moment or moments where you saw God using Austyn and working through her?

Prayer is definitely one area; she prays with wisdom and authority and power.  People are constantly calling, texting, or emailing asking for us to have Austyn pray for something specific.  There have been a number of times she has prayed for healing or breakthroughs and THEY HAPPEN.  One of the first times I remember was when my parents dog got hit by a car; I witnessed it happen and it was pretty bad, he got hit head on by the bumper and went under the car.  Austyn started praying in the car to the pet hospital that he would be healed and when we got to the hospital that little dog was fine!  No broken bones, no internal injuries, just a little sore...it was AMAZING!

She also has very prophetic dreams and visions.  Sometimes it will be as simple as "mom, God just told me we need to call uncle TJ and tell him to wear his seatbelt" - and of course we call right away to share the message.  Or they will have very deep meaning.  She often prays that her eyes would be healed and she wouldn't need glasses; at one point in particular she was feeling really low so we had been praying over it every night before bed; that night she went to sleep and woke up running into my bedroom to tell me about the dream she had.  She was in a beautiful, colorful, garden with Jesus and an angel.  The garden had more colors than she could describe and was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  To her that was God's way of telling her that her earthly eyes aren’t perfect but He has given her eyes that see more.


How do you encourage her in her faith and how to walk out listening and acting upon the Holy Spirit?

Lead by example.  We invite God into every situation, we praise Him, we worship Him, and we talk to Him constantly.  Sometimes that's me praying, "God forgive me for what I just thought about that other driver, help me to see them like you do."  LOL!  Or "Man, God must love us so much to make those beautiful mountains for us to look at." I figure if she hears me praying and praising then she knows she can pray over everything too.

Also (the most important part) making a big deal about what Holy Spirit tells her.  Whatever she sees/hears/is told to do, as long as it is in line with God's word, we help her do.  I also always try to make a big deal about it.  When she was two years old she told me there was an angel in the car talking to her...I told her it was amazing and she was so lucky to get to see that!  We never down play something as "make believe" or overreacting.  If she shares something from her heart that God is saying then we make sure she knows how special it is and that He picked her for a reason.

Do you have any extra input on raising your kids up in Faith? 

The best tool on raising a "Kingdom Kid" came from a teacher named Lisa Max who is from Colorado but works at Bethel Church in CA.  She was giving a workshop and started talking about teaching kids to discern the "three voices."  We all have three voices in our heads:

1) The voice of the enemy - who speaks lies, hurt, anger, and always makes us think and feel bad.

2) Our own voice - it's all about me, me, me and makes us jealous, or selfish, and doesn't think about others

3) The voice of God - always positive, speaks love, builds people up, always makes us feel good

So, using that as a tool; when she starts throwing a fit about something or is feeling really bad about herself I ask her "whose voice is in your head right now?"  Then I have her close her eyes and imagine a chalkboard in her brain.  Then we picture erasing those thoughts that aren’t positive and writing what God says about it instead.  Then we pray about what God says about her.  He loves her, He made her beautiful, He made her smart, He made her powerful, and He gave her everything she could ever need, etc.  It's been a really good tool that helps to turn her head and refocus her attention on Heaven instead of what the world says about things.


I am so thrilled that Kacy was able to share this! I love "raising a Kingdom kid." I am definitely going to have to use that for my son. What an amazing way to describe different things with your children. I personally think we all need to be doing that! 

Well that's all for now!

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


Raising Kids to Love Jesus featuring Kerry Cramton

Do you ever just mindlessly scroll through Instagram and come across another fellow Instagrammer and think, "wow, I really like this person?"  Like, "this is my kinda person!"  Well, maybe it's just me, but this Kansas sweetheart is totally "my kinda person!"  I initially started following Kerry Cramton because she creates some stellar leather cuffs and stamped metal jewelry that I'm totally in love with, as well as she has some killer style (hello, Savanah Sevens Model!!)  But the more I stalked... uh, I mean "followed" Kerry I realized that she loved Jesus as much as I do and she has two young children just like me and she's raising her children in a broken world...JUST LIKE ME!!!  So I decided to contact this lovely lady and pick her brain on raising kids, teaching them about Jesus, but most of all I wanted to know how her and her husband live out their faith and direct their children into what God has in store for them.  I completely believe that our most important role as parents is to teach our kids about God's love and to live out our lives so that they will want to be just like us, which in turn will hopefully imitate Jesus!  Amen to that, right? So, I know it's Monday, but why not start your day off with a cup o' joe and reading an inspirational testimony regardless if you have children or not.  I hope to someday meet this incredible mama who I'm so blessed to call a sister  Christ and I know you will fall in love with her beautiful words as much as I did.


Hi! My name is Kerry, I'm 32 years old and live in the heart of Kansas!  My husband, Clint, and I have two boys, Coyer is 4.5 years old, and Case is 2.5 years old!  I'm so very blessed to be married to an amazing man, the love of my life and my rock, Clint!  We met shortly after college, I'm a KSU alum (Go Wildcats!) with a business degree.  Clint attended JUCO on a basketball scholarship and also attended Fort Hays State University, where he also received a business degree.  We both were born and raised on a farm and ranch.  We now raise Sim-Angus cow/calf pairs and no-till farm corn, wheat, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa near Tescott, Kansas. We feel so blessed to raise our boys in the country!  I think any time you can be close to nature and God's creation it teaches children so many valuable lessons about life and it gives us many opportunities to teach our little ones about God and our faith.  Especially with the agriculture industry, there are a lot of unknowns from price fluctuations, Mother Nature, and risks of disease/death in the crops and animals.


Candace asked that I share a little of my testimony and my walk with God.  I was raised in a very small non-denominational church and I felt I have experienced and saw a lot of God's presence and miracles at a young age!  I also have been in two pretty bad farm related accidents and I saw and felt God really move in my life during those times. Although, the recovery from the accidents was hard, it was a huge time of growth for me in stepping out in faith and believing for miracles.  I was so fortunate to eventually walk away from both accidents with no long term pain or problems.  With all that being said, I also felt times that I wasn't walking close to God and many times I felt unworthy or not perfect enough to please God and I chose to distance myself because I didn't feel good enough.  I want to encourage anyone that is going through a hard time to really focus on God and trust in HIM to spend time in His Word and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  The more you get in the Word the more you build your faith and open the door for Him to move in your life!  God has really taught me in this last year that He doesn't want perfection, if He wanted perfection He wouldn't have had to die on the cross for our sins.  We are an imperfect people who need Jesus!  All He requires is that we ask him into our heart, believe in faith, seek Him, and ask for forgiveness of our sins and try to live life according to His word.  Mistakes are going to happen but if we stop and recognize those mistakes and truly repent and move on, that is all He requires of us.  God's grace and mercy is truly amazing and a love that is so unlike any kind of earthly love. I love that God can bring so much peace to my life when I feel it gets chaotic, if I make time for Him, He never fails me.  This past year I would say was the biggest time of growth and where I have changed so much in my walk with God.  A year ago was breast cancer awareness month and at the beginning of the month we had some really tough news.  My sister got diagnosed with breast cancer and it had spread to her lymph nodes.  My sister, who is also my best friend, is only 34 years old and has twin girls that are 2.5 years old as well as a 5 year old daughter.  We were devastated when we got the news, she had just lost all her baby weight and is very active, and we didn't have any breast cancer in our family!  When I heard the news I was in tears, I knew she would have to have chemo and I knew this would not be easy.  Life felt pretty unfair at that point.  Her and her husband farm and ranch as well, and raising twins was a task in itself.  She was just finally getting a little more freedom from the newborn stage!  We both really dug into the Word and tried to keep positive throughout her treatment.  She was a rock star, by the way, and I couldn't be more proud of who she is!  The amazing part was that God never once left either of us, on our darkest days we would have encouragement in various ways that we knew were from God!  Fast forward a year and she is cancer free, she has reconstruction in November and her journey is not over, but wow, how much God has changed us in this last year!  I thank God every day for His love and guidance as we walked out this journey and everything He has taught us.  It has not been easy, but I can't imagine walking this out on my own, I would have crumbled.  He has been my strength and encouragement and I've grown so close to God through this.

I'd love to share a little bit about my boys.  Coyer is my oldest and is very strong willed and can be a challenge at times.  He is ALL farm boy and loves the outdoors and doesn't slow down for anything!  However, he never misses a thing and has a steel trap for a brain.  He also is very tender hearted and loves his mama, family, and God.  My youngest, Case, is definitely more easy going, and he loves to cuddle, but likes to get into mischief with his brother and can be very ornery at times!

12064408_10102578897475751_400000714_n - Copy

Cooped Up: How do you teach your boys about Jesus? Is it more book learning, experiences, Sunday School?

My boys witness a lot of what goes on in my life, I try to be very open and honest with them and always tell them as much as I think is age appropriate.  We prayed together for my sister and we pray for anything from little to big problems in our life.  I always try to teach them to be thankful for everything they have, the life that we live, and to watch their words!  I want them to speak positive blessings in their life, not negative talk.  I love to hear them pray, I usually say bedtime prayers, but sometimes they ask to pray and it melts my heart to hear how thankful they are for everything God has done in their life and their innocence when they pray.  I also have really enjoyed "Duck Commander Devotional for Kids" by the Robertson Family/Duck Dynasty.  The boys love reading it every night and I enjoy the little activities it has for them to do.  My oldest remembers a lot of what we read and I think it has been great for him. We also have an amazing church that we are involved in and this is the first year Coyer has got to go to Sunday school and not the nursery!  He LOVES going and learning. He also has started his second year of preschool, it is a church based preschool and it has been so good for him socially.  I have really enjoyed watching Him grow into the little man that he has become!  My in-laws and my parents are great role models as well, they both are Christians and share with the boys about Jesus when they get the opportunity!

12067957_10102578900834021_1629628036_n - Copy

Cooped Up: Have your boys ever asked you questions about God that made you really think?

My boys ask lots of questions about God and sometimes I don't know the answer!  I try to be honest and say, "you know I don't know, but we can pray that God shows us the answer to your question and I bet He will show us in some way."  I encourage them to start their own relationship with God and I tell them He is a best friend that watches out for them and loves us a whole lot, that He is always there in your time of need or when you are scared.  I tell them to pray and ask God to protect and watch over them any time they have fear or doubt!

Cooped Up: How do you feel the best way is to help grow your kids' faith?  And is there an example or experience that you've got to witness firsthand Jesus at work in your kiddos?

The first things that comes to mind is I always lay hands and pray for my boys when they don't feel good or any kind of pain.  Sometimes they say it still hurts and I remind them to have faith and mommy will keep praying and believing for healing.  I can think of one time in particular that Coyer can also remember God healing him.  We had just got a trampoline and my husband went to jump with my Coyer, well when Coyer came down something happened to his forearm.  He is a tough kid and doesn't really sob cry about anything pain-wise.  He was bawling and my husband felt terrible, as we both were regretting this purchase!  Nothing I was doing helped the pain and even into the night he couldn't sleep.  It was a weekend so I thought we would wait it out until morning because he could still move fingers and his arm.  I was worried though that he may have a fracture in his forearm.  My husband and I both laid hands on him and prayed for him, and I told Him we were praying God would heal his pain and that he would be just fine. He  woke up in the morning still in a lot of pain and slept terrible that night.  As I was trying to make an appointment to see the doctor, he slipped off his makeshift sling and said, "mom it's all better!  See I can move it."  As he went on his way driving his combine everywhere and he had zero pain!  He has remembered this incident, and although it may seem little to you all, it really impacted him.  He didn't forget God's faithfulness!  I think anytime we can read scriptures to our kids or even when they sit in church and hear the word, you are filling them with the biggest blessing you ever could!  Just hearing the Word has so much healing power or even listening to Christian music.  I've found some great worship music, I especially love the bands "Third Day" and "Unspoken."  I don't always have on worship music, but when I do I'll hear my kids singing those songs and I think how awesome it is to hear them sing such powerful words over their life.  We really need to watch what we are letting our kids listen to, I think so many times some songs that are catchy are so negative and I don't want that for my children.  They are at an age right now where they are taking everything in, trying to figure out this world, why not give them the most powerful tool to be successful!  The most important job in my life is that I take the time to teach my children about Jesus that they know He is their savior and how important it is to ask Him into our heart so we can all be in heaven some day together. There is nothing in our life that is more important than Jesus Christ our savior!


A few things that I have enjoyed lately are "The Everyday Life Bible" by Joyce Meyer, she has tons of extra commentary and advice and I really, really love this Bible!  Also, I'm enjoying the "She Reads Truth" app and "Jesus Calling Devotional" by Sarah Young.  I just finished "The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God" by Jep and Jessica Robertson, and I highly recommend this book.  If you struggle with trying to be perfect or not feeling worthy of God's love, this book is a must read.  It is beautifully written and they both were so open about their past and how God has transformed them!  I also have really enjoyed the "I Am Second" testimonies on YouTube.  It's so powerful to hear peoples' testimonies about God working in their lives and it makes you realize we are all an imperfect people and no matter our backgrounds we have very similar thoughts and feelings!

Check out some of Kerry's fabulous jewelry creations on her Instagram here!


Mama Needs a Break!

Okay, so I'm speaking to all of our mama readers out there.  I hate leaving anyone out, but this mama needs to vent or scream or a long-overdue trip to Target by herself!!!  Am I all alone here?? My 3 year old, Sheridan, has taken the "question asking stage" to a whole notha' level this last week and I'm seriously ready to pull my hair out.  I know that this is how she takes the whole world in and is learning and I really am not wanting to stifle that.  But the "why" question that's been happening as of lately, I believe is just to get mommy to go crazy!


For example, this morning she was watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that is her favorite that we have recorded on our DVR.  She's seen this episode at least 50+ times (yes, I'm that mom that puts on tv to get something done, haha) so as she's watching it she continues to ask me, "Mommy what happened to Mickey...why did they do that...where are they going??" so at first, since I've seen this episode almost the same number of times, I answer her questions.  But then comes the "why, why why?"  Oh my gosh, child, I don't know!  Because he wants to, because she was happy... what do you want from me kid?  Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but after I calmly answered the "why" questions, then came more "why" questions.  It's like by answering one question that multiplied more questions!  Then, she'd get upset with me because the answer I gave her wasn't what she was looking for in an answer.  That's when I started disciplining her.  I'm not above disciplining my child when she starts whining because she doesn't get she wants or doesn't get the answer she was hoping to get.

So after I put the girls down for a nap (can I get an AMEN for nap time???) I went outside and I prayed.  "God, will you show me how to have wisdom for dealing with my child right now?  I could really use your help!"  God is so good in answering me right away.  He told me that so many times His children ask why and many times He answers them right away but most of the time His children respond better if He can show them.  Days, months, or years may pass but God will show that person why something happened.  The answer may not be what the person wanted to hear and they may get angry with God, but if they choose to wait and trust in Him they will learn to understand His ways.  They will look at a situation and know where God is in it and where the work of the devil may be taking root.  The more they get to know their Creator the less they'll blame God for bad things happening.  Evil is not in Him, it never has been and it never will be.  But He's not above using the devil's schemes to turn a bad situation into good by teaching His children how to trust in Him.  This always makes me think of Joseph and the horrible events that took place in his life.  His own brothers threw him in a pit and then sold him into slavery.  From there he was put into prison after Potipher's wife's accusations and then finally he was risen up into a position of honor and saved an entire nation because he trusted in God.  He looked back at all of the atrocities that befell him but he saw God's goodness and how God was able to use him because he continued to trust God.

So talk about a major rabbit trail from Mickey Mouse to Joseph in the Bible,  but I just want to show you my imperfections and struggles in my everyday life and how God is there for me in my "whys?"  He's there for you too and He always will be.  He promises to never leave you or forsake you.  So, I will continue to answer my precious girl's questions to the best of my ability and I will hopefully learn to show her the answers more than just speak them.  But most of all I pray that I can show her God's unfailing love and kindness towards her.

Have a blessed day!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Child Like Faith

image This is just a little blurb for my post today for our new series!  There will be more throughout the series but after going to church yesterday, this just ministered to me so much!  Our Pastor was talking about where your value is. Who do you find your value in?  Do you find your value in other people and what they say and think about you?  Or do you find your value in the Creator, the one who made you perfectly the way you are. Think about that.  If everyone tells us that we are beautiful as a woman, but we don't believe it ourselves.  It won't make any difference what anyone else says to us, will it?  But, if God tells us that we are beautiful, then we are beautiful because He created us. Another thing that our Pastor mentioned was to focus on what is noble, what is good and what is righteous!  Wow! Instead of focusing on the bad things that your children have done, focus on the good.  We can reprimand our kids for whatever they are choosing to do at that time, but if we are only doing that, then I would really question what good we are doing to teach our kids to make the right choices.  I want my son Traycen to know that he is noble, and he is good and he is righteous because God made him that way.  We all mess up and all stumble and our kids will do the same, it's just whether what us as parents choose to do after that!  We need to be raising our kids up in His kingdom.  We need to be encouraging them daily, maybe even hourly about the good things they are doing.  This goes from little ones up to high schoolers.  When we teach our kids in love the way they are suppose to act, the way they are suppose to treat each other and their mom and dad, we are establishing His love in them and His righteousness and worthiness. I pray right now that each and everyone of you would take a step back from your parenting and look at what you are doing.  Are you only correcting time after time and not showing them love?  Encourage them and show them who God has called them to be.  Explain to them what it is that God wants for us and what God likes to see them doing. God open the doors for new ways to help our kids and to help show them and teach them Your love and all that you have for them! Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

A Child's Faith

So I've really been thinking and praying about how we can teach our girls about the love of God and the magnitude of what Jesus did on the cross for them.  I just think back to my childhood and I knew that God loved me, but I didn't really learn how big of a deal it was that Jesus died on the cross for ME until I was well into young adulthood. I'm not the crazy mama who wants to dramatically make a huge deal out of this for my girls, but I really feel like for all people, you don't get how much God loves you until you accept that Jesus died because He wanted to save you and me, not because He deserved it.  I want to show them the joy that comes out of letting go and worshipping God, how to pray prayers that ignite power from the Holy Spirit to release ministering angels and I want them especially to ask God to sow huge, amazing, and radical dreams into their little hearts!


My husband and I totally agree that the best way to convey this message to them is by living it in real life.  I love putting worship music on and just getting totally silly with my girls.  I know that God's presence just descends on the joy that is happening in those moments.  Or when we come across someone in the grocery store that needs healing and we take the time to pray over them.  I want to show them that our faith and God's love extends farther than our church doors and He's waiting for willing hearts to help Him change the world.

So for the next few posts, Kirste and I are going to ask some other wisdom-filled friends that can explain what they love to do with their kiddos to expand their faith and we'll share books, other blog posts and anything else we that can help us, as well as our reader's in our journey to nourish our children's faith.


So make sure to check back with us next week!

Much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


Happenings Around the Ranch

Things have been rather slow here at the ranch. IMG_5347

We've built/fixed a lot of fence.


Moved cows to different pastures.


Bought some protein and mineral.

We've bucked some bulls. (Don't worry, the girls are just sitting on a gentle one!)

IMG_5386 IMG_5397 IMG_5390

And definitely chased toddlers a lot!


I'm just used to running a whole lot more.

Since Kody's been on the injured reserve list, my days don't consist of both of our chores getting done so I almost don't know what to do with myself.

I'm not complaining though, us girls love having our cowboy home!

IMG_5376 IMG_5373

I praise God in every season, but this season is especially awesome!

Much love!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife Candace

Mommy Must-Haves: Amanda Campbell

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Our little family traveled to New Mexico this last Friday for a bucking bull futurity.  The bulls didn't do the best but the girls traveled awesome.  It was a nice little get-away for our family.  It's crazy how much stuff you have to take for two kids.  I made sure to bring lots of snacks, coloring books, markers, books and blankies to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.  It's been raining so much in Colorado, so I know we were all so excited to get some warm sunshine in NM! Today, I wanted to feature a mama who knows how to pack with a kid.  Amanda Campbell is wife to professional bull rider, Cody Campbell.  They have sweet little Annabelle, who is about 1 1/2 years old and has been on the rodeo road with her parents since being in the womb.  I got to catch up with Amanda at Denver this last January and I just love trading tricks and fun stuff that all of us mommies find along the way of parenthood. 


Here are some of Amanda's must-haves:

1. Baby moccasin booties- They are the most comfortable, high quality, long lasting, cutest little baby moccasins I've seen.  Annabelle has worn the same pair every day for forever and they still look great through rodeos and playing in massive mud puddles and all. Cody just scrapes the mud off and does a gentle cleaning since they're leather. Lord knows I don't know what to do with leather!

You can find them at Ricotti Saddle Co. in Clements California. (800) RICOTTI or (209) 759-3550 OR info@ricottisaddle.com

anna3 anna2 anna1

2. Plant Therapy Kid Synergies Roller Ball- I love them because they are kid safe oil blends for ages 2-10 years old.  You can also dilute them to use on younger than 2 years.  There's just no guess work with them.  For those who are want to use oils but are nervous on what to do for kids or making their own blends, you can order the pre-diluted roller bottles ready to go.  I love to use the Sweet Dreams on myself and it's literally the only way I can sleep now.  They're great for everyone.
3. Food Chopper by Pampered Chef- It allows my food prep time to be cut in half. When trying to be efficient cooking all home cooked and nutrient meals this thing is a life saver!
4.  Homemade Fruit Roll Ups by Diana Campbell
  • Place fruit in blender. Strawberries and raspberries seem to work best but it’s fun to play and make your own creations. Try strawberry banana with the bananas that are going bad too!
  • Put desired fruit in a blender and add a touch of water. Start small and add more as needed to reach the necessary consistency. Not too thick, not too thin.
  • Add a small amount of sugar to taste. Appx. 1/4 c for a full blender.
  • Spray trays for food dehydrator with cooking spray.
  • Pour fruit mixture in trays and run on low setting over night. Poke mixture with your finger and remove when it doesn’t stick to your finger, or is set.
  • Easiest removed while warm.
  • Can roll up like roll ups or just tear into pieces. 8. Store in zip lock bag. They really don’t go bad as its all dehydrated.
  • *Another household staple is dried apple slices/pears using an apple/corer/slicer to make prep quicker. Yum!


5. Simply Noise Sound Machine App-  This is great to help Annabelle sleep and stay asleep.  For fun, I also keep on my phone Elmo's Monster Maker, Elmo's 123, Balloonanimals and Peekaboo Barn.


Amanda also makes the cutest baby bows around.  Make sure to check out her Facebook Page!

bow2 bow1

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

What a Mommy Can't Live Without- Taylor Cornell

I'm currently sitting here at my kitchen table typing this post.  In the background, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is playing on the tv for the 2,435th time. Sheridan is coloring about 20% of her coloring book and about 80% of her body (self-expression, right?)  And Odessa is eating Cutie oranges and as well as throwing them on the ground.  I'd have to say it's been a pretty eventful day...haha or not. I love to hear how other mommies handle their days.  From working mamas to stay-at-homers there's things that we hang on to that helps us thrive as mommies.  I know for me, my girls sleep with noise makers.  I know at one point they need to be weaned from them but for now, they drown out trucks driving into our yard, the dogs barking and my vacuuming.  Another is fruit snacks...or baby crack as they are called in our house.  I can get Sheridan to comply to just about anything when there's fruit snacks involved.  Put your shoes on...and you can have a fruit snack.  Pick up your toys...and you can have a fruit snack.  Brush your teeth...well, that's not one of my better bribing techniques, kind of counter-productive.  Haha!

So I reached out to a couple of the beautiful mommies that I know to share with us those things that they can't live without.  They range from rodeo moms who are traveling all over the country, to SAHM's, to teachers and they're all amazing mommies who seem to thrive and not just survive!

Taylor is a beautiful, Colorado mom who has little girl, Kinley and has a little boy on the way.  Here she shares with us a few things that she loves:


1. In my opinion, Coconut Oil is a must-have product to have on hand, especially during pregnancy and motherhood. I buy Spectrum (I think they all say organic) refined virgin coconut oil, which is the fatty oil extracted from the meat of a coconut. The list of uses for this product really might be endless! To name a few of my favorite: soothes stretching pregnant belly, hair deep conditioner, take orally to ease nausea or increase milk supply, soothes dry baby skin/diaper rash, rub on gums for natural teething pain reliever. And, there are probably one hundred additional uses for it that I haven’t listed! We most often use it to prevent and treat my daughter’s mild diaper rash and to keep her little bum soft and moisturized. Whether you have small children or not, grab yourself a jar of coconut oil next time you’re grocery shopping. This is such a versatile product!!


2. The Boon Grass Drying Rack has turned out to be such a great, simple product that I bought for bottles when my daughter was a baby, but have used it for the past two years!! Though it just appears to be a new take on a drying rack (but much cuter), it’s truly a gem! The “blades of grass” are strong enough to hold anything from baby bottles (and a gazillion pumping supplies that need washed every two hours) to plates and glasses. I’m pretty sure its intended purpose is for baby supplies, and it really was a game changer in that aspect because it freed up my other dish drying rack and worked much more efficiently to hold and dry quickly! This product is also super easy to clean and comes in grass-green or white. I would highly recommend everyone from moms-to-be to empty-nesters run out and get the largest size your counter will fit!


3.  Now I am no pro to the essential oil industry, but I do know there is one product that has proven itself to be a sanity-saver for me as well as a big relief to my two-year-old: the doTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser. I can’t say that I know enough to have a brand preference (I have some Young Living oils as well), but I was given the doTERRA diffuser and “Breathe” oil and it has been amazing for stuffy noses of all ages! You simply fill the diffuser to the waterline and add a few drops (I often add a few extra depending…) of essential oil, plug in and turn it on. There are even multiple settings allowing it to run ALL night! There have been several nights where my daughter, Kinley, has woken up in a panic because her nose was all stuffed up and she couldn’t breathe. Each time, when I ran my diffuser next to her bed she slept peacefully the remainder of the night. Moms, you know what that means… I slept through the night as well! The diffuser and oil are a bit of an investment, but I can honestly say it was well-worth the money!

air oil

4.  Sea Bands! Holy smokes… if you are prone to nausea, battling morning sickness, traveling, or have kids (they come in Kids size too) that get car sick, YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT! I have dealt with all of these (except the latter) and when I discovered Sea Band products, especially the actual wristbands, it was a life-changer! I wore them the entire time with my first pregnancy (even to sleep!) and now that I’m on my second pregnancy, I probably own four pair and always have them with me. Throughout my entire first pregnancy I suffered with severe nausea and tried EVERYTHING under the sun. These worked best! The bands look so simple, just a cotton/elastic-type wristband with a plastic bead that presses into the pressure point of the wrist. So effective!

sea bands

5. Slow Cooker Shredded Italian Chicken isn’t at the very top of most diet plans, but it’s yummy, family-friendly and couldn’t be easier! If you’re looking for an easy, flavorful meal prep to have ready when you get home from a full day of mommy duties, this is it! My mom actually came up with this recipe and it’s one of my family’s favorites!What you’ll need:

  • 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I often use frozen)
  • One large bottle of your favorite Italian dressing

Place frozen chicken breasts in slow cooker and top with bottle of Italian dressing. Let cook on low for 8 hours. If possible, shred the chicken an hour or so before. This allows it to soak up all the yummy juices! Serve over noodles, or with bread and veggies. Also makes great leftovers! I included a before pic…


I'm always on the look out for great crockpot meals, so this one is definitely going down in my book.

Thanks so much Taylor!

Stay tuned for more mommy-must haves in the following weeks.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Running With My Girls

First off, congrats to Royals of Cambridge on their little baby girl!  Girls are so much fun!  They are filled with a lot more drama and emotions than boys, I hear, but they bring so much joy into our lives.  Our house is full of dress-up, princess movies, unicorns and the best of all, the cuddles from my sweet girls. This week was a busy one for us.  Kody was home all week so it was great having him around because the girls just love their daddy.  He brings such a different element of fun into their lives that mommy doesn't always fulfill.  He can toss them in the air higher, make up fun games and let them ride pretty much anything that has four legs around the ranch.  There's such a huge place for daddy in a girl's heart and I know God made them that way!


daddyIMG_3812 pic2



Sheridan went to the dentist for the first time this week.  Our doctor said it'd be best to get her in there between 2 and 3 years old, but in my book it was a waste of time.  They counted teeth and gave her a tooth brush.  I know it's more about getting her used to the whole ordeal, but I could've done that at home.  Oh well! 


There wasn't a whole lot of playing outside this week because it rained a lot, but we still managed to enjoy the sunshine.  The girls got to play in the yard and I got to finish some projects I'd been working on.  Sheridan loves to paint and if she has a choice between playing outside or painting, she'll choose painting.  I always try to make the compromise of painting outside, so we both win.  Odessa is a totally an outdoor girl.  If we walk into the mudroom for anything she expects to go outside and she will scream if we go back into the house.  It's amazing how siblings can be so different!

We had one full day at home on Wednesday, but then we were back at it again on Thursday to take Odessa to the doctor for her one year check up and shots.  That part was not fun, but afterwards I took the girls to the outdoor mall where we got ice cream, checked out the fountains and visited Barnes and Noble.  It was a great "girls day!

icecreamodessa1pic1This girl loves to shop!  When we'd walk past a store, she'd say, "Mom, look at that pretty dress!" or "Oh mom, can we go look at the pretty flowers in this shop?"  I think we're in trouble!  She's also turning into quite the outgoing, little lady.  There's no more hiding behind my leg when a stranger tries to strike up a conversation with her.  Now, she'll go into some great tale about how she played outside that morning and saw butterflies or how her little sister was trying to take her toys the night before.  I don't know where it all comes from, but it sure cracks me up!


On our way home we got to see the most beautiful and bright rainbow that I've ever witnessed.  I love seeing God's promise to His people in the sky for all to see.  I really wish I would've pulled the car over to get a better picture because this one does not do it justice.


Today,  I'm letting the girls play around the house for the morning then I'll get them down for naps.  When they wake up we'll head to town for a Kentucky Derby party.  I have always loved watching horse racing and it's on my bucket list to get to go to this infamous race someday.  But for today, this party should be a fun time with my girls.  I'll make sure to take lots of pics with our hats on!  Kody should be home this afternoon from a bucking bull futurity and we'll catch the big Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight tonight.

I hope you all have a fun weekend!  Make sure to check back with us on Monday to see a fun post with lots of rodeo wife/girlfriends and what their Top 5 essentials are for spring!

Much love,

Cooped Up Mama Candace




The Sacrifice For Passion!

Morning to all of you!  Unfortunately I am kind of feeling under the weather today, so we will be having a day of rest, crafts and activities for little man and maybe possible writing, and playing my guitar.  Speaking of my new guitar, it's amazing.  There is such a full and vibrant sound that comes out of it as you play it compared to my other guitar.  The other guitar that I have is a "Hohner".  I use it to write music on.  I can't say I have written a lot of songs for anyone else but myself and honestly this guitar has such a sweet sound that inspires me to write my own music!  The guitar that I am talking about was given to me about 5 years ago.  I had borrowed a friend of the hubbys guitar to learn how to play initially.  I loved getting to borrow it because then that meant I didn't have to give my full commitment of playing it because I would end up having to give it back to him when he needed it.  One day my husband told me to meet him at the music store and when I arrived there he pulled out this guitar case and I kind of flipped.  I was thinking "o great he bought me one and now I have to commit to take the time to learn it".  Although, he didn't buy it for me.  He told me that a gentleman from his work approached him and said "God told me to give this to your wife".  The guy had never met me, or even known that I had ever picked up a guitar in my life.  When CW had told me that, I knew that I was suppose to learn to play and commit to doing it.  Why would God give me something so beautiful and prompt me to learn how to play it?  I didn't know, but all I did know was that God had given me that guitar and it was for a purpose.  As I was learning to play I got quite frustrated and decided to take what I thought was the "easy route" and play the bass instead. I don't know why I thought that was the easy route, but for some reason the bass seemed less intimidating to me.  Flashback of playing the bass was when I was pregnant.  I remember having this huge belly and hiding it behind playing the bass at church.  By looking at me up on stage you would have not guessed I was pregnant and then when we would go to get off stage, it was highly noticeable!  

Anyways, this guitar I messed around with when I had time here and there.  It wasn't up until after my son Traycen was born in 2011 that I really started to pick it up more often.  The testimony of my son inspired me to pickup my guitar more and to start writing music, that's a story to share for another day!  I would sit down and play the few chords I knew and just sing.  I would record everything, and I have listened back to some of them and thought wow those are horrible, or some that were I think "pretty good".  I wrote songs of my life and where I felt like I was going and what God was doing in my life.  Shortly after that I even sang one of my songs to my best friend and my other dad.  It was an accomplishment of showing off what God put inside of me and what he was stirring up in my heart.

So there you have it about that guitar, the one God gave me.  The one that I probably won't ever get rid of because God gave me that and I know it's still for a purpose (of coarse until God tells me to give it to someone else or something, then I totally would).  So, recently I have been going through some things that I just don't use anymore.  One of the things I had been contemplating giving up was my nice Nikon camera.  I stopped taking pictures a while ago after I was having some issues with my camera.  I honestly didn't even feel like wanting to figure out what was going on and it was more of a headache for me to think about it and to go do photos of any sort!  Although that was my thinking, I still wasn't sure I wanted to give up my camera because what if I wanted to use it and start taking photos again?  Well God finally told me, get it gone!  I didn't even have to question what He told me to do, I just did it.  I sacrificed selling it knowing someone else could use it with more intent, motivation, inspiration and passion!  

God has really been panning out in my life what I need and what I don't need whether this is material possessions or what not.  I feel like God is showing me where the fullness of my passions are.  I feel like He is wanting me to give that full attention to the passion that He has placed in front of me!  That passion to me is music.  Like I have said before, music consumes me.  It's honestly everything to me.  God has brought me so much healing, peace, love and more through music.  I read this a while back and it ministered to me and my husband in more than one way (I'll tell you the more than one way at a later time). 

"When we don't know where we are going, no road can get us there…anymore than running faster expedites a lost soul.  Hard work, perseverance, and faithfulness are all noble attributes, but working harder on the wrong thing will never accomplish the right one.  Refusing to give up when we are climbing the wrong mountain may seem bole but it's actually really dumb.  Being faithful to the wrong people or the wrong career may help build our character but it won't fulfill our call.  We live in a performance driven, rat race, and run on a "are we there yet" hamster wheel.  We often expend huge amounts of time and effort with relatively nothing to show for it.  The fact it, we get so buy racing the other rats, or trig to get a leg up on the hamsters in front of us, that we seldom pause long enough to ask ourlseves if all this activity actually has nothing to do with our diving destiny".

(Make sure you check out Kris Vallotton at KVMinistries.com

After reading this a couple different times for different things in my life, I realized what I had done was right on.  I had sacrificed fully giving up on one thing that I once had passion for but wasn't giving it my all anymore.  Not more than a week and a half later I was with my other Cooped Up Mama Candace when my husband came to meet us because he had to show me something.  Candace and I had been guessing throughout the morning what it was that he had bought.  We first had dibbs on a live animal, because let's face it, he has done that before.  My next guess was a piece of workout equipment because I knew he had mentioned something about it during that week. Little did I know what I was about to get! I opened the truck door to see another guitar case there.  I was in shock thinking "huh, is that for me"?  Absolutely it was for me, and as I opened it my mind was blown away.  He had gone and picked out a guitar for me (with the help of a friend) and it wasn't just any guitar.  It was beautiful.  Take a look! 


I don't know much about brand names of guitars ect.  Like I said I am newer on this spectrum, but I do like them an the beauty of each and every one of them and the sounds they create.  This is a Martin!  It is real wood and it's beautiful.  It is lightweight for me which is perfect because I am so gentle handed anyways.  The sound that comes out of this guitar is immaculate!  As I came to my senses of being in awe of this, the thoughts started rolling around; "I do not deserve this", "what was he thinking?", "I'll never be able to play this", and more.  Why would my mind go there?  Instantly it went from being in full gratification and in awe to questioning why my husband would be so nice and want to buy something so beautiful for me.  STOP!  This is where I had to shut off my head because I was letting the enemy turn something good into something I was questioning for no reason.  I politely told my husband thank you and he reassured me without me even mentioning my thoughts to him that I deserved this.  He was proud that I had stepped out in faith (thanks to some friends and other worshippers) to play guitar at church and to step it up.  

God is so cool in all of this.  I sacrificed giving up one thing that I do like and once had passion for and brought me something new that I can fulfill my passion with.  I honestly feel that in every moment of life there is a story to be told behind something.  God is working in and around you all the time.  Open your eyes to see the goodness of His love in every moment whether that be in the good or the bad.  So excited that I got to share this with you today.  I hope you all enjoy your day.  I also am throwing in some pictures of our fun time from that day of going to the Discovery Museum in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  If you haven't been already, you must go.  There is a wide variety of interactive play and learning for any age of kids!



Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Saturday Blurp!

This is our Saturday here at the Wegele case on the prairie!  It is a beautiful day and we really haven't done much!  Traycen and I worked out this morning and attempted to start to clean through the basement toys (how do we accumulate all these?), but it was an epic fail because we looked out the window and the sun was shining bright!  We decided to go lay around outside, play on the trampoline and then ride.  Here are a few pictures from our day!  Hope your Saturday is just as beautiful as ours!  image







I love this little boy so much!  Man does he bring so much joy to my life in everything he does!



Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste



Fun Week of Photos

I'm so in love with this amazing weather we've been having in Colorado.  We have been outside as much as possible and that always includes a trip out to the barn to ride horses.  Sheridan has been begging to go ride everyday for the last couple months but with cold weather and the horrible wind it's hard to get out there for more than a few minutes.  But not this week!  IMG_2989 IMG_2987

The horses are shedding like crazy and she cracked me up this week because she said that she was brushing all of their feathers off!  That's the true sign of spring in the western world, right?  We don't need no groundhog here, when the horse hair starts flying that's when you know it's gonna warm up!

Odessa was not happy when I tried to pull her off the horse!

IMG_2966 IMG_2967

We also got to go spend some time with our friend, Megan and her two sweet girls and take a trip to the park.  I've never put Odessa in a swing before and she loved every minute of it!  She actually got the swinging motion down all by herself, she'd throw herself back to go forward and then the momentum would push her forward that'd make her go backwards.  It was pretty impressive!

IMG_2938 IMG_2937 IMG_2940

We're gearing up for a great weekend filled with a princess party, Cinderella movie and church!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Cooped Up Mama Candace


What I'm Listening To: Raising Daughters

11075026_895773387110025_8742759094522632772_n I try not to take offense when people ask Kody and I if we're gonna keep trying for a boy after they recognize that we have two little girls.  Well, actually we do want more kids (somedays, haha!) but we kinda like our girls and if we were blessed with a boy we 'd be happy, but if we had another girl we'd be happy too.  You see we really take a lot of pride in raising our daughters.  We are praying to God that He guides us to raise women who are strong, integritable, honorable and compassionate.  I don't want to raise them to be strong like a man, no, I want to raise them to be strong like a woman.  I want them to chase after God so hard that they change the world as they go.  I want them to stand up for the weak, feed the hungry and clothe the poor.  But more than anything I want them to know that they are loved by two parents who cherish them and a God who cherishes them even more than we could!


So do we take raising our girls serious?  You bet we do!  And not only that, but we really invest in it.  Kody and I have read books, listened to podcasts and picked the brains of other parents that we look up to.  I'll be the first to admit that there are days where I can plainly admit that, "this day sucks and my toddler is simply a little jerk!"  But I won't give up and I'll ask for forgiveness from her and grace from God, because parenting is simply a trial and error adventure. 


One place that I always find great advice from is a website called Parenting On Purpose.  It's a radio broadcast that features help for parents and families and the topics get down to the "nitty gritty" of everyday parenting.  One topic that I've enjoyed listening to this last week was called, "Raising Daughters."  There's also one for raising boys as well, but I of course only listened to the daughter one for now.  I got a lot out of it because it really hit home, me being a daughter myself.  It really got down to the differences between girls and boys and how girls are more relational and boys are more physical.  For example, my Sheridan loves to play "princesses" and there's always a "mommy princess" and a "baby princess."  You see? Relational.  She's all about relations.  And that's what I have to be so conscious of when I'm disciplining her, if I act like I'm mad at her instead of just her behavior, she takes it so personal and will totally shut down.  So by listening to these podcasts I've realized that the way I speak to her when I'm disciplining her can make a huge difference when I'm looking for a healthy behavioral outcome.

I highly recommend listening to these podcasts if you have kids, they really make you feel like you're not alone out there and offer great guidance.

Check out this link to listen to listen to "Raising Daughters":



Cooped Up Mama Candace

All photos courtesy of Ford Photo.

Little Cowboys: Outfit of the Day!

DSC_2817DSC_2820Here is my little cowboy today! Traycen has always loved dressing himself, sometimes re-dressing himself a couple times throughout the day.  We now have limited his outfits to two a day.  I thought this was a "girl thing", but surely it's not.  I think this is because throughout the day he could go from being a cowboy, to a wrestler, to a ninja-turtle and so on.  I love that about kids that their minds can create and make believe to be whatever they want to be.  To them it doesn't matter, they just go with it.  Today he has decided to dress cowboy.  He has started this new thing recently after we saw a friend of ours down in Stephenville, Texas where he will wear a t-shirt and then his cowboy shirt over his t-shirt.  Kids notice the littlest things and they are like sponges!  I am glad to say that I don't mind if he wants to dress like this young gentleman, he definitely made an influence on Traycen with our short visit with him.   Traycens pick for the day!

The breakdown!



DSC_2797My other Cooped Up Mama Candace found these Anderson Bean boots for Traycen.  Now most of you who know the brand Anderson Bean know that the kids boots are still quite expensive, but here's the catch, these weren't.  Candace found these for about $17 at a kids re-sale store down in Brighton, Colorado.  I love anything with a good bargain!!!  What a great deal.  Traycen loves the color and the fact that Miss Candace and Sheridan got them for him!  




The jeans he is wearing are from Big R.  Now we have a Big R Mercantile store up by us, but they don't have the deals on jeans that we find down by my parents house.  The jeans we find down there are "irregulars".  Although they are marked "irregular", the only thing I have found different with them is maybe the seam at the bottom of the pants.  You can't notice much wrong with these jeans and instead of being $45-$55 for kids jeans, they are $10 a pair.  They come in Wranglers and Twenty X, which are the ones he is wearing in this picture.


The printed shirt Traycen is wearing here is from the brand "Cherokee".  You can usually can find graphic T's like these at Target.  I love Target because they usually have really good deals on kids, adult clothes!  

Here are some other awesome finds from Target.  Make sure you check out their kids selection.  I love the old style prints on the kids t-shirts!  These all range from $3-$8 a shirt. 








These are just some fun pictures I wanted to share with you because of coarse we like to be silly when we do pictures and there is never a dull moment of taking pictures with this little guy! 







Hope you enjoy your day today!  Somewhat spring cleaning for us today and outside fun! 

Till next time,  Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Happy Birthday Traycen!

IMG_2642 I'm stealing this post from Kirste today to wish her little man, Traycen, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  He's turning 4 years old today and when I think of Traycen I think about how much a Man of God he is already showing the world around him.  That's quite an accomplishment in four short years!

If you've never met Traycen before I'd like to explain the 4 character traits that are shaping him into be Godly man:

1.  He's SO giving!

I know this because every time he comes over to our house he has a present for Sheridan and Odessa and it's usually his favorite snack or out of his toy box.  This kid would give my girls anything in his bedroom in a flash because Kirste and C.W. have raised him to be just like them.  They really are the most generous people I know.


2.  He's tough!

I've seen this kid have some major wipeouts and he just gets back up and keeps on going.  He's built like a house too! 

3.  He sticks up for others!

Kirste's told me countless stories of Traycen stepping in when other kids are getting picked on.  I always love to watch him and Sheridan because when she's having a hard time getting her boots or coat on he's jumps right in to help her get them on.  He's such a great protector of her!

4.  He's got fire!


It's all or nothing with Traycen.  He's so passionate when it comes to everything he does and if you want to see inhibited worship of God, just watch Traycen in action.  He grabs his harmonica or gets up on his drum set and GETS WITH IT!  I love it!

A huge part in building these characteristics are his parents.  They are on fire for Jesus and Traycen can't help but follow in their footsteps.  Of course no kid is perfect and I'm sure Kirste could share plenty of her parenting struggles with all of us (as well as myself) but through it all she knows that Traycen is ultimately God's and God made Traycen exactly the way that He wanted him because He will use him in big ways!

Happy Birthday buddy!


Love all of the Lostroh Girls!

Cowboy's Wife Wisdom: Expect Them To Do Good

imageHey guys this is coming from a recent interview that Candace and I did with a beautiful woman of God who has 7 children.  She told us that she had to learn to expect her children to do good.  So simple right?  I know for myself that there's times with a "almost 4 year old" that I am thinking he's going to do something wrong before I even give him the chance to do the right thing.  I can speak for Candace and say this is also true for her with her girls!  Example 1: "The Wegele House" 

After waiting for Traycen to get out of pre-sch0ol one of the teachers asks me if I can wait so she can talk to me after everyone leaves.  Thoughts instantly run through my head trying to think of what my child did wrong that day.  Maybe he ninja-turtled someone or maybe he tried a new wrestling move on one of the other kids or worse the teacher!  As I waited to speak with the teacher my mind boggled with what had happened that day and what they were going to tell me.  I was expecting the worse that my "almost four year old" could have done.  As the other teacher approached I held my breath for what I was thinking going to be terrible news!  The look on my face probably was silly because I was literally in shock that it was good news instead of bad. They told me that Traycen had one of the best days ever!  He was not only a good listener, but helped his friends listen to directions and was patient throughout the duration of the day.  They boasted on him in different things during the day that he was rewarded with. Wow!  The whole time I was waiting there letting my mind wonder about what bad he could have done and didn't even give thought to thinking positively.

Example 2: "The Lostroh House" 

Sheridan and Odessa play together, separately and with mom and dad.  Sometimes Sheridan will topple over, or sit on Odessa being mind free that her sister is right in front of her, while the next moment she is hugging and loving on Miss Odessa.  Candace was telling me of a time that out of the corner of her eye she saw Sheridan rushing over towards Odessa.  In her mind she instantly thought of the worst and hollered at Sheridan to leave Odessa alone and let her be.  Giving thought to it later on, Candace realized that she jumped to the conclusion of what she thought Sheridan was going to do wrong instead of expecting Sheridan to be nice to her sister.  Perhaps Sheridan was just going over to love on Odessa and give her a kiss! 

Why is it that our minds always go to the bad first?  I think we as moms have all done this before whether you have one, two or seven kids.  Our friends insight that day has made us think a lot about parenting.  It's honestly as simple as she said it, "expect your kids to do good."  What more can you say to that than just expect!  

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

Worship With Sheridan

Sheridan loves this song and always gets into it whenever she hears it.  Every weekend when I tell her we're going to church she screams, "And we go sing 'God's Not Dead!'"  It makes my heart happy to see how excited she gets for church.  It doesn't hurt that we have an amazing kid's church at Northern Colorado Cowboy Church! Hope you enjoy the video!


Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace



Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

"Though she be but little, she is fierce," these words from Shakespeare describe perfectly this spirited little lady that I'm about to introduce you to.  Her name is Austyn Mitchell, she's almost 6 years old and she's on a mission to raise money for families in Guatemala by selling artwork that she's made herself.   Austyn and her parents plan on traveling to Guatemala this spring, where they'll meet up with the Sisnero's family who are missionaries in Guatemala. IMG_2420

According to Austyn's mother, Kacy, 2 1/2 years ago the Sisnero's sold everything they owned in Colorado and moved to Guatemala to be full-time missionaries.  Their main focus is in the small village of El Rosario, where they buy food, help with school tuition and just LOVE people with no limits.  There are a lot of single mothers for numerous reasons, but mainly because the men just don't feel obligated to stay.  Another area where they serve is called, The Vencedor Boys Academy.  It is here that they are introducing the young boys in the village to a REAL MAN named Jesus and what He has done for them.  Once they know what they are called to be by Christ, then they can stop the cycle of absentee fathers and stop poverty along with it.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  What is on your heart for the children in Guatemala?

Austyn:  Even though I don't speak Spanish, God told me that I will be able to talk to the kids. What I want to tell them is God loves all of them, even if they are bad or poor.  Even if they are money poor.  It's okay, because God can give them everything.  I love them too and I want to tell them that they are strong and powerful.  I want to help them with all that they do, they are the greatest kids and God them loves them too.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  How did you create your works of art?

Austyn:  I took paint and made pictures on the boards, then after I drew the pictures I smeared them up with my hands. Two of them still have hidden pictures.  One has a rainbow and one has Jesus on the cross.  Then, my mom read me sayings and I picked out what I wanted her to write on each one.

IMG_2422 IMG_2421

How incredible is it to watch the way God can work through His youngest believers?  If you've ever had the privilege of talking with Austyn you will know in less than 5 minutes that God has big plans for this little lady and she is on fire for Him at such a young age.

IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2416

The Mitchell's travel expenses are very small, so all of the extra money that is raised will go directly to the Sisnero's to be used in the village or school. If you're interested investing in Austyn's mission, you can purchase her art for whatever donation price that God lays on your heart.  You may order through PayPal directly by going to the "send money" link and entering the email of kacy@lsiinsurance.com or you may send a check made out to Austyn Mitchell to: 512 Main St, Windsor, CO 80550 and leave your email address in the memo line.  Once payment is received you will get the image via email for you to print at home or in a photo shop.

There's so many ways that we can impact the Kingdom of God, whether it's preaching from the pulpit, feeding the hungry or creating works of art to sell for the poor, God just desires a willing heart!

Much love for you today!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace