Jesus is the reason for the season!

Jesus is the reason for the season”. How many times have you heard this saying especially around this time of year? I honestly have heard it a lot! I'm not saying that it's wrong to state, but what I am questioning is why we say this only during this time of year? As a lot of people have different reasons for using this phrase I have come to the realization that this shouldn't be just a one season saying. God wants us to have Jesus as the reason for the season throughout the whole year. Although the world we live in tends to distract us and keep us focused on other things, we need to stay focused on Jesus. Our focus and faith should be in Jesus. He wants us to have Him through every season, every trial and tribulation. He wants to be our joy, our light in the darkness and our “one and only hope”. We all can tend to get so busy around different times of the year, especially in the winter months, but lets learn to prioritize what's important and what God is calling us to. Here are some things that can help us do just that! *Make Him your first priority.

There's always things that need to be done. If you are putting those other things first and giving them too much focus you will discover that they are endless tasks. With putting Jesus first everything else will line up. He wants you to have Him in the forefront of your awareness and to live close to Him.

*Keep your word/promises and stay integrable.

What does this look like to you. Do you often tell your children that you are going to do something, then you don't do it? Are you late all the time when you're needed to be somewhere? Take the time for the things you have given your word to. Even if it's taking your kids to the park or taking time out of your schedule to sit down and play a game with them then do it.

*Share with others what God has blessed you with.

God has given you everything you have. Whether this is your finances or things given to you by others it was still provided by God. Be obedient in sharing whatever that my be. This includes your time, finances, gifts, and your talents.

*Those little sayings... please and thank you! Let's be honest these can you take you a long way by just simply using them.

*Tell the people you love that you love them. Love the people that you come in contact with. This may be your own family members or strangers. Jesus loves all! Use that love that He brings to love other people too!

Have a happy and healthy blessed season!

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Learning to Discipline

Do you ever ask the question, "what is age appropriate discipline for your child?" I know I have questioned that numerous times through different stages of my son, Traycen's life. From the little things that seemed so big at a moment in time, my trust in God and how He is teaching CW and I to discipline our child grows us as role models and teachers to our child. Although, if you ask different parents, I'm sure you could agree that each and every one of them would have different parenting tools to tell you to try. But personally, I feel like if you lean on God with each and every little thing that you go through, He will guide you in the divine discipline that is needed and purposed for each and every child. I once heard that one of the most powerful ways to love your kids was to discipline them...what? Hebrews 12: 4-11 talks about this as it says, "For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes those He accepts as His children."

Just the other day we had to discipline Traycen. I feel like when we have to do this for a more "serious" thing (I can count on one hand) that it turns into a love/hate relationship of discipline. This is what happened, we were at the gym, because we're pretty much there every night right now training for jiu jitsu. As Traycen and I walked over to the table to sit down and eat our supper, Traycen noticeably slid the stack of magazines on the table. In wonder of why he had done that for, I moved the magazines and saw a hole in the table! I asked Traycen what it was and at first he told me, "well, someone broke the table." My thoughts were, "well of coarse I see that, but what happened?" Traycen ended up telling me, very shamefully, that they were playing and he did a summersault and after he rolled, his foot flung out and crashed into the table. He then proceeded to tell me that he was sorry and that the owners of the gym already knew. I knew right away that the owners didn't know because they would have came to CW or myself and told us that something happened. Anyways, I was not upset that the table was broke, even though that stinks. I was more upset at the fact that this had happened the week before and Traycer had not even said anything about it. The question had been flying  around of who had broke the table this long and it was my kid! 

Instead of getting mad I showed him that I was more hurt by the fact that he was scared to come to one of us and tell CW or myself in the first place. Let's be honest and say that most parents first reaction could be to get mad, but really what is that going to do.  He already knew that he did wrong by not telling us in the first place and was embarrased, so we didn't need to continue to shame him. Traycen apologized to the owners of the gym and asked them what he needed to do in turn for fixing the table. They decided on having him help clean windows around the gym and pay $2 for the table. This morning I found Traycen in the closet dumping out his piggy bank to find the $2 he was going to pay for the table. Even though we wish he would have come to us first, he took the blow and told the truth and then was making an effort to do what was asked of him.

So long story short, I feel like by teaching our children Godly submission they will learn to obey . Ephesians 6: 1-2 says,  "children, obey your parents in the Lord, for it is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise." When we do this we are teaching our children to do the right thing for the right reason. Although, sometimes it ends up being that he has to do it because we said it, I want him to learn to obey us and trust in us because we are trusting in God. When we build this Godly submission in our kids, then they are more likely to decide what is right and wrong and honor us and God even when we are not around! God has given us the authority and responibility to raise our kids, therefore let's trust in Him.

Hope you all have an amazing day! 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


How To Dress Your Bed

Does anyone other than me have the obsession of changing things up in their home? I have inherited my mothers creativeness to "change things up" every once in a while. Although I can say that it is not my husbands favorite characteristic that I have (he still loves me). I totally get it though! Coming home from a late night at work, going to sit down on your couch and ending up on the floor is not the greatest way to welcome your husband home for the night! I can attest to some silly stories like that in my household because of my need and want to move things around! But, I have changed...or so I like to think. I have been trying really hard to not completely rearrange my house. To any person who doesn't have this struggle, your probably thinking "seriously?" But, truly it's a mind boggling thing when you feel like you need to change things up always. In order to keep a happy hubby, I have taken the initiative to not always "move things around", but to just change things in the atmosphere of a room. For example this would be changing pictures on the wall, decorative art, painting a bedside stand different color, ect. One of my most recent changes has been our beds in our house! I guess you could say I like the feel of something different every once and a while, so this change up was easy enough. As Candace said in her last blog post that fall in Colorado is at hand and cooler weather is coming in, this means we needed to put away the summer things and pull out the warmer items. There is nothing more inviting than a warm place in my house when I am cold! A good fire (yes we have a wood burning fireplace at this house), and a blanket is always nice. But, I'm talking about that warm place when you go to bed! I have to be warm in my bed, without having to bundle myself up. For myself I don't like the chaos of having your pants get all twisted up as your sleeping, it's a personal problem. I have found that dressing up your bed for fall/winter in Colorado is definitely a necessity, at least in this house! I love the feel of soft cool sheets in the summer time, but in the winter it has got to change! Take a look at our change ups and how we dressed up this bed!

  1. Sheets! I used to not ever like flannel sheets, but in the past couple of years I have fallen in love with them. They are the perfect start to any bed in the cold months of Colorado. You can find flannel sheets at about any store! I don't remember where I found these, but I decided on a paisley floral look. They are definitely priced well and they last for a while since your using them seasonally.image
  2. A good down comforter for that extra fluff! I like the feeling of the fluff over me and down comforters you can find in about any color at any home goods store.image
  3. Pendelton, my favorite! Although Pendleton blankets are expensive, they are totally worth the cost! These blankets are made out of wool and look great on any bed! This Pendleton was given to me by my mother! I love it because I can choose either side I want to display and it's an easy change up. Check out several different blankets, throws,  and bedding @
  4. Pillows! Who loves pillows? I definitely love a good pillow to sleep on and even more the ones that dress up your bed. Although, I don't like too many pillows. At our house it's about simplicity! If you have ever heard that saying K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) that applies here. Personally I like the look of having pillows but when it comes to undressing your bed and then dressing it back up the next day, you want to keep it complex. We have a new store near us called "At Home" where I found these burlap pillows which were great prices. If you already have pillows and just want to change them up, you can buy pillow covers which are always easy and affordable. Check out Hobby Lobby for those!image

Send us pictures of how you dress up your bed! We would love to hear from you! I hope everyone has a super day and remember to be blessed in all you do! You have favor where you go!


Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Letting the Lion Roar

imageWe all know parenthood comes along with the trials of raising children and helping them grow up to be the strong little warriors God intends them to be! Although, I will admit I personally love getting to spoil my child by taking him to the park or getting him that "special something" he saw at the store, playing pirate ship or just spending quality time with him. But, my most favorite is when I get to see him sing, dance and worship Jesus Christ. Our kids have Jesus forefront in their relationship.  They have not been "corrupted" from the cares of the world (to say the least).  They trust in us as parents and they trust in Jesus because they know no different. Sunday evening we decided to go try something new and attend a service that was called "Let The Lion Roar." This service was featured around "Sukkot," the Feast of Tabernacles. There was to be praise, worship, dancing and teaching. So we knew somewhat of what would be presented at this festivity. Now some of you right now may be questioning what the Feast of Tabernacles is, so I will kind of fill you in.

The Feast of Tabernacles is an eight day festival that begins at sundown on the first day of the feast.  In Romans 11:17 it states, "And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree." This means that we are grafted in and share our rich heritage and roots of this celebration. Anyways if you'd like more in depth teaching look up the book "A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays" by Robin Sampson and Linda Pierce.

At this celebration we didn't know what it would look like but we are open enough people to go and experience God in any way, shape and form. We got there a little late and sat in on the teaching. During the teaching the Israeli celebration dancers would get up and dance during the service, leaving opportunity at the end for everyone to participate.  I asked Traycen if he wanted to participate and he jumped right in.  I love when kids just go for it. We literally danced and praised Jesus for a long time. Traycen had such a blast and the joy on his face was so contagious. At one point I was tired of dancing and being on my feet but my little boy wanted to stay and worship the King and so we did so. This was such a memorable worship for our family as we stepped into something new and experienced the joy of God in an entirely different way. I encourage you to step out into the newness of what Gods calling you to do. Be with your little ones and just praise the Lord. I know I probably looked like a goof "trying" to dance how the Israeli dancers were guiding us, but it was all for the Glory of God and so it didn't matter. When you are obedient and just let God shine through you, it doesn't matter. Hope you enjoy some of these pictures!




Till next time ,

XoXo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

A Child's Faith

As I was talking with my husband this morning and talking about raising up children in the faith, CW said probably the most important thing to him for our son (children some day) would be to worship as a family. He said that going to church as a family is important because you are setting the standard of importance of your relationship with Christ, being with family and fellowshipping together in unity with the body. Through different researching of this subject it is commonly stated that there is a larger percentage off kids who will attend church and continue on in their faith regularly if both parents are involved in a relationship with Christ and attending a church. As being the head of our household there is an importance of the dad leading his family through his walk with God and helping to assist his wife and children in guiding them in their walk with Christ. CW says that "as the head goes the body will follow". How true is this? When you think about it in the physical and you look somewhere you are going to turn in that direction. This is the same in the spiritual. Where my husband is going, I am going to more than likely follow (unless I'm being stubborn, which let's be honest runs in my family). This applies to our son too. Where my husband and I go, what we do and how we walk out our relationship with Christ, our son is going to mimic that also. I think about the way my husband worships God. When he's driving in the car and gets to listen to worship music, he's all out. So, guess what... my little man does the same thing. It's a natural habit for us to follow what our father does. This is also the same as we should be keeping our focal point on Jesus and following where our Daddy is leading us to. I get so excited when I get to see my child do something that he may have seen my husband or I do at some point. For example I love getting to bless people with things (I need to do a better job at receiving on the other end), but our little man sees us do that and he wants to do the same. We don't even have to tell him to give someone something. Traycen just wants to give out from his heart for that specific person. A few weeks ago my other Cooped Up Mama was at our house getting ready to leave when Traycen finds his little cowboy hat from when he was a baby. He asks me if he can go give the cowboy hat to Miss Odessa Rose. I told him of coarse and then he brings it to Candace to give to Odessa. Candace then looks at me and asks if that's okay with me and I said yes. To me, its a material posession. Yes, that may or may not have been Traycens first little cowboy hat, I honestly don't remember. But that's not important to me. What is more important to me is that Traycen wanted to give that hat to Odessa. He wanted to pour out of his heart and give something to someone else. At our house we want our kids to know that if God tells them to give something, then give it. I know some people may be thinking,"but what if it's brand new or it held super high importance of something... !"I've asked myself before too. The thing is, that if God tells your kids to give it, then trust that they are hearing from God to be obedient in what God told them to give. God telling them to give that special something is your kids stepping out into faith of what God has said to do. God will even honor them for giving it as they honor God. God is so cool like that. What better of an age to start to form your kids hearts. Let them take control in what God is telling them to do and how God is telling them to do it. We need to be empowering our children as they hear the Lord speak and not just "controlling" what we think they should or shouldn't give. My theory has always been that God gave it to us in the first place whether we bought it or not. He holds the provisions for all of our things. If the time is up in one day, two weeks or a year, then we need to be obedient in what He is telling us to do with it. If we need that certain "thing" at another point, He will be the one providing the provision for it again. 

I pray that you would seek God in all things this week! I pray that God would show you how to help lead your little ones in everything that they do. I encourage you to start to ask them to have God show them who it is that they can give something to. Ask them to pray about it and then give that person the thing they feel like they need! Our little ones hear from the Holy Spirit so empower them to do it! 

Here's some photos of my hubby and my little man! 




Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife 


A bittersweet goodbye

Good afternoon!!! I hope everyone is having a super great start to the week. I am enjoying the cooler weather here in Colorado and getting pretty excited for fall to start! With it being the weekend that it just was (Rosh Hashanah) I felt like I wanted to write to you guys and share about our recent bittersweet goodbye. Some of you know that we had been preparing to move as we sold our house in six days when we first listed it. After packing, getting rid of stuff and getting ready to move there was a lot of stress. We knew we were suppose to sell our house and that it was the right season for us to move into the newness that God was creating for us. Although, we had not found a place to live yet. Being human and allowing some of my "Kirste" thinking to get in the way I started to get kind of nervous. But, God has never failed us, so why would He now. Faith isn't faith unless your test it out right? With one week left before we had to be out of our house, we found a a place to go and moved in three days!  As we pass our old house every Tuesday and Thursday as we drive to pre-school Traycen reminds me that's where our "old" house was. As he says that it makes me realize the old that is there at that house. I feel like in each season that we are living we have things we wish we could change or go back on or even maybe memories that we love and wish we were still in that particular moment. There is memories from that house that I will never forget that were good and bad, but those memories are only memories, not where we are headed next. I feel like there is importance in acknowledging certain memories so that you can grow from them. There may be some that are of laughter and some that are from pain and tears, but with them all take where you have been and look into where  God is leading you next. Our eyes should be focused on what He has for us always.

God is faithful in all things! Although this move didn't really look like how I would have chosen it to look like, it all worked out and now we are in an "in between" house twenty minutes closer to town. During this time we are just relaxing and really seeking God for where He is calling us to go next. Our eyes are open to discover the goodness that He continues to show us. I have been listening to Kristene Dimarco's new cd "Mighty" lately. If you haven't listened to it I highly recommend that you download it! It's not only amazing, but for the season that a lot of people are in it's just that! Every song that I listen to speaks to me so much in the season that I am in. Throughout this whole cd are songs that are so fitting in my life right now. For example she speaks of how we trust Him, through it all we keep our eyes on the Lord, and that He is our only answer and our only strength. Whatever it is that you are in , know that God holds you in the palm of His hand and is walking with you through each and every one of your situations. We are to trust him through it all. He is the ultimate one!

I pray right now that during this time you evaluate where you are with God. We stand before God and open up our hearts to allow God to begin a new work in us. He's taking out the old and bringing in the new. I pray that as you walk in the newness that you would begin to see His goodness in all things and that you would exalt Him through the old and the new, the good and the bad. I pray that you wouldn't ever feel alone. God is always right there walking with you, covering you and wanting to love on you, so let Him.

From a kind gentleman I met today, "it's okay to not be okay." We all feel like we sometimes have to have it all together and let's be honest we don't, or at least I know that I don't. Jesus is saying just come sit with me, let me take care of you and take care of your needs. I am your everything so just trust in me!

Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife




Glorifying Him

Hey everyone!I hope your summer is going as well as mine is. It has literally flown by for us at the Wegele house. We listed our house on the market and sold it within 6 days. As for right now we are standing in faith to where God is bringing us next and it's exciting and nervous at the same time. But, I am choosing to trust in God and the provision that He has for my family and I. I can truly say that I am super excited for the new season that God is taking us into. Anyways this last week our worship team got to go on a trip to Long Beach, California for the Jesus Culture Experience Conference. We all arrived and were ready to receive all that God had for us. With amazing speakers, worship and Gods miracle healing hand, we definitely can say we experienced God in so many new and wonderful ways.

One thing that really stuck out to me was the atmosphere of this conference and the love of God that He was pouring out on people. After one of the ministry/worship sessions the speaker prayed and asked that we all would just lift up a shout of praise to the Lord. As people began lifting their hands praising God and just yearning for Him something took place that was so amazing. As the speaker left the stage people continued to just worship God in awe of Him and what He was doing. About five minutes passed by and the speaker came back out to close the service. Although he was not able to close the service because the power and presence of God was so huge in that room. He left the stage and we all continued to worship. Even if you started to think you were done worshipping and praising the Lord, you would hear someone shout and scream for Jesus and you couldn't help but just lift your arms to continually praise Him. To our amazement we all stood there worshipping God, singing praises to Him and lifting our voices and our hands to the Holy one for fifteen minutes.

Wow! That is the only word I can say to explain that moment. Candace and I had been talking about it and how she had just recently gone to a country concert. The people would scream and yell and jump up and down for the country artist in awe of that singer and the joy that he brought them. Candace had stated how sad she felt to see that. He is just a man. How can we stand and scream for someone we idol but some of us can't even stand up and shout out for the name of Jesus! That day at the conference we all stood there as ONE unity in the body of Christ standing, shouting and yearning for Jesus and no one was even up there speaking, or playing music. This is such a pure example of the love and power of Jesus Christ.

I hope this brings some perspective to you today on how BIG our God is and all that He can do. He is so worthy to be praised by us not just on a church day, but EVERYDAY!

Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Summer Eating

Good afternoon! We are super busy this week as we are preparing our house for our initial closing date, which is coming up very quickly (another story for a different day). I don't know about any of you but in the summer time here in Colorado I like eating light. What I mean by this is that at our house we eat a lot of fresh fruits, and vegetables because it's hot outside. One of our favorite things in the mornings as I mentioned a few weeks ago were smoothies. Another favorite is salads. I once heard eat like a King for breakfast, Queen for lunch and a Pheasant for supper. That makes sense to me by eating less at night because it's easier for your body to digest anyways. Here are two simple salad recipes that are light and delicious for lunch or supper! Also they are both very easy to make and take to serve several people at any occasion. Check them out! **Craisin/ Nut Salad



- Spinach or you can use whatever lettuce you like best or do a mixture!

-1/2 Cup of craisins

-1/2 Cup of sliced almonds

-1/2 Cupe of crushed walnuts

-shredded Mozzarella cheese

-your favorite croutons (we like texas toast kind!)

-raspberry vinaigrette or fuji apple dressing (both Panera brand which I love and you can buy them at about any store). It looks like they have a whole bunch that I may have to try out!






**Easy Taco Salad



-1 lb of ground beef -2 cups chopped yellow, red, or green bell pepper  -2 cups bottled salsa -1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro -4 cups coarsely chopped romaine lettuce -2 cups chopped plum tomato -1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheese -1 cup crumbled baked tortilla chips  -1/4 cup chopped green onions

*Avocados! Add them to anything and everything and they always make it taste great!

Cook the ground beef and bell pepper in a large skillet over medium-high heat until beef is browned; stir to crumble. Add salsa; bring to a boil. Stir in cilantro; keep warm.

Place 1 cup lettuce on each of 4 plates; top with 1 cup meat mixture. Sprinkle each serving with 1/2 cup tomato, 1/4 cup cheese, 1/4 cup chips, and 1 tablespoon onions.

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Impromptu Camping

Do you ever just feel like getting away? Personally I feel that there are more than enough times that I would like to just "get away". Living where we live on a larger acreage, there is always something to get done! So, while I would like to think we could just relax at the house, sometimes that definitely doesn't happen. Especially with listing our house and keeping it super super tidy, it just hasn't seemed fully possible. A week and a half ago CW called me and said he'd be getting off work early. I asked him if I got everything all packed up if we could go camping and he said yes! I pulled everything out and quickly went through what we'd need for just one night of camping. We stopped at the store to get food and our fishing license and then we were on our way. The best thing about the summer time here in Colorado is that the sun doesn't set until about 9. With that being said, CW and I took our time driving up to Red Feathers and looked around for the perfect spot. After questioning my impromptu camping trip because of the 4th of July weekend and it being busy, we found our camping spot! Most people make reservations for camping but we have always been the campers who just go up expecting to find something more set back from other people. You could definitely say that I am an introvert when it comes to camping! This requires a little more driving around and searching out, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

My favorite thing about camping is exploring and the cooking. We were able to cook campfire meals, breakfast being the best! Of coarse for the little man we toasted up some smores which he was thrilled about. This time he actually ate the toasted marshmallow instead of just letting it get burned (although burnt marshmallows are the best way to eat them). 



 A couple years back some amazing friends gave us their camping gear which included a huge 3 tier tent! I think this tent set all together sleeps about 12 people. We decided to set up two of the tents because Traycen wanted to sleep in how own tent. By my surprise, he didn't end up sleeping in his own tent but instead squished in between CW and I in our tent! Sometimes I forget that he is only four!














Like I said one of my favorite things about camping is exploring, which this trip we didn't get to do much of, but the boys did get to go fishing. I do like fishing to an extent… when I catch something pretty fast. I guess you could say I'm not a good fisher because I don't like waiting. Although I do love helping my little man fish. He was the first one to catch a fish on this trip and he will tell you all about it if you ask him.











We look forward to our next camping trip this summer! Maybe a little more planned, but hey we're just  "go with the flow" type of people! Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife


Cowboys Wife Wisdom

imageThe cowboys wife wisdom today is for those days that you cuss really loud because you messed up on something that's going to cost you. Okay, I admit it! A four letter word came out of my mouth very loudly at the fuel station in Eaton, Colorado this week! A friend had literally just dropped me off at the auto shop to pick up my truck after spending money to fix part of the axle that was leaking. Little did I know that in no more than 15 minutes would I be back at the shop. While talking to my amazing hubby on the phone, I realized I was fueling my diesel pickup with gasoline. Not only did I put a little in, but 11 gallons! After being towed back to the shop by my mechanic, then emptying my fuel tank and neutralizing it I was reminded of how easily we can screw things up sometimes! Why would I do that? I have never even remotely reached for the gasoline pump while going to fuel my diesel truck, but this time I did. Through calling one of my best friends to look for some sympathy I realized that although this particular incident may not have happened to you, you probably have experienced some other screwup before. Thank goodness for the grace my husband gives me in ALL (LITERALLY ALL THINGS)! I tend to be really hard on myself when I do silly things like this, but I can either stay mad or move on. Although I wasn't intending to pay the mechanic extra money that day, I did! Thank you God for the provision and grace for our screw ups! While waiting for the truck to be finished I took a coupon from the shop and went and got my little man ice cream. We sat next to a gentleman who was so kind to us. I love being anywhere and getting to be conversational with just about anyone. This man had to be about 80 some years old and was just a hoot! After asking me how old my son was about 10 times, where I lived about every other sentence and what I did for a living I realized just how amazing God is. Like I said, I didn't intend to donate more money to the auto place that day. But, while in the midst of waiting I got to meet with a very special gentleman. While most people probably would have moved seats or continued on with their dining, ignoring the old man, we didn't. I know that we made that mans day. It didn't bother me that he asked me the same question every few minutes. It was a reminder to me how much God loves us. How God will take anything and turn it to good just because He loves us and wants a relationship with us. So, at the end of the day embrace everything that comes at you, whether that's you messing it up or someone else. God can always take a mess and turn it for good!  Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

A Reminder of Love

Good morning everyone!   Today is an early morning for us here on the prairie. The hubs, CW, has to get up a little earlier lately so that he can get all his work done for his new job.  We set the alarms (his phone, my phone and the alarm clock) hoping that one of them will stay on long enough to get us up and out of bed.  Lately, we have been so tired with preparing to sell our house, so getting up earlier than expected is honestly quite the challenge considering we do like our sleep!  Anyways, once we get up I go make the hubs some spark and get all his vitamins ready for him.  Then I pack his lunch and help set him up to leave the house easily.   I really don't mind doing these things. I look at them as just showing him how much I love him. This means I am able to get up early with him, spend a little time and then send him off for the day because he is the bread winner at our house!  To say the least it's not that hard to do these small things for him so that he can go to work to provide for Traycen and I.  I love him and helping him out whenever I can. With that being said, I have a question for you.  Do you ever need a reminder of love?  I truly believe we all need a  reminder of love whether it is from your spouse, mom or dad, friend or child, we all need that reminder at some point. This can be daily or weekly or however much you need it.  One thing I have learned lately is to share with the people I love just how much I love them!  For example, I know that I tell my husband and my son that I love them every day, numerous times a  day when I see them.  But, do we go beyond that just telling them we love them?  I guess you could say that the hubs and I have been rekindling a fire between us and showing and sharing with each other just how much we love each other.  This is anything from a handwritten note in his lunch, going out of my way to do something for him or even most recent, sticky noting throughout the house just how much I love him.  I love doing these things.  It initially started with the book called "Love Dare."  679599If you haven't heard of it, it's amazing!  This book is a 40 day challenge that leads you through daily devotions where you will perform simple acts of love towards your spouse.  This book has been said to "help you reinforce and enrich your marriage, earn back a love you thought was lost, and hear more about the One who not only designed unconditional, sacrificial love- but He illustrated it."  Can you say, "wow!" 

For us, starting out our mornings reading this book has been amazing.  We get up, read daily and then have the task at hand of the "dare" for that day.  I honestly can say this has opened up even more communication for my husband and I and given us a way to more effectively explore how we are to love one another.  I think it is so easy for each person in a marriage to get complacent and to live "worldy" in their marriage.  Trust me I have had my share of hardship in my marriage and complete screw-ups (thanking Jesus for His grace), but God has a greater purpose for our marriages then this self-seeking, do what makes only YOU happy type of relationship. We are to value our spouses, love like Jesus loves, and respect and honor each other in every aspect of our relationships.  We have to choose to love on purpose and pursue our spouse daily. 


This has been a great reminder for CW and I . It has reminded us that our marriage is not about us as individuals, but it's about us as one.  God created us to be one flesh and to live and dwell with Him.  He wants us to be in a marriage covenant, not a marriage contract.  A marriage covenant is an agreement, a promise made with God for eternity.  This is a design for marriage of what God's intent is and not this world's.  By choosing to love like He loves and thrive on the conditions of what a Godly marriage is we can survive through our marriages.  I encourage you all to take a look at this book and test yourself.  Whether your spouse is on board for reading and taking the 40 day challenge or not, you can still do this.  Remember it's not about you and what you're doing.  It's about what God is doing in you for you and your spouse.  Look to Him in ALL things and allow Him to show you how to love like He loves. 

I was going through old cd's and came across this song.  Listen to it, because love is a not a fight but something worth fighting for.  So powerful!


Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 



Praying Through What I Don't Understand

Today, I just wanted to share a little bit about what's been going on in my life.  I believe it's good to share with our friends our struggles and our victories because the power of testimony is a great builder of faith. There's been a quite a few times in my life that I've asked the question, "God, why is this happening?"  I've been knocked down or I've experienced heartache from circumstances that bring me to my knees and I find myself crying out to God because I feel like He owes me explanation.  The last week has definitely been one of those times.  My husband has been having some trials in his health and it's so hard for me to see him suffer through this.  I selfishly took on all of the heartache of this for him because to him it was no big deal, but for me, for some reason it was.  I was stressed and I wanted answers and a solution ASAP!  Nevermind, all of the sermons and messages I've heard about trusting in God and believing Him to heal Kody.  I wanted him better because we needed him better!


But I got knocked off my high-horse, so to speak.  I had to take a step back and realize that this is an awesome opportunity to get close to God and realize that His ways are always higher than my ways.  He promises abundant life and He is always, always good!  I don't have to understand the reason things are the way they are, but I do need to understand that God is so good and Jesus came to earth so that we can experience God's perfect love in our lives.  One more thing, by Jesus's wounds we are healed.  I'm holding onto this promise and I am determined to trust God no matter the outcome because I know above all else that God is a good Daddy.  I will not let my feelings and emotions get in the way of me standing on the Word of God, I have to keep them in check. 

We are so blessed to have excellent teachers and pastors in the Word of God, we have friends that will always hold us up and support us and we have God who will not fail us. 

So that's where I'm at.  Yeah, life is not always fun, but my God promises to never leave me nor forsake me. 


That's all I need.  If the person reading this is going through something that keeps knocking you down,  just ask God to fill you with His love, His comfort and show you His promises.  Also, I think it's good to reach out to someone you know that will stand with you and show you in the Word what God is all about especially if you feel you don't know yourself.  Kirste and I hope to encourage you as well, and if there's anything we could pray for you on, we'd love to hear from you.

Trust God and much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace 


An Older Kid

Is it just me or do you feel like your kids sometimes act differently around older kids?  Do your kids start to then eat things they usually wouldn't eat, wear different clothes, talk differently and so on? I can truly say that we have had the privilege of our son getting to hang out with two older kids in particular that are amazing. These two kids have pretty much known my son Traycer since he was itty bitty and have always been around him. One of these kids even shares the same birthday with our son which makes their relationship even more special!  I have noticed that when Traycen is around either of these two kids that he starts to do some of the same things that they do. Although this could be controversial with some kids, but in this case, it's a good thing. These two young boys are gentlemen. They hold the doors for not only Traycen, but for woman, men and other kids too. I looked up the definition of a gentleman: A man who is courteous and honorable, and a man of independent means who does not engage in any occupation or profession for gain. Wow! This is exactly what these two boys are. They are respectful, integrable, honorable and are amazing friends. I recognize that Traycen looks up to them a lot. Traycen used to just do the things they did when he was around them, but now he does those things all the time. The influence of these two older boys has really played a huge role in the up bringing of my son. The way they treat Traycen, help out and guide him has made such an impact to him. Traycen always looks for these two whenever we go to church. Most recently we were at church when one of the boys complimented on how kind Traycen was being while Traycen was walking one of the younger kids down the hall. I stopped and looked at him and told him thank you and that was because he taught Traycen how to be kind like that. By example Traycen was doing the same thing as what those boys do with him. It's an amazing thing to watch your kids grow up and be able to look up to other kids like that. It has been such a blessing to my family for my son to have these older kids that he can look up to and look at what they are doing and have them feed into him. He truly is becoming an independent, handsome, respectful little boy and as much as it's hard to see him grow up so fast, it really does amaze me at who he is becoming! 

Here are two pictures with the boys! Thank you boys for always being there to help him up when he falls down, stop him from running around in church, helping him get a donut, and most importantly guiding, leading and being an awesome friend to my little boy! 










Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

The Experience

Good morning amazing people!  We here at the Wegele house have had a long few weeks with a lot of chaos going on in dealing with different life circumstances.  From getting ready to put our house on the market, cleaning, selling things, and basic life, we've had a lot going on. For example, the other day we let the dogs out together while Traycen and I were in the basement.  The new puppy, Sampson and Ziggs (our Australian Shepard) had not been out together in a while so I wanted to make sure they were still hanging around the house. When I looked out from the porch I saw feathers, everywhere!  We got on our mud boots and headed out towards the chicken pen.  As we got closer I stopped Traycen when I saw one chicken dead.  I walked closer and looked around to then see another chicken dead.  I then ran over to the chicken house to check in there for the rest of the chickens and noticed there were only two chickens.  I asked Traycen to look around for one that was missing he spotted another.  Honestly it looked like a murder scene at our house.  I was so irritated and pissed at the dogs.  Didn't they know that those were Traycens precious chickens? Needless to say the dogs got whooped and it was a life and death learning experience for the little man.  Here are a picture of his chickens! IMG_2255

The next learning experience was shortly after this one but quite a bit different. We had received a call from my parents that my grandma was in Hospice care. This is my dad's mom and Traycen's great grandma Millie. About a month ago was the last time that we were able to visit her. When we arrived she was sleeping and although we wanted to wake her, we didn't because we didn't want to startle her.  So instead, Traycen offered to sing to her while she was sleeping.  He sang his favorite song at the time "One Thing Remains" by Bethel Music.  He held her hand and just sang his little heart away.  I know that this fed into her spirit and it was beautiful to watch my 4 year old share the love that Jesus has put in his heart with his great grandmother.  Anyways, after we heard the news we headed down to the assisted living center to support family and visit.  Prior to this we had explained to Traycen that Millie was not feeling well and was having some difficulties.  The hubs and I wanted to make sure that he knew what was going on.  Even though our kids may not have the full understanding of why things are going on they still know something is up. CW and I, as parents have decided to try and explain things to Traycen in a way that he will understand.  Honestly, sometimes this is easier said than done, but we try.  So anyways, I asked Traycen if he remembered what I had told him the night before and what the rules were. To my surprise he answered with the most positive, real answer. He told me rule #1 was to first pray for Millie when we get in there!  Seriously!  I was in awe of what he said.  I was proud of him.  All along I was thinking that he would say the # 1 rule was to be quiet and to not be crazy in there, but I was wrong.  Then Traycen proceeded to tell us that he is a healer because Jesus is a healer and that he inherited that name with his name.  He said Jesus makes him a healer and so he would pray for his Grandma Millie. Okay, so lets be honest here.  What he said was pretty amazing.  I think about the things that he says and I know that it's straight from Heaven and that God uses him as a vessel to speak through him.  When I was thinking the # 1 rule was to be quiet he was thinking to pray.  I realize that in a lot of situations I typically freak out and over think instead of praying.  This really made me open my eyes to the way I think about things.  What I have concluded is that I want to be more like my little boy and pray first about everything. Like I said before, sometimes this is easier said than done, but after getting to experience my little boy saying that I want to strive after being more like him, like Jesus. 

These are two pictures my sister sent me the other day from a few years back!  

image       DSC_1391

This was our last visit from when we visited Millie when Traycen was able to sing to her while she was sleeping! 




Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

What it means to you

  images-1Good morning beautiful Mommies!  We would like to personally say Happy Mothers Day from the Cooped Up Cowboys Wives!  We hope you enjoy the day doing something special with your families.

Recently, I started thinking about what it means to be a mom.  Every one of us has a different definition of what it means to be a mom.  The unique thing about this is that there are no wrong answers!  With it being Mother's Day today, I wanted to share with you about being a mommy from my heart to yours, plus a couple of other moms I know.  As I read some of these I began to cry because I could feel the heart of their love for being a mom!  I hope you enjoy this special for today!

*I've really been learning that my happiness cannot be wrapped up in how my children behave, but it is in God.  Also, I know that I only have a few short years with them; so I will live in the moment, hug and kiss on them as much as possible, and tell them how much I love them.  I love being a mommy! ~Cooped Up Mama Candace 


*What it means to me to be a mom is that I have been trusted and blessed by God!!  I have a responsibility to two amazing children to keep them safe, to nurture them, and to LOVE them.  As a mom, it is my responsibility to build their faith in God and see that relationship grow over the years, so that one day when they leave my house. I have every bit of confidence knowing they will go forth under God's protection and direction to do amazing things!!! ~McKenna

*Being a mom is the closest thing I have in my life to God's love for me.  It is easily the most challenging yet rewarding part to my life.  Part of my reason for living and doing everything is because of my kids. ~Anonymousimages


*Being a mom BLEW UP my walk with God.  All of a sudden it became so clear of how real, how sacrificial, and how powerful His love for me really is.  Every time I look at my daughter, my heart feels like it might burst. He reminds me " I love you more than you love her, the depth of My love for you cannot even compare to the way you feel about your child."  It's truly drawn me so close to God.  I believe that mamas are doing the Holy work with their children. ~Kaci



*For me being a mom is the most high honor and privilege.  It's the closest example of the fullness of Love, Agape and Philia.  A mom is someone who leads and guides without force and corrects with unconditional love.  A mom is someone who intercedes for their child and would never ever abandon their child. I feel that moms are the most essential and precious gifts ever! ~Heather 

And as for me!  I wanted to share this picture with you because I feel like this explains it all to me. 

UnknownI found this picture and it ministered to my heart so much.  I can say that I truly love being a mom.  I remember being pregnant and not knowing what it would feel like to have the love for a child, but when I got to look into those bright bold eyes and hear that first cry I knew that feeling of love.  That feeling of love that you knew you loved from the beginning. There is nothing that could replace that love or the love for that little boy. The love I have in my heart for being a mom always keeps growing.  Being a mom totally reminds me of our relationship with Christ.  That love that I had at first sight of my son is how Gods love is for us.  He loved us before anyone else in this world.  Think about that and just let it settle in!  This is a selflessness love being a mom.  This means putting aside things that you want to do not because you have to but because you want to. You make room for the things your child wants and needs. I continually grow in my walk with God and life in general due to the privilege. My son teaches me more than I could teach myself in one day alone.  I think this about all kids.  They truly can say anything without fear, or doubt. They love fully and aren't worried about anything.  I feel like I need to be more like my child.  By this, I mean trust in God, not worry and just live pure and listen to the Holy Spirit.  There have been numerous times where I have felt defeated, not worthy or like a screwup. All the while that feeling tries to consume me, the love of my child reminds me of the Love that God has for me. One word from my little boy telling me he loves me or how much of a princess I am puts me in total awe.  He always says the most precious needed things at the most appropriate time.  I remember when he started saying I'm sorry all the time.  I got to the point where I was honestly kind of annoyed with it and told him "stop, you only say sorry once and it's done."  Little did I know that as soon as that came out of my mouth that it was really for myself and that was God speaking through that to me. God used that and told me through my little boy to open my eyes and see that I'm already forgiven.  God was saying to me what I was saying to my son, "you only have to say sorry once and it's done!"  Wow, that is revelation of how God teaches us.  It's things like that that are the most meaningful part of being a mom!  I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. I am so honored that God has placed me in the position to be a mom of a son who is so mighty, powerful and driven by the Holy Spirit at such a young age!  If anything, I am inspired to be a mom through the inspiration from my son!

I encourage you today to really seek out what it is that you love about being a mom!  There will be rough days, but one simple I love you always wipes away the chaotic ones. Seek God in how to be a good mom and how He wants you to raise up your little ones in His eyes!

Be blessed today and take care!

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

Outfit of the Day!

Hey everyone I hope your day is turning out amazing. This outfit for the day is for any occasion whether you are staying at home all day on a rainy day like we are or, you are running into town to run errands.  I would say this outfit is definitely my more casual, everyday look. image

So, let me introduce you to my new Tin Haul jeans!!! Last year we went down to the Roper warehouse sale in Aurora, Colorado where I attempted to find the right size of Tin Haul jeans and ended up with 3 pairs of jeans about 4 sizes too small.  Apparently I was having a blonde moment and could not remember the waist size of jeans that I needed.  Leave it to numbers like 4's, 5's ect. and I know my size, but when the waist says sizes like 25, 26, ect. I seem to not know what sizes match up to be the same.  So anyways I glady gave them away knowing I wasn't going to go down in size that much!  Luckily for me though, this year when we just went to the same Roper warehouse sale I knew what sizes lined up with the sizes of jeans that I needed to be able to actually fit in them.  Now you would have thought "why not just go buy a pair of Tin Haul jeans somewhere else"?  If you know me at all you now know that I am a bargainer and a cheap-o most of the time.  I like nice stuff, but I like to find good deals.  I have always loved the Tin Haul jeans but never had bought them because of their price. So, as you could imagine finding them this year in the correct size for only $15, totally made my day. I love these "boyfriend jeans" as they are probably the most comfortable pair of jeans that I now own.  They are loose fitting and I love how the bottoms rolls up and the little logo! 



This shirt is just a printed graphic t-shirt from Tin Haul also.  I guess you could say I'm like a guy because I like wearing undershirts like most guys do!  I usually buy the long undershirts anywhere that I find them because they are great to have around in any color.  I paired these two shirts with a lighter denim over shirt so that if it's a bit chilly I have something to throw on.



It's honestly as simple as that for me most days.  I love loose fitting clothing and being comfortable so this outfit is perfect if you are the same way!  I usually  add in some random pieces of jewelry like a necklace or a few bracelets like I did here.  Also I have to say that I love my trucker style hats.  They are all free from my husbands work and say something along the lines of some energy company something, but hey they are great!  


This last outfit for the day cracks me up!  This is my four year old son Traycen.  He usually changes from a cowboy, to a now "jiu-jitsu fighter", and a rodeo clown all in one day.  Today he saw I was laying out my clothes to put up on the blog and decided he wanted to be a part of what I had to post.  So, here he is!  He has his wrangler britches on with his western shirt, cowboy hat and buckle from daddy's collection.  The funniest part about this outfit is the tie.  He just was staying the weekend at my parents house and got sent home with this tie.  He was so thrilled that Papos had a tie for him to take home, and as you can see he thinks it goes perfect with his western apparel for the day!  Kids, how they make me smile!!!


Well I hope you all have a great and blessed day!  Make sure you stay tuned for next Mondays pick for the week from my other Cooped Up Mama, she's got something good!!!

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife 



Sporting the dots!

 IMG_3008Good morning!  It's Monday and I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  My plans for this week are to relax and not do a ton because I feel like we have been running around chasing guinea birds lately (if you have ever had them you know what I mean).  This picture is actually from a few weeks ago when Candace and I went to our friends wedding (see post from March) and got to enjoy dressing up for the spring weather.  This dress is absolutely one of my favorites.  The best part is that I didn't even have to shop for it.  This amazing burnt orange flowing polka dot dress was given to me from my beautiful mom.  I love my moms taste!  She always finds good deals and some pretty awesome stuff.  This dress is actually from Macy's and the brand name is Maison Jules.  It's simple, flowing and great to wear with some kind of vest, jean jacket or just by itself.  This morning of the wedding I chose to wear it with a jean jacket from Lucky because it was a little bit chilly.  I chose to wear my gray lined Fedora hat with this outfit which I got honestly from Hobby Lobby for like $8.  Hobby Lobby seriously has a little bit of everything.  I would have loved to worn some pointed toe cowboys boots with this dress, but I don't have any… I'm still looking!  Instead I chose to wear my casual boho sandals.  I love these kind because they have a zipper up the back and are easy to slip on fast.  Check them out on  or most stores have some kind of sandals like these.

DSC_2783          DSC_2786          DSC_2790          IMG_3009


Here are just a few other fun pictures with this dress.  My friend Shelby was at the wedding also and I loved her dress.  We were both sporting the polka-dots and of coarse had to take a picture!  This woman is amazing and has the cutest son ever. 


These last pictures are from last summer.  I call this beautiful gal my little sister I never had, Breann.  She had just received a new camera for her birthday and we were her first models.  I love my little boy so much, he's such a little stinker sometimes.  

IMG_6770                    IMG_6938


Enjoy your day! 

Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste



This Weekend!

Yesterday for us started out very early at about 5 am!  Of coarse we didn't wake little man up but instead let him sleep till the last minute ( doing this definitely helps so we have less of a grumpy little man ).  We knew we were going to have some things to do such as CW men's group at 7:30 am, breakfast, the hay auction, a few errands and then for me worship rehearsal and then attend church together!  So as you could say we had to plan our day accordingly.  I packed up all the things we would need for the day including a change of clothes for everyone, food because I'm doing a 24 day challenge, some things I had to give to others at church, a camera I was selling and my keyboard!  I felt pretty good when 5:50 in the morning rolled around and I had already packed everything and fed all the horses and bulls.  I love those days where you feel so accomplished first thing in the morning, it makes my whole day seem easy knowing I got stuff done right off the bat.  Anyways we as a family headed into town and made our first stop at the church to drop off the keyboard and CW for his mens meeting.  It amazes me the men that dedicated their every Saturday for almost 8 weeks to go early in the morning set up, serve other men and do a video series called "Mens 33 ".  So I've heard, this series is based around "authentic manhood" and how to inspire and equip men to pursue that manhood as modeled by Jesus in the 33 years that He lived on earth.  This time around my hubby was just helping out with serving in whatever he could with the other men because he already went through this series earlier on this year, wow did it change some things in him.  I give God complete credit for working through him and turning my husbands heart on different things in his life, our life and for our son.  I feel like my husband doing the study has brought him to a new level with God, a new empowerment of who God created him to be and how to not only walk in that for himself but how to raise our son up in that and to help empower other men.  If you want to check it out its definitely a great resource for any husband, dad, brother, son or friend.  We as wives need to be right there along side our husbands helping them walk out the authority and empowerment God has given them to be as head of our households!  imageHere is little man at the church before we left.  I love this sign and our kids program.  They teach about Jesus in such an amazing way that it just pierces their hearts and grows them in the love of Jesus!


Anyways moving on with my day we dropped dad off and headed into Eaton where we were going to meet my friend Kaity and eat breakfast.  As we got closer to the town I shrieked of excitement as I saw something up ahead that Traycen would love to see.  Hot air balloons!!!  I sometimes have seen hot air balloons driving into town on a church day but never this close!  We got to watch one hot air balloon take off and go up into the sky.  Traycer mentioned how we should just go ask the people if we could go ride in one that morning.  I love to see these things, but am not sure I am that daring enough to go up into the sky in a hot air balloon and feel completely safe!  Here are some pictures of the balloons, we were super close and got to wave to the couple taking off that morning. 

It's the little things that make me happy and bless me so much!

I love all the different colors and patterns on the balloons, each unique in their own way!

image                          image


Moving on, we met Kaity at a little hometown restaurant called "The Chimney House".  This is a hometown restaurant with some of the best food, I think.  It's a great little gathering place for meeting up with friends and family.  They are super friendly and always ready to serve you a good meal.  Although they are known for their amazing hot cakes, some of my other favorites are their breakfast omelettes, biscuits and gravy and patty melts. 

Unknown If your ever in Eaton, Colorado check them out at 226 Oak Ave, Eaton, CO 80615 

Monday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Tuesday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Wednesday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Thursday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Friday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Sunday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

After our amazing visit and breakfast at The Chimney House we headed back to pick up CW and went to the hay auction where we found some amazing deals on hay!  We then proceeded home to make lunch then go back to pick up our bargains at the sale and then finish our day until … I swotched through my hand with a steak knife.  I yelped and held my hand as it bled and told Traycen he better hurry up and get his dad.  At that point I didn't know how bad I had cut my hand, blood was just all over the place.  CW came in and checked it and then we face timed my awesome friend who is a nurse!  God bless people who're nurses, doctors and what you all put up with, seriously thank you!  After a FaceTime visit of my new wound, and then passing out we decided to go to the urgent care.  Let me just say I truly love my friends.  They are always there for me on a dime!  My other cooped up mama took Traycen for a bit, then handing him off to Kaity for the rest of the time.  You guys are always so helpful so thanks!

Driving into town I questioned back and forth in my mind whether I really needed to go.  I hate going to the doctor, hospital, or anything related.  I know this is kind of backwards but I feel like if I am spending my time, and money to get there, there better be something wrong where they can fix it.  When we arrive we quickly get in and get looked at.  The nurse told me I was lucky (more like blessed) to have not gone a little further to either side of my cut because then I would have really gotten the "good important stuff" (tendons, nerves)!  I had to get a tetanus shot where of coarse CW was hinting that Tetanus shots were given in the rear end and I flipped.  Just a note, you can have it there or in your arm…my choice, my arm (thank you Jesus)! I was sent home to let my puncture wound heal and take it easy.  Now with swollen fingers, bruising and a nice cut, I really am thankful it was nothing else.  Do you ever get like that going to the doctor?  I will admit I do and it's such a silly way of thinking, but when you were in the hospital/urgent care a lot as a younger kid, your mind kind of turns to think on the negative of negative side of things.  Like my husband kept reminding me, yes we spent money to get it checked which it was good we did because your hands are your livelihood it would have been worse if they were sending us down the road to go to a hand specialist.  So with all of this, I realized I need some new perspectives of when something goes wrong and I get hurt!  It's life and praise God for all he does for me and all he protects me in.  After writing this morning (because I did start this post yesterday) I realized how things can instantly happen so quickly and you have the choice to let it tear you down, or put effort forth going "ok this was unexpected but I'm going to praise God through it all"!

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!  Thanks to my other cooped up mama Candace who stepped up to lead worship this weekend when I couldn't and gave me some time to sit back and heal!  Also thanks to my awesome friends who are always there every step of the way, and my amazing husband who just embraces everything I do and everything about me!  

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 


Crafty Kids

With the numerous windy days that we have during the spring in Colorado, I've been trying to keep my little tike busy aside from watching princess movies, playing princesses and coloring princesses.  She'd most definitely rather be outside playing but some days it's just too darn cold!  Kids are great, because if it's something that they can get their hands on and make something, they will really get into it. So I've been trying to come up with little crafty things we can do each day that we're stuck inside. Toilet Roll Bird Feeders:

IMG_3250We made the bird feeders using toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, bird seed, string and twigs.  My girl is a little obsessed with using sprinkles so I actually used an old cake sprinkle dispenser to put the bird seed in and after we slathered the roll in peanut butter she loved getting to sprinkle it with bird seed.  All that was left to do after that was puncture holes in the roll to push the twig through for the birds to stand on and string it up.  I really couldn't tell you if the birds ever got to enjoy the feeders because of the wind out here, but Sheridan and I had a lot of fun.

















Button Bracelets:

Did you know that you can get a whole bag of buttons from most craft stores?  Well, neither did I until recently!  I also picked up some elastic string and we just threaded the buttons onto the string and made fun bracelets.  This is a great eye-hand coordination project because those little fingers really have to be precise in getting the string through the holes of the buttons.  I was actually pretty impressed that my 2 year old could get it done.  I'm assuming that putting all of those dresses on Barbies had some kind of connection with this activity!  In the end, you have very stylish and somewhat "noisy" bracelet!

Paper Crowns:

It's always a good idea to invest in some colorful card stock if you have kiddos because the possibilities are endless.  Sheridan chose her favorite color which is pink and I traced out a crown on the paper.  Then with some guidance and pre-school safe scissors we cut out her crown.  I had some feathers, rhinestones and our buttons all mixed together on a plate where she could choose what she wanted to put on her crown.  We then applied our glue stick everywhere on the paper where we wanted decoration and she went "crazy" with her decorating.  After she was done decorating we stapled the back of the crown together to fit her head and she wore it everyday for the rest of the week.  (BAD BLOGGER MOM DID NOT SNAP ANY PICTURES OF COURSE!)

Sensory Bags:

With this one, even Odessa could get involved.  I just made some paint using flour, water and food coloring, mixed it all up, and placed a few spoonfuls of each color in a Ziploc bag.  I then taped it to the counter and let the girls move the squishy paint around on the surface.  It's such a simple activity but kids love getting to manipulate colors.


So if you're "cooped up" inside still this spring, breakout the craft supplies and let your kiddos get creative.  There's still so many other activities that I'm excited to do with my girls.  Here's a short list of the crafts I have planned:

Shaving Cream Paint in the Bath

Paper Bag Puppets

Kleenex Box Guitars

Painting Rocks

Tin Can Phones

Stamps made with Potatoes

Boats made from Milk Cartons


Hopefully the wind will die down soon because nothing is better than getting to soak up that sunshine!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Cooped Up Mama Candace



Unstoppable God

I have already mentioned before that music is my life, my air, the thing that feeds me, along with Jesus of coarse.  I came across this song when I was on I-tunes.  I-tunes can be very dangerous for me and you always know when we run out of internet usage, it's probably because I downloaded something!  This song I use to workout with because it is an upbeat worship song just worshipping Jesus.  Do you ever have that part of the song that's your favorite?  For example I love Colton Dixon and the music that he writes.  In just about every song, I love the build up in the bridge.  It catches my eye and soars in my spirit.  In this song Unstoppable God my favorite part of the song is the bridge because it builds up into the bridge and then it says "nothing shall be impossible, your Kingdom reigns unstoppable, we'll shout your praise forever, Jesus our God unstoppable!  That gets me every time.  Make sure you check out Elevation Worship.  They are from the Charlotte, North Carolina area where their head Pastor is Steven Furtick (you should listen to his podcasts, they are awesome).  Their Pastor originally had a vision for their worship to create songs that reflected the churches experiences, testimonies and needs.  How cool is that?  Make sure you check out their albums at  images-2

[audio m4a=""][/audio]

Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Mama Kirste