A "Punchy" Outdoor Sanctuary

Being outside has been such a blessing this year since my girls are getting older and absolutely love being outside in our yard.  No matter if we're laying on the grass watching clouds roll by, playing "house" in their playhouse or hunting for toads, my girls could literally stay outside all day long.  Landscaping has always been such an intimidating feat to me, I did not grow up with a family that could keep much alive besides the animals and us kids.  So, when my husband and I decided to landscape our place we hired a company.  I really do admire those folks who have a talent for planting and landscaping their own place and Ashley Kasner has just about the cutest yard that I've ever seen!  She's definitely inspired me to keep an eye out for some kitschy, country and cowgirl pieces to add to our yard.  Here's the lowdown on Ashley, her family and their little slice of heaven in the Sandhills of Nebraska!


Family: Husband-Matt Kasner, Professional Team Roper-Heeler.  Currently setting 18th in the PRCA World Standings. Son- Krosston Thomas, is 3 yrs old. He loves his favorite pony, Johnny Cash and every kind of construction vehicle and tractor. He also loves being outside and is a big helper with the water hose! 


Me- I am a Reading & Math Interventionist at a small school in Martin, SD.  I have my Masters from UNC allowing me to also be a College Instructor teaching online college English courses for National American University.

Location: We moved here almost 4 years ago now from Texas, the only place Matt had ever lived, to raise Kross on the ranch and surround him in the ranch way-of-life and to be with my family, Jim & Janet Heath in Sandhills of Nebraska near nowhere, or, Cody, NE. My mom watches Kross for me while I am teaching.  More of the ranch is actually in South Dakota, but we get our mail in Nebraska.

11428571_10155640876515447_1481905094_n 11412254_10155637977820447_4922234449772598667_n 11349089_10155640877800447_2101700525_n

Yard Details: Our yard was nothing but a sticker infested mess when I began my landscaping. Little by little, year by year (3 summers now) shopping at Bomgaars and only buying perennials, it has begun to look less like a sticker sand lot. I buy many of my plants at the end of the summer sale and have had great luck. Most, if not all of the decor I have used to build special places have been pieces from the original ranch houses on the ranch. The turquoise table, which was just white before adding my favorite color to it, came out of the first built cabin on the ranch; one of the trellises was a shutter off of the same cabin.

11406865_10155637977795447_8610523271793706873_n 11429635_10155640878810447_92614087_n

I painted the "Be Blessed" sign, as it is reclaimed wood from ranch windbreak. I took 2 feed pallets and built our deck patio table. The wooden box with the metal cross behind it was actually a dynamite/explosives box that Great-Great Grandma had refurbished and used as her kitchen cabinets and drawers. The walkways are lined with cedar fence post that were too crooked to use for fencing and we use river rock to line the fence.

1403040_10155637977810447_2508647196827777600_o 11392772_10155637977800447_4971066839101181619_n 11536873_10155640880660447_1553227540_n 11425233_10155637978100447_5419760766291975986_n

I love the quote: "To plant a flower, is to believe in tomorrow." I compare planting and yard work to the peace, comfort and fulfillment I find when riding and training young horses. I am a pinterest junky! Many of my projects are inspired by others posts that I see on there, but I also LOVE interior design, so I feel like I take some of my inside ideas outside. Just as you put groupings together inside, I do the same with plants and flowers outside.

11297794_10155640902100447_429619545_n 10364220_10155637977805447_5659264499206335982_n


****Do you love Ashley's style?? Make sure to check out her Facebook page for her company The Punchy Pony!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace



Those Random Things!

Hello friends!  Today I wanted to show you some pieces that Candace and I recently picked up while we were junking at a rancher's house who lives near by.  This particular rancher's nephew had seen something posted on Facebook on our Cooped Up Cowboys Wife page and contacted us letting us know they were cleaning out the ranch!   They were so kind to let us come out and dig through "their burn pile, filled with ashes", the old red barn, an old train trailer and in and underneath the dirt and different things at the ranch.  I would like to give a HUGE shout out to both of them for helping us out, while in return we got to help them out by taking these amazing finds off their hands!

This first item is amazing!!!  We don't even for sure know what it was from, some kind of wheel spoke possibly.  It's huge and rusty.  Honestly, now a day, two things that I have found that people love are anything with a little rust that makes the color look amazing and barn wood.  This piece we aren't quite sure what we want to do with it yet but if you are a pinned on Pinterest, you most definitely know that you can always find numerous wonderful ideas.  


Here are some Pinterest Ideas for wheels, wheels with spokes ect.  Of coarse you'd have to adjust things to make it work depending on what wheel you have, but how cool are these ideas.  I would love to make a light, except I will not be doing electrical again!  The last two times I did electrical I burnt my hand rewiring a lamp and plugging it in and then freaked out when I replaced a chandelier to have smoke come out of the light bulb when I turned the electricity back on!  Thankfully it wasn't that my house was burning down, but that the light bulb had a hole in the top of it so it gave out a little smoke, although it was enough to totally scare me! 

bccece5b820dc5ffd1028929cc511a96                    24a7f0576687545749b2355222ee83b7                    8c93ab7765fa6151d0ad909356eddad4

This was our next item we found.  The rancher had this in his burn pile and right when we saw it, I knew we had to have it.  It's honestly super huge and long, but we can either do something with it as it is, or cut it down.  Either way, it was a must take!



Here are some Pinterest ideas with ladders.  It all depends on the size of ladder you have, but those are some great ideas.  I love the idea of painting an old wooden ladder because it already has all the dents and bumps in the wood that it makes it even have more character adding a bright color of paint to it. 

66afcbdb1cd653b897b628a16d62c456 e1274444bbbb2ac1cc374c1efe9c85e6


I did this in our house with an old fence I had found.  I had to take some of it apart and re-screw some pieces back on.  It made the perfect book shelf for any corner.  Hint:  Make sure you hit a stud to hang this piece up or else you will have ripped out dry wall from putting your books on the ladder shelf!  I have my husband find the studs because when I use the actual "stud finder" it beeps on anything including my son, which I guess you could say he is a stud!  I love that kid!

3b977a2587386f4deba580961aa1ce07 d7b5366096174b03ad672139796e1739











Well, hope you enjoy your start to the weekend! Let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas.  We would love to hear from you or send us some pictures of your projects! 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Barnwood & Chicken Wire: Room Makeover

Well, calving season has just started for us and we've been blessed with some pretty spectacular weather here in Colorado this week.  I keep telling our mama cows that, "this week is the week, girls!"  I'm praying that all of our babies are healthy and the mama cows are smart enough to have them in the shelters and not out in the open where the wind can get to them.  The wind can be down-right nasty up here in northern Colorado. So, I thought I'd show you guys a fun little room make over that my good friend Holly Wolters did to her living room.  Holly and I have been friends since we were babies.  My mom used to baby-sit her starting at the age of 8 months, so we have literally known each other almost our whole lives.  She's married to Eddie, who is an awesome guy, and they have two sweet children Zane and Shayla.  The Wolter's have lived in there house for about a year now and it's a great house in an older community that backs right up to open space. 

Holly has been scouring Pinterest to find ideas to brighten up her VERY neutral living room and is very drawn to pieces that are turquoise and red.  She'd be the first to admit that even though she loves the colors she has been a little intimidated to throw in these two bright colors because of how she had her place decorated before.  After a little nudging from me, she decided to add in small pieces throughout the room to spice things up a bit.

Here's her living room from before

Holly2 Holly1

Having the entertainment center on the wall really made the plain-Jane fire place stick out.  I understand how most people want this to be a focal point of the room but this fireplace had really nothing eye-pleasing to offer.  Having the couches and chairs all lined up on one wall also made the room seem so divided and uninviting.  Plus, that right wall behind the couch is just screaming, "I need some artwork!"  And as you can see there's just about zilch color in this space.  Lots of brown, blacks and tans...pretty blah, right?

Here's her living room after:


I think Holly did a phenomenal job by adding in the colors that she loved but not going too overboard to where you're eye gets caught on a one bright piece.  For me, the cute sideboard behind the couch makes the room.  It just adds such a polished looked to this room and the décor she chose for on top of the table is super chic.  Everything she added in the room she picked up from Hobby lobby and she stayed right around her budget of $150.  That's pretty impressive!  I think the pictures hanging from the railing on the wall is so unique and totally out of the ordinary to how most pictures are displayed.

Sometimes watching all of the HGTV shows can really get a person down about their house because they may not be able to do a total remodel, but adding colorful pieces and interesting furniture can seriously bring a whole new flavor to any room.  Even if you're intimidated by color, just try moving your current furniture around to see what it looks like. This can freshen up a space drastically.

I think the only items I'd want to add in this room are some fun throw pillows, a fur throw over the back of the couch and maybe a narrow table or even an ottoman that could sit along the left wall under the flower picture.  But overall the colors are beautiful and I know Holly and her family will really enjoy this space so much more now that it's a lot brighter in there.

So here's to being BRAVE with color!  Just go for it!

Cooped Up Mama Candace

The Story Behind This Cross

IMG_3331 DSC_2794




Two things I guess you could say that I love are any piece of old wood and a can of paint!  Each piece of wood always has its own character and  the paint is what brings out that character in detail.  I think of it as how God made us.   Each of us were created in His image, but to be our own unique character.  God gives us all different gifts, talents, and beauties that are brought out in our own creative way.  This piece of wood that I chose to use today was found in a trash/burn pit at someones farm.  That statement is definitely true, "someone else's trash is someone else's treasure."  This piece of wood I have taken out numerous times wondering what I could do with it, until today.  Today I decided I was going to make a clock.  I figured I would use barb wire, this unique piece of wood and a few other miscellaneous things.  As I started to make the clock and I was putting the barb wire around it, I got led a different way to what I was suppose to be crafting.  I left the room and was in search for an object I didn't know I was looking for until I saw this rustic cross sitting behind something.  I knew instantly what I was going to make.  I love the randomness of creativity that God has placed inside of me.  I was instantly reminded of Gods love for me and what Jesus did at the cross.  

DSC_2764 - Version 2The meaning behind this piece is this:

The old barnwood- That's the old you.  The you before you met Jesus, the you that didn't know how much He loved you, didn't know you had worth, didn't know you were beautiful.

The painted teal barnwood- This is the new you.  The you that has shed off that old wine skin. The re-born, fully pure, beautiful child of God. The one that sees her purpose, her strength and knows she is beautiful and wonderfully made through Him. 

The barbwire- Because He, Jesus paid a price for you and me.  He went through the suffering so that we wouldn't have to.  That's why we give it all to God and don't hold onto things because He's already done that for us.

The cross- This beautiful cross.  Where someone that was so faithful went and endured everything that He did for us.  He is no longer on that cross, but that cross is there because He has risen and is redeemed! 

As this cross was hidden in my house I stop to think about it this way.   Even thought sometimes we don't see that cross, God still sees us, all of us.  He knows everything you are going through before you go through it.  His cross is ALWAYS there, but do we always see it?  Do you look to Him, the cross and what He did for you?  Take a moment to evaluate where you are and where He is calling you to be in Him.  We each have a purpose and a destiny in Him, and through Him He has it all. 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife



Chicken Wire Photo Frame

imageTodays barn wood and chicken wire project actually has chicken wire in it!  This is one of the easiest projects to do and has several uses.   Supplies: 

-An old picture frame without the glass. Depending on the size of your project, use whatever size suites you best! I had one laying around or you can pick them up cheaply at the thrift store.

-A piece of chicken wire.  Enough so that you can cover the back of the frame. 

-A staple gun and staples


-Paint for your picture frame if you are wanting a desired look! 

Basically take your frame and flip it to its backside.  Lay your chicken wire on it.  Some points on your chicken wire may need to be folded down in order for you to staple it to your frame.  It's okay if it't not even because you won't see it from the front!  That't literally it!













Now you can use your chicken wire frame to hang jewelry on with clothes pins, hang earring on directly, use clothes pins to hang recipes, pictures ect.  Today we chose to hang pictures and placed this in our kitchen, where at some point I'm sure it will move around in my house because that's just how I do things! 



Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

That piece of furniture!

Do you ever have that piece of furniture that gets moved around all over your house?  Well these two pieces that you will see have been both placed at different spots in my house numerous times.  I don't know if its my constant "moving around" of things as to why they keep getting moved, or the need to have more storage somewhere else in my house.  My husband CW would tell you that I love to move stuff around, a lot!!!  In fact I used to tell him that I would stop moving stuff around if we had a house of our own.  Now we do and I'm pretty sure every once and a while I still move stuff around trying to find the perfect spot for it,  although now a days, I do ask CW first before I end up moving something!  As you could imagine moving furniture around a lot could get pretty annoying to anyone living in your house.  One agreement we've always had though between the hubby and I is to not move things where he will sit down and fall, or that he will trip over. So this first piece was in our bathroom for storage before I re-did our bathroom.  Look back at "Bathroom Re-do" for the new makeover of the bathroom that I recently did.  Originally my friend Sara and I had gone to someones house off of craigslist to pick up used tires when the lady who lived there told us she had a few other things for us to look at that were free!  Well not only did she have a few things, but a whole trash pit of things they were going to burn.  Have you ever heard that saying, "what's your trash is my treasure"?  Well in this case, it truly was our treasure.  We came out with a lot of really neat things that day, but one of my favorites was this piece I had found.  It was from a headboard to a bed that someone had taken off.  I took it home and milk painted it green and flipped it up so it could stand up and be used for storage.  So simple right?  It used to store bathroom items, towels, and more.  Now it's been moved into our computer room and used for storing notebooks, bibles and for decor.  










DSC_2770This next piece was from the pottery barn!  I know what your going to say, "why would you paint something from the pottery barn"?  Well this piece we have had for a long time and it just needed some fun color to it.  I used a teal color and roughed it up.  Then I went to my favorite store "Hobby Lobby" where I found numerous different knobs and put them on to make it more unique. This piece has literally been moved around to a lot of different areas of my house.  I guess you could say I have never found that one spot that it fits.  So, good news for you if your reading this!  Yep, thats right, its for sale.  If you are interested in this piece it is 3 foot tall, 43 1/2 inches long and 15 1/2 inches deep.  This would be great in any room to add a pop of color.  It has two deep drawers on each side and two smaller more narrow drawers in the center.  Please let me know if you are interested in this piece! 










Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

Willow Star

IMG_1825Do you ever have projects you'd like to get done or need to get done?  Well, that's my life.  I always have something in mind that I'd like to create for my own house or something I'd like to make and sell.  In this case, it's something I have wanted to make.  The funny thing though is that this creation is probably one of the easiest things to make.  Although, I haven't had time to do it.  This creation is a willow start! Willow (fresh or dead) can be used for several different things.  If you have willow anywhere near you I suggest just taking a chainsaw and cutting some down yourself.  It's really easy and saves you a lot of money.  You can purchase willow from a store like Hobby Lobby, although when you can get it for free, why not right!  I saw somebody make a willow star once and I've always wanted to make one.  All I had to do was break off the willow branches to equal sizes, tie the pieces together and then ta-da!  You could probably use any type of wire, string, leather that you want to.  I used raffia and wrapped the pieces around each point and then where the willow pieces connected.  I think it would be fun to spray paint some of these at some point and make different colored ones, or make one filled in with smaller willow branches.  Maybe next time I will do just that.  This can be used to decorate on any wall or anywhere in your house.  IMG_1816IMG_1819IMG_1817IMG_1821






IMG_1824Next time, Ill have something a little more, but as for now, happy crafting!!! 

Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


Believe it or not I have finished my bathroom makeover.  A few months ago I started my bathroom makeover by painting my cabinets to then get busy with other stuff not allowing me the time to complete the whole project!  Over the past two weeks I have been working on the bathroom and am pretty proud of myself and the finished product!  I am so excited to show you!!! My bathroom originally had carpet it in (I personally hated it), so I ripped out all the carpet and replaced the flooring with floating laminate planks.  The flooring was from Home Depot and was called Country Pine.  I also replaced all of the trim with rough out wood and stained it with  a mixture of two colors, Provincial and Weathered Oak!  The flooring was kind of a pain in the rear until I figured out how to cut, measure and lay the pieces.  One thing I suggest if you are replacing the floor in the bathroom is to take the toilet out and lay flooring up to the toilet (just looks better).  Although I found out that putting the toilet back in would really be a two person job instead of a one person job.  Thanks to my second who came over to help me out, which I was SOOO thankful!  I am pretty sure I don't like having my head next to the toilet for ANY reason!


I love creating things and being able to have different stuff in my house.  Here are a few things that I re-created from just your common bathroom necessities.



This was the front part of an old chair that broke.  I sawed off the two legs and then found this industrial clamp piece and had a great idea to make it a toilet paper holder!














If you ever go to Hobby Lobby check out the isle with all of the knobs! They have the most unique knobs/handles for any type of project. I picked up this rustic industrial piece there half off and decided to skew it onto the side of the wall for a hand towel rack.







I found these two old heavy duty wire baskets at an outdoor sale that a guy down the road has every summer!  They were $5 each and they make for great storage.  I am using them for towels as of right now. 




If you are looking to add small things that pop out in your bathroom, find little old baskets or buckets for things such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and hairbrushes, ect. 


I used this wood box I found for free somewhere mainly just for decor and put a mason jar with flowers in it.  In the background I have an old window with the glass broke out that my mom gave me and hung flowers in it. 


DSC_2722I stole this idea from Pinterest.  I loved the idea of having barn wood shutters in my bathroom, so I made some and I am so in love with them!







If you remember from my post a while back, these are the cabinets I painted with Chalk paint.  I love the color in the bathroom with all the different colors of wood in there!  This teal color really pops!!! 



If you were to ask me what my favorite thing in there is, I would tell you my piece of barn wood over the bathtub!  I just grabbed an old piece of wood and literally sat it over the bath tub.  When taking a bath I can set my lantern with my candle on there, put my book or a cup of hot tea or whatever on there without it getting wet! 


DSC_2720This old window was bought from the same guy who has the summer sale.  I bought it for $20 and used chalkboard paint to paint the glass so that I could write whatever I wanted on this!  I love looking at this on the wall, but also love being able to see it constantly even if you are looking the mirror. 





Last, here is the piece that I was working on with my post on all the items I would be using.  I decided I needed a towel rack holder.  I branded the wood (which was from the chair also).  I tacked this branded piece of wood onto an old piece of barn wood which I barely stained and then used chain link clips and bolts to make the hangers!





Even this project took a little longer than I had thought, it was totally worth it!  I love being able to customize stuff to how I want it.  The best part is finding the little pieces to make it unique!  


Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 


(All pictures are property of Cooped Up Cowboys Wife)

Cooped Up Creations

Kirste and I have been busy cooking up some stuff to feature at our booth at Alley Arts & Collectibles.  We've been having so much fun with this little venture and we thought we could share it with our readers. We will start using our "Barnwood & Chicken Wire" page to feature some of the items that are for sale in our booth.  Most of these items are small so they will be able to be shipped easily if you'd like to purchase from us but don't live close.  Many of our pieces can be customized as well or if you're looking for a certain piece of furniture just let us know and we will be on the lookout to find it for you! If you're interested in any of these pieces just email us or write us in the comment section of this post! The prices listed do not include shipping.


Barnwood bullrider hook- $18.00

IMG_1393.JPG (3)

"Cowgirls and Barbwire" sign

IMG_1387.JPG (2)

"Dream Big" sign- $25.00

IMG_1388.JPG (3)

Chalk board frame- $18.00


Bronc jewelry/keepsake box- $25.00

IMG_1389.JPG (3)

Small wood arrow- $15.00


Chalkboard Window- $35.00


Barnwood Welcome Sign- $20.00


Cripple Creek fringed leather vest (new)- $50.00


"Cowboy to the Core" barnwood sign-$15.00


Stand up arrow-$25.00

Cowboy Christmas in Vegas this last week inspired some new ideas for me, so stay tuned because there will be some fun stuff to come.

Have a great weekend!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Fixing a mess up!

Is it just me or do you ever get in a re-do mode and want to paint, or stain something  just to spruce it up?  Well, I had just finished sanding and staining a wood door in our entry room and loved how it turned out and figured, "hey I can do that on my pantry doors too".  But this was just the start of the problem I was about to incur.  Not every door in our house is real wood, so I figured these two doors that are actual wood would kind of spruce up the look in my kitchen and entry way.  Not sure what I was thinking after I started sanding my kitchen pantry doors, to realize, they were not real wood!  BUMMER!!!   I so wish I had a picture of the doors after I sanded them, then tried staining them, then painted them!  Oh my, it was horrible.  I had to take them off and put them in the basement they looked so bad!  So, finally when I had more time to put into them I decided I was going to just paint them and finish them a whole different way!

I started painting both doors with flat wall/trim paint from Premium Royal. This color is called secret garden and its kind of an antique teal! I painted my whole fireplace in it at one point (not sure my husband still loves it…)!  


Then I took a flat enamel from Clark & Kensington Paint + Primer in one called whisper white, kind of a creamy off white color and flat brushed over the other color.  I usually get all our paint from our local ace because everyone in there knows you and is so friendly.  I love when they ask me what project I'm working on next and can offer me suggestions on things to do or help with finding the right products/tools and supplies. 


 After flat brushing the whisper white, I took Annie Sloan brown wax with a old dish rag and started waxing the doors!  There is so many different techniques to using Annie Sloan paints.  You can find tutorials on youtube or you can check out classes at a local store near you! Here is the beginning of brown waxing on the door to the right.


After perfecting how I wanted the depth of the waxing to look, they just need knobs to put on!  Hobby Lobby has all the awesome knobs!   Make sure you check your coupons because they usually have things marked off and knobs that I have always got have been marked down 50 % off!  What a great deal!









I love the look of my antique shabby sheek doors for my pantry!  


 Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife


Bathroom Makeover: Part 1!

So we officially became home owners for our first house in January of 2012, in which every inch of the house was white walls and everything oak!  Not saying there is anything wrong with oak or white, but we had excessive of both and that was not for me! DSC_2557 So, being the creative type that I am, I have slowly started to re-design things the way I like them.  Now these are all simple things that really anyone could do to spice up different things in your house whether it is on a piece of furniture, walls ect.

So, having had carpet in the bathroom (which I'm sorry, totally grosses me out) we bought new flooring and my husband said that I needed to paint the cabinets first, because let's just be honest I am kind of a lazy/sloppy painter sometimes and rely on using Hot Shot (an awesome carpet/upholstery stain remover for ANYTHING kids spill + paint), then I do actually covering and taping up everything!  So, with that agreement, the project began!

I will say that I love mixing paint colors to find the color I like and using different paint textures to find the desired look.  But, an all time favorite of mine is the look of milk paint and chalk paint!  Let me tell you a little about chalk paint… It's amazing!!! To use this paint rarely requires any preparation as far as sanding what your painting or priming!  I have used this on different surfaces some of which are wood, metal, and plastic!  Also, I know people use it on walls, ceilings and floors very easily too!  Who knew there could be a paint, that you could use for just about anything, and so accessible to many people!


There is a variety of colors of Chalk Paint to choose from in which you can also mix those colors together to make something of your own desired look.

Check it out, here is what I did!

Step #1. Painted the color Provence from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint first, then after a few hours painted the second coat! (you can choose to do one or two coats depending on what your painting) I just used a wide paint brush mainly and then a narrow tip for the edges of the cabinets.









Step #2. You can use cheesecloth, yeah I had no idea what that was…(my mother said it's found in the cooking isle at Walmart) or you can use an old washrag and coat all over where you painted the solid color with the Annie Sloan Clear Wax.   (PICTURE HELP THANKS TO TRAYCER!… HE WANTED TO HELP HOLD ALL THE MATERIALS)









Step #3. Do the same as before but with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. You can experiment with the desired amount and thickness you want deepening on how distressed you'd like your piece to look! Another great tip from my momma… Use Mineral Spirit, NOT Mineral Oil… and mix it in with your brown wax to make it a yogurt texture and it will go on easier and not clump up as much!



Step #4. Enjoyed the look of my new distressed cabinets, next step….flooring!!! will post pictures when the bathroom is fully done!!! 


The store that I bought Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was from Eastham Interiors in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I had heard somewhere in Ft. Collins sold chalk paint, so I did some research and saw Eastham Interiors!  As I read on their website their goal was "to help you make your home the one you always envisioned – and on a budget that doesn’t keep you up at night", I knew this would be a great place for me to go!  I love the integrity of people helping you stick with your budget while being able to create your desired/dream look for something!  From the moment I walked in, I was AMAZED at the level of creativity in which the store was designed and the pieces of furniture in it.  The gentleman who was in the store offered immediate assistance in helping me find what I would need and even offered suggestions!  The prices were great for what I needed and they also have some GORGEOUS pieces in there to check out already finished!  I know I will be going back there because of the beauty and heart behind the store's motto!  Also, when someone personally invites my child and I back in the store to help with anything I need, I'm there! 

Here is their webpage!  http://easthaminteriors.com/home or check out their blog @ http://easthaminteriors.com/eastham-interiors-blog

3710 Mitchell Dr. Suite 100 Fort Collins CO 80525

Or to find a store near you, you can visit! 


~CoopedUpCowboysWife Kirste


Slap Some Paint on It

We have a log home, all though it's beautiful and I really love it, the one thing it lacks is some color on the outside. It's just brown...not my favorite! So since we haven't quite got landscaping done (beside my super awesome flower tubs!) I decided to add some color of my own. My mom had picked up this wood bench at a garage sale and gifted it to me to use wherever I'd like. It was just a plain Jane, natural wood bench. So I spiced it up a bit with my favorite color, turquoise, and painted our cattle company name and brand on it. It makes me happy when I see it as I pull up to my brown house and get out of my white car.

Life's too short to live in neutral colors right?

Next on my list...paint that ugly old chair!



From Cows to Flowers

So with ranching and raising cattle, one of the ways we keep our cattle looking and feeling good is to supplement their diet with mineral and protein.  This is especially important when they are grazing pastures that may vary in grass content.  Even though our pastures are in pretty good shape we still like to supplement our cows because it's shown to help with fertility rates, as well as maintaining good body condition. With all of that said, we have lots of tubs laying around that the mineral and protein licks come in.

They look like this:


They're pretty boring, right?  Well, hubby and I had debated on what to do with all of these guys.  We thought about just chucking them in the trash, but that seemed like such a waste.  We do reuse the tubs that aren't cracked for water tubs in temporary pens.  But what should we do with the tubs that do have cracks.?

Well, here was my solution:


It was really easy and actually kind of fun.  I'm used to playing with acrylic paints, so when I got to whip out the spray paint, I got kind of excited!

Here's how I did it:

First, I washed and scrubbed the tubs.  They were surprisingly clean, so this took no time at all.

Second, I spray painted the tubs a dark brown.  I did this since the tubs were originally bright red and I didn't want it to show through when I used the silver.  I used one coat of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Satin Espresso.


Next, I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum's Universal Hammered Paint in Silver.  This only took one coat as well.


Last, I took a star stencil and used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Gloss Seaside.

IMG_2663I really enjoyed this quick and easy project.  It brought such a great touch to our landscaping.  I plan on painting a few more using the hammered paint in Copper as well.  I think these will be great in the backyard to store Sheridan's toys as well as a great place to coil up hoses.  Now I just have to wait on my mums to bloom!

Barstool makeover

  Before: We had this bar stool that my parents gave me in college from Murdochs Farm and Ranch Store with a cow on it that material had ripped from & it just needed a new look! (It had been shoved in the basement for the time-being)













-I used a can of Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Enamel in a brown. This can go over wood or metal!



-Piece of Burlap (whatever color you like)

-Dritz Home Decorative Upholstery Nails 7/16" 24 count rustic brown color


-First I stripped off all the old material on the bar stool ( I didn't remove staples b/c that was a pain, so you can leave them on or off as long as there is room to put more on there with your new upholstery)

-Spray paint the metal. I put tinfoil around the knobs at the bottom of the stool so they wouldn't get sprayed brown, tinfoil doesn't allow any paint to soak through (learned that from Pinterest!) I had to do two coats to get the desired color I was looking for! Tip: depending on the look of what you want, use glossy for a newer look and flat paint for a more rustic older look. I used flat!

-Measure out a square piece of burlap that can cover the whole top of the stool leaving enough to being able to staple down. I folded over edges of the burlap to make it have a roughed out look and then stapled several times to ensure it didn't come loose.

-Placed the upholstery nails around the outside of the stool. I was going to put them on the top of the stool then decided not to b/c that may have been uncomfortable!

Refinished stool: