Workout Wednesday: In the Shadow of Mommy!

imageTodays workout is for the cooped up kiddos!  I know that usually as soon as I go downstairs to work out is when my attention is then suddenly needed on my son.  It never ceases to fail that this happens!  We have our workout area setup next to where all of the toys are, but lately Traycen has been interested in working out also and wants nothing to do with the toys.  He is officially what I consider Mr. Independent lately!  Now this is great that he has so much independance, until he tries to pick up a dumbbell that is too heavy or run the exercise equipment alone!  Yikes!!! So, I have decided to include him in my workout time if he is around.  Since he is becoming so independent, I have made little stations for him to do while mom works out that allows him his independence.  He gets to do his stations while I do my workout!  Take a look at some of the exercise stations for him that I created for him to do.

imageWarm up:  We just bought this used treadmill from some friends. Traycen is allowed on it, only when mom or dad are down there with him and at a very low speed obviously!  This is what he says is his "warmup walkout!"




Station 1:  10 jumping jacks  and count out loud! I counted with him as he did them so we could do it together!


Station 2:  Take a medicine ball or ball any size ( as long as they aren't lifting it ) and have them straddle sit on the ground with it.  Start out with the ball close to them and then roll the ball forward stretching out their torso.  Do this 5x as well as counting out loud!



Station 3:  Crab walks since they are already on the floor.  I just told him to go across the mat and then back two times.  He thought is was pretty cool then asked if we could watch a real crab do this later on.


Station 4:  Hold your balance!  This is a great way to teach them balance and patience because that's what it will take.  He switched back and fourth from each foot, holding his hands out each time.


Station 5:  Weights!  Because every kid sees a parent pick up weights and they want to be the same as mom and dad, although our weights are way to heavy.  I went to the store and found little 1 lb. weights for him so he could have his own.  This probably is his favorite thing and built his confidence in what he could do by himself.  Have your child hold one of the weights with two hands and hold it down and then pull it up to their chest.  I wouldn't suggest having the weights go above their head at all, just in case of an accidental drop:( This exercise was more about being cool because mom and dad have weights so he wanted some too!


This last picture was because he wanted to do a headstand.  Definitely make sure your kids are only doing this when you are around so they do it correctly and don't hurt themselves.



Hope you get to try some of these out with your kiddos!  Remember to be creative.  Kids at this age want to do what your doing, so include them.  What a great way to get them interested in wanting to work out and stay healthy at a young age!

Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Our Saturday Today

This is our Saturday today!  The day started out with Tryacen dragging in his laundry basket to do his own laundry!!! Then he decided to take everyones plates after we ate breakfast!  Wow was I amazed with his servant heart this morning.  We decided to reward him with "chore" money in which he was able to put it into this piggy bank in his closet!  He says he's saving to buy sheep!  I would totally be okay with getting sheep and having him raise sheep to have his friends ride, them him riding and riding bulls (so I think sometimes).  We will definitely be supportive in whatever his big heart desires! imageimage












While the boys were inside hanging out, I decided to go for a run outside.  I bundled up and just ran!  Little did I know, I ran 3 miles today!  I was on the route of 5 miles and I didn't even know it till my husband came to find me and ended up picking me up because I was so tired to run back home.  I give myself credit for running that much! 











The rest of our day was spent hanging out until it was time to go to church.  We have a visiting house guest that got to hang out with us also.  Her name is Gracie.  This is my moms dog that is our house guest.  She is only here temporarily until they come home from a vacation.  She is so sweet and Traycen does a very good job taking care of her. He's always calling out to her and making she's near him.













So there ya go… just another Saturday at the Wegele house!

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Mama Kirste


Worship- Cooped Up Style

Kirste and I got together for a little worship fun with the kiddos.  As you can see they were having a great time!  Odessa is not in the shot of the first video but she's bouncing across the floor as we sing.  I also love how Sheridan is using her maracha as a mic.  And of course, check out Traycen sneaking in by the door!  I love getting to worship with Kirste and having the kids in on it, just makes it even better!  Hope you enjoy it!

Sheridan and Odessa rockin' out!

Lots of love!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


I Wanna Be a Mermaid When I Grow Up

"I wanna be a Mermaid when I grow up," these were the words spoken by my 2 year old tonight.  It's been a week since we went to the Denver Aquarium and she hasn't talked about much else.  If you're looking to take you kid to a pretty cool place, the aquarium should top your list.  They've got such a great variety of animals and yes, mermaids!  Also, those that are coming in for the National Western Stock Show in Denver, the aquarium is just a short distance away, so make sure to check it out. Hope you enjoy the pics!

This girl had so much fun!

IMG_1833 IMG_1851.JPG (2)

Odessa loved the jelly fish tanks.



IMG_1877.JPG (2)

I especially loved the sea turtles.  They looked like they were just enjoying life.

IMG_1867.JPG (2)

Oh and the sea otters were hilarious, such showmen!

IMG_1845.JPG (2)

That is one big catfish!

IMG_1856.JPG (2)

The highlight of the day were these ladies.

IMG_1863.JPG (2) IMG_1857.JPG (2)

Sheridan got to touch sting rays and hermit crabs and she loved it.

IMG_1873.JPG (2)

I'm pretty sure these are pike, Kody's favorite to catch.

IMG_1847.JPG (2)

Have a great weekend,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace



IMG_2420 This was my Sheridan who was supposed to be helping check cows with her daddy.  As you can see she wasn't much help.

I was hoping to make this post on motivational fitness, but around here, fitness has been on the backburner.  My girls and I have finally fought off a nasty cold that has left a lingering cough for all of us and then starting on Monday we got hit with the stomach flu.  Yuck!  So there's been plenty of napping, ginger ale and Vitamin C happening around our house.  I'm praying that we'll finally be done with all of this junk and get back to being able to do more than laying around and blowing our noses! 

Has anyone else been hit with all of this junk?

I'm praying that you are all in good health because this stuff is no fun!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Saturday Blurp!

Today is literally a hurricane of snow!  As I look out the window, all I see is snow blowing around and faintly something in the background.  But, before this all started I took Traycen out so that he could get out of the house while daddy worked.  We ended up driving around looking for coyotes!  Traycen got all dressed in his gear and off we went! IMG_1507  

Cabella's (The boys favorite store) is where daddy bought Traycen his coyote call!  Let's just say we ONLY use it outside of the house.  Trust me, when we first got it, I think I could have set him outside for a whole day to call in coyotes, he was so excited!  And let's be honest, mom was really annoyed!










We went driving down the road and the gates for cows were open so of coarse they were all out in the middle of the road.  Traycen stated that the cows were having a "cattle meeting" there in the middle of the road!  He makes me laugh.  Then he said that he wanted to be able to take a picture with the cows in the buzzard (blizzard) that was going to be arriving.








No we didn't really find a coyote, but we pretended and played we did!  I love the imagination of a three year old!  We had a fun time just getting out of the house and having a little country road fun! 

Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste




Does anyone ever get that first reaction to freak out when something bad happens?  I would like to say that I do not freak out, but that would not be true!  I am very good at responding to a certain circumstance or situation by first freaking out.  It's not that I want to create more worry and stress for myself, but it usually happens a lot more than I would like it to.  For example, my brother in laws horse was here last winter and started to colic.  My first reaction was to jump to conclusions and freak out.  During that day I had my horse shoer there, my 2 year old and a horse that was trying to lie down every few minutes.  To add to that, the freezing cold air of Colorado's winter weather was just arriving.  My horse shoer had to leave soon and my brother in law was in school and wasn't able to come out to help me, so I flipped.  My truck would not start that morning which meant I had no way of even trailering the horse to loosen up her belly or get her to the vet.  After doing numerous things and trying to find someone who had a trailer to take the horse I stopped to think and access this whole situation I was panicking over.  What was my worrying doing?  Absolutely nothing helpful!  My horse shoer and I prayed over the horse and walked away to bring Traycen in the house and figure out what to do next.  After being in the house the short bit that we were, we walked out and was amazed to see the horse had pooped (which is an A + for a horse with colic).  The horse was walking around acting normal.  We both thought to ourselves, why didn't we do this before hand, a lot earlier?  Good question to ask right!!!  The lesson learned that day was to not freak out, but first stop and pray and then go from there….(still not freak out though).   So this last week, Traycen's horse went lame.  My husband CW and I had both noticed it!  CW had been going out and cleaning out her feet to see if that would help her out in which it did, but she was still lame.  A few days went by and the soreness progressed, and she was unable to move freely!  I started to become  concerned and then realized, I didn't even pray.  Traycen had overheard me talking about his horse and became worried and upset about his horse.  Then he said "lets pray"!  We stopped and prayed for his horse.  The next day we waited and nothing, still lame.  My horse shoer came out two days later, in which I was looking for some kind of hope in her. Hoping that she would know more of what was going on than me! When the shoer arrived, the horse was actually moving around, and wasn't as sore as she had been!  I thought to myself, oh my goodness!  Why was I so surprised?  We prayed for the horse so why wouldn't God have taken care of the horse!  My three, almost four year old son, Traycen even brought it up to pray for his horse and acted on that instead of getting mad and freaking out, so why couldn't I?  That's what I sincerely love about kids.  They don't know any better than to just trust God with their childlike faith and know that God is going to take care of it.  There is no doubt or no question there.  All I can say to this is Praise God!

This is a good reminder to me, and probably some of you!  Instead of taking that first moment of a hard situation in our life to take in the negative and worry, stop and pray!  It's so simple, yet we don't do it enough, or at least I can say I don't.  We need to have more childlike faith and stop, pray and trust in the Word.  So today, I encourage you!  Whatever your in, whatever silly circumstance steps foot in front of you, be bigger than it!  Ask God to fix it!  It's simple!  And remember to thank Him, because He truly knows best!

Here's a few pictures of Traycen and his horse Comet!  He sure loves this horse and she is such a delight! 




Uncle J.D on his horse Faith (the one who was sick), and Traycen on his horse Comet, going for a ride! 





Just my little Cowboy…he's not so little anymore!


Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife


Naptime Woes

I'm currently sitting here typing as I listen to my 2 1/2 year old knock on the door and yell, "Mommy, I want to come out!" You see it's naptime at the Lostroh house. 

Odessa Rose is currently sleeping snug in her crib and has been for the past hour and a half.  But my little Sheridan is currently locked in her room. 

Yes, locked. 

I turned the knob around to lock it from the outside because at any time she sees fit, she thinks she can come out. 

I've made sure there is nothing for her climb or hurt herself on, but a "mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do" to get her child to take a nap and this is what it's come down to. 

I've told her as long as I can't hear her she's free to take a nap or play but she's not coming out for a while because all of us (especially mommy needs some quiet time!) 


So each time I have to go in there to tell her to be quiet I take another toy.

I currently don't know if this is making much of a difference, but I've found that being a parent is a constant trial and error project. 

Any other parents feeling this way?

Anyone else out there currently battling naptime with a toddler?

Anyone else feeling hopeless when it comes to getting a little quiet time around your house?

Am I alone out here?

I'll pray for you if you pray for me, deal?

Sending love,

One nap-deprived Momma!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Kid Approved Easy "No Flour" Cookies

IMG_0841 IMG_0816 You can choose to use whatever natural peanut butter you want.  We used this Kroger brand although we do have an amazing dry peanut butter powder that you mix with water thats amazing! (was too lazy to make that!)


IMG_0820I always have such a great helper when making things!  I won't say I'm the best baker, but we sure try!

Here's a few more pictures of T helping me make the cookies!  One of his favorite things to do while helping is crack the egg, although sometimes it can be fairly messy.




















 The original recipe did not have cocoa and oats in it but we decided to add it to give it a try!  So either way, they are still amazing.  Hope you get a chance to try baking these.  They are very simple and not very time consuming at all! 

Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Wife Kirste 



Tips for Baby Head Colds

Well, the snot, sniffles and sneezes have hit our home.  It started with Sheridan who's a pretty good sport since my brother was so obliged to teach her the "farmer's blow" last spring.  She thinks it's hilarious to do this and although it grosses us all out, we're pretty sure if she keeps it up she won't have a boyfriend until she's 35, which is fine by us.  Ha ha!  That girl is something else! Next victim of the mucous monster was my little Odessa.  At 7 months old, this hit her pretty hard.  Since babies are nose breathers, having a stuffed nose is so hard on them.  Nursing is especially difficult.  She nurses for about 10 seconds then has to stop and take a deep breath.  Poor little baby.  Sleeping has also gotten so much harder for her because when ever she snorts from not being able to breath through her nose it wakes her up.  Of course this happens just after she started to sleep through the night!

So I thought I'd share some of our family's tips for getting by without being too miserable and hopefully shortening the head cold all together.

IMG_1137.JPG (2)

1.  Saline and Suckers- You know the little green or blue sucker they use at the hospital to get all of the nasty stuff out of your baby's airways?  Yeah, make sure to take that sucker home!  They're the best.  None can compare to hospital grade "booger suckers!"  I have two since I have two kids and they have come in handy.  Also, make sure to have plenty of sterile saline on hand.  I like the Little Remedies brand that comes in the squeeze bottle.  They also make it in a nasal mist that has a long spout, but I really dislike this one because I'm usually wrestling Odessa and this one can really hurt her nose when she's yanking away.  The squeeze bottle has a wider nozzle that seems to be a lot gentler on their tender little noses. 

My trick is to wait until she sneezes to do this.  I usually have both on hand close by, so when I hear her sneeze I run over and lay her down and suck what I can out and then spray the saline and then suck again.  I'm almost religious about this.  When Sheridan was a baby and sick, I hated doing this to her because she'd get so upset.  But then it backed up into her ears and we ended up with a nasty ear infection because I didn't keep up with sucking the mucous.  Let me tell you what, ear infections compared to upsetting your baby for 3o seconds is so much worse!

2. Ibuprofen- I will confess...I'm not afraid to medicate my child.  I know some may gasp when they read this but I'm not ashamed.  I will not let my babies suffer in pain just because it's becoming taboo to give your kid some pain meds.  Both my girls are miserable when those first couple of teeth come in and I don't mess around with just using teething tabs.  The tabs seemed to help a bit, but I've found Ibuprofen helps the most.  This goes the same for head colds that lead to swelling in the sinuses and nasal passages.  It's amazing to see the relief that this brings to Odessa.  Of course, check with your doctor first before taking my advice!

3. Hot steamy showers- Steam from a shower is such a powerful nasal dilator and it usually requires no baby-wrestling because they mostly enjoy it!  We have a walk in tile shower, so I laid a couple of folded towels in the corner that got the least amount of water spraying on it.  I then stripped Odessa down and sat her on the towels.  She's sitting up pretty good now, but I was still careful to make sure there was plenty of padding around her in case she toppled over.  With a couple of toys to play with she was entertained for a good 20 minutes while I showered and played with her.  She loved it and was finally breathing out of her nose. 

If you don't have a walk in shower or if your baby isn't sitting up yet, just turn on the shower and bring them into the bathroom and hold them so they can soak up the steam.  It's also a good idea to bring in your booger sucker because they will most likely sneeze in there and this is a great time to more mucous sucked out.

IMG_1133.JPG (2) IMG_1134.JPG (2)

4. Vick's Baby Rub- This is such a nostalgic product to me.  I remember my mom slathering this on us kids before bed time whenever we had colds and it brought such sweet relief.  Make sure to the "baby" one because the original Vick's is too strong for babies.  I put this on my baby's feet before every nap and bedtime.  I just slather it on and either put her socks back on or put on fleece jammies.  The largest pores on our body are on our feet, so the Vick's Rub works great here.  Again, you can just tell how it just makes them breathe so much easier by the look on their face.

5. Cool Mist Vaporizer- This was a tip from a pediatric nurse friend of mine.  I've always had hot mist humidifiers on hand, but she's a firm believer that these cause nasal passage swelling, which in turn makes it harder for babies to breathe.  I have this running for Odessa during her naps and as well at night.  I also elevated her crib on one end with books to make everything drain a little better while she sleeps.

So this is how we make it as easy as we can on our littles when they have the sniffles.  I wish I could just take it upon myself whenever they get sick.  I'm sure that's how every mom feels.  I also pray over my babies for speedy healing and peaceful rest and I know that God is faithful to grant that.

What are your tips for getting through the cold season with babies?  We'd love to hear from you!

From the sneeze and sniffles household,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

Parenting Plus!!!



Do you ever wonder, "Am I doing a good job being a mom?  Am I paying enough attention to my child today? Or am I teaching him enough?"  At some point in motherhood I think we all have asked these questions -  at least, I know I have.  I was reading an article about things that parents don't necessarily love, but put up with when they have children.  The article spoke to me in a way different from what the writers intended, which got me thinking about some of the things parents have to "deal with".  So come and take a look at the current situations that I, as a mother, decided not to just "deal with" and decided to EMBRACE! 


1. Getting yourself and your kids out of the house!  Trying  to go anywhere and being on time is always a task at hand.  It never seems to fail that it is always a rush at our house to be ready to leave at the exact time I am want to leave.  Shoes aren't on, or they hurt because they are on the wrong feet, toys are scattered across the floor in front of the door, or there's that time when Traycen is already outside waiting for me at the truck when I am looking still inside "waiting" on him! 


The easy fix:  I have decided to set my clock forward so I always think I am running late, when actually we're really on time. This helps us get out of the house at the correct time.  Most of the time this works for us, or at least we strive to make it work! 







2. Allowing your kids to get dressed by them self!  When I was little,  I did not make it easy on my mom when it came to getting dressed and ready to go!  Sometimes I laugh because my son is totally like me in that area.  I want to be able to let him get himself ready,  but sometimes it takes longer than what I think it should.  It's then at this point where I go in to help him, which really in turn slow down the process because I am being too pushy to hurry him along his way.  The thing I often forget though is that he is Mr. Independent.  He is his own self, striving for the independence of not having to have mommy help with everything!

The easy fix:  Let your kids be independent!  They are exploring who they are and asking for some kind of freedom!  It will look different for each and every one of you so just embrace it.  To help Traycen excel in his independence, we have him pick out his clothes at night if it's a school night or when we know we will be leaving early the next morning!  The clock is not being timed as much when we do this and he gets to pick what he wants to wear and lay it out!  It's fun to watch him be independent and so proud of himself. 

3. Bedtime routines!  This one has honestly always been so unique to us in our family.  With my husband having traveled for work in the past, we would get a routine down and then he would come back home from working and the routine would totally change.  Some nights he would go to bed easy as cake.  But other times we'd  Traycen ready for bed, brush our teeth, go read a book, he'd ask to watch a movie, read a book, go lay down, get a drink of water, go potty, go lay down and read, and then go potty again.  My husband or I would lay down with him to  fall asleep ourselves (yes, before Traycen would fall asleep)! We would wake up in the morning in his bed still lying next to the little guy (he's got a really nice mattress)!

The easy fix:  We realized for us, it's not always going to be the same and we had to find what works best for us. This is what you will have to do also.  So I will admit this sounds silly, but you know when you get a new puppy and you have to pull them off the food and water after seven pm so you don't have to stay up all night taking the puppy out to go to the bathroom?  Well, you guessed it at our household.  We kind of treat bed time like having a new puppy dog.  We let traycer eat, and drink until after dinner.  He is allowed to have a little water (and I say only water) before bed.  Then we make him go potty right before he gets into bed.  He still gets in bed and asks for water, at which point I tell him that if he wants water then he has to only have a little and continually go potty or else he will have to wear a pull-up to bed.  I say this only because I know that he does not like wearing pull-ups to bed anymore because he is a big boy!!!

4.  The "WHY" question!  The never ending of answering the question “Why?”.  I get asked this question a lot!  I know it annoys most parents, and I will admit, I too get annoyed sometimes, but I totally enjoy the innocence and curiosity of him asking "why?".  I know when I am asked "why" all the time I will run out of answers, but I strive to answer his questions.  I love when Traycen asks me something that really makes me think about what he asked.  Some of the questions are about things I learned back in school a while ago and can't remember.  Though my favorite is when he asks me questions about God.  Sometimes I don't know the answer, and then it makes really think into the word of God and dissect what he's asking me.  So I am asking you: do you really listen to your kids 100 % of the time when they are asking these questions? I encourage you to listen more, you will be amazed.  Kids have such faith and honesty to ask anything.  I never want my child to think he can't ask me something.  I know this scares some parents sometimes, but don't be scared, we don't have to know everything!

The easy fix:  Be honest with your kids.  No, they probably don't need all the details about a question, like the recent question Traycen asked me, "Mom how do you get babies out of the belly when there is a baby in there?" (Yes, my husband decided he should leave the room and let me answer that one … goofball).  I believe we need to speak truth into the answer we give our kids but still explain it so they can understand.  In our house it is what it is.  I want him to know that what I speak to him is in truth.  When he is old enough to understand more, then I will expand on the details of the truth.  For now though, he gets little pieces.  Here is an example of when we were at the store a while ago:  Traycen saw a kid in a wheel chair and loudly asked "well why is he in that chair?"  He wasn't asking to be mean, he was asking out of curiosity.  I feel like sometimes we try to cover these things up and we try to shut our kids up and say "don't ask that now", or "hush your mouth".  I feel like this is really because we are scared or nervous to answer the question when really we shouldn't be.  When we do this, our kids will just open their mouths again and ask.  I know for myself, I never want to offend anyone, but kids have a curiosity and there's nothing wrong with that.  I told Traycen that day I don't know why he is in that wheel chair but he's got pretty cool wheels on there.  Yes, we don't know all the answers, but we can turn these type of questions into truth and for the positive.  Now when we see anyone in a wheel chair, he tells them, wow you've got cool wheels on there.  You can imagine some of the responses from the people in the wheel chairs, it brightens their day!  So, my wisdom is, don't be scared of the questions because they will come!  Embrace the curiosity of your children.  They will enable you to stretch yourself and grow!


My child, you are soooo loved!!!!!IMG_1696






Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife, Kirste

Cooped Up-Literally

Here in Colorado we have been experiencing very cold weather.  Like, not making it into the double digits kinda weather.  So that leaves this momma with one, very energetic and cabin-fevered 2 year old.  So after we've exhausted all of our painting, coloring, play-doh playing, Mickey Mouse watching, book reading and puzzle playing, we brought out the big guns- Princess dress-up!  Oh man, did it do the trick!  This dress was a gift from my good friend, Amy.  Since she has a boy, she spoils my girls rotten with the girliest clothes.  This dress has to be the "girliest of girliest" dresses!  It's got pearls decorating the bodice and pink feathers filling out the tulle skirt.  Plus, the headpiece is super fancy with a rhinestone jeweled flower fastened on top of more pink feathers.  Sheridan has been wanting to wear it for quite a while, but I kept telling her we had to keep it for something nice.  But who knows when we'll go somewhere nice before she out grows it?  So I decided, today is the day, baby girl!  She loved it!  She calls all things princess "Princess Mommies," so to her this was her "Princess Mommy Dress."  This time in our princess dress required lots of twirling.  I mean A LOT of twirling!  Then there was bed jumping.  Then there was stair climbing, which didn't go too well since it's a little tough for a toddler to pull her dress up and climb the stairs carefully.  So needless to say, we lost a few feathers.  I know wearing our princess dress in the house won't be a daily occurrence, but you can bet it will probably happen again this winter.  Which I hear is supposed to be a pretty cold one.  IMG_1096 IMG_1092

IMG_1110.JPG (3) IMG_1097.JPG (2)

IMG_1101.JPG (3) IMG_1104.JPG (3)



IMG_1099.JPG (3) IMG_1108.JPG (3)

When I was watching her twirl, I was thinking about how God sees His daughters.  I'm sure He watches us the same way I watch Sheridan.  And I'm sure He has the biggest smile on His face and is clapping saying, "You are such a princess!  I love you!"  When we're walking in His will and living for Him, we can't help but shine!

Stay warm!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

A Dog and His Girls

IMG_0884.JPG (3)My Odessa Rose, she's getting so big. 

IMG_0886.JPG (2)

Sitting up all on her own.

IMG_0885.JPG (3)That face just melts my heart.

IMG_0887.JPG (2)

This face too.

IMG_0891.JPG (3)Oh, and so does my Sheridan's face.

IMG_0893.JPG (2)This face not so much. This is our ancient Boxer, "Cash." Doesn't he look dead in this picture? Don't worry, he's not.

IMG_0892.JPG (2)She loves her some "Cash Man."

IMG_0889.JPG (2)Hope you enjoyed our little grassy, dog-filled, Odessa Rose & Sheridan photo montage!

If you're local to the Northern Colorado scene, make sure to come visit us at the Livewire Shop's opening day this Saturday, November 1st!

IMG_0871.JPG (3)

Have a great Friday!!!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


Pumpkin Fun

IMG_0833.JPG (2)

How much fun can a toddler have with a pumpkin?

Apparently quite a bit.

We've been painting pumpkins, making pumpkin cookies and taking pictures with pumpkins.

Last week we went to a pumpkin patch at the Big Red Barn in Eaton, Colorado and we filled our car with pumpkins of every shape, size and color.  We threw in a few gourdes and spaghetti squash for good measure and we were set for a fun October!


Sheridan had just woke up in these pictures so she wasn't quite in the mood to smile, but I love how she's holding Odessa's hand. So sweet!

Our good friends, Nic and Katie Ford and their kids as well as Grannie Jane met Kirste and I there to search for our pumpkins.

IMG_0753.JPG (2) IMG_0750.JPG (2)

It was essentially just a pumpkin patch. Nothing extra to entertain kiddos except wide open fields of pumpkins, dirt and a really great shaded area with grass.  That's the best kind of entertainment, right?  But it was an awesome place to find a bargain on pumpkins and their selection was awesome.  All of the pumpkins were huge!

IMG_0771.JPG (2)IMG_0768.JPG (2)

I bought Sheridan some Crayola washable paints and she's been having a blast painting her pumpkin almost everyday.  That girl loves to paint!  We also showed our Colorado Pride by painting one of our pumpkins the Colorado flag.  This pumpkin is going to sit in the storefront of our friend Megan's new Livewire Clothing shop that opens November 1st!  We're so excited!

IMG_0833.JPG (2) IMG_0821.JPG (3) IMG_0791

We plan on hitting the Fall Festival at Harvest Farms in Wellington, Colorado this Friday so I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy pumpkin patching, friends!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

White pumpkin fun!

Fall has officially arrived in Colorado as of September 22.  With this change of season comes the beautiful changes of color all over the state!  This is by far one of my favorite seasons in Colorado because of the warmer foods being served, the cooler weather (although here, we didn't have a super hot summer by any means), and of coarse the leaves of our state's Aspen tree  turn from a lush green to the vibrant colors of gold, reds and oranges!  If you ever come to Colorado during this season, I highly recommend taking a drive somewhere up in the mountains as there are thousands of these beauties all over the place changing colors right in front of you, it's amazing!  It's so cool how God created things and if we take time to look around, we truly see the beauty that He has made! Being fall, I have started to find lots of fall things around the grocery stores, nurseries, and ect. showing off that it is fall!  I love fall season, knowing I can go to the nursery and find some amazing deals on plants, trees for my garden to plant (yes I'm a bargainer and were landscaping so I like finding good deals and that means waiting till fall to plant)!  … Funny Candace and I are both landscaping at the same time (I will post pics soon also!).  Anyways, today Traycer and I at the nursery found small white pumpkins in which I let him pick out and we took them home.


I wanted to be able to have him do something special with these so we decided to pull out all the painting supplies and have at it! We used puffy paints, small paint samples from Ace (they're great because they are super cheap) and sparkle pens.     

DSC_2556                    DSC_2548







We totally didn't have many "boy" colors we he decided he wanted to make them for his friends!  What a great idea.  I love when it's my kid who suggests something for us to do and it's because he has such a heart to serve and cares about everyone else!  O, he soooooooo blesses me with how sweet his heart is.

So here is the pumpkins painted!  We had five pumpkins, which at our nursery they were .50 cents each.  I would love to go back and get more to decorate and put around my house for fall decorating.  What an inexpensive way to create and have fun.








When our pumpkins were dry, we wrote the names of some of his friends on there for him to share with!  He is super excited to share them with his friends!  Pictures to come.





          Till next time, 

                    Cooped Up Cowboys Wife, Kirste 



Baby Chick Room Tour: Zachy Brassington

Hopefully you all got to witness the contest we had on our Facebook and Instagram to find the cutest kid's room. Oh boy, did we have some cute kids rooms entered.!Chelsea Brassington's son, Zachy, won the contest by a landslide.  This room was over the top amazing, featuring an almost life-size bucking chute bed complete with sponsor banners and a gate. What little cowboy or cowgirl not want a bed like this?  This room also kept with the bullriding spirit and featured a wall print of Professional Bucking Bull, Astroid. IMG_0412 IMG_0411IMG_0409Zachy's favorite item in his room is of course his bed, mostly because his Papa made it.  Chelsea's parent's own and operate 3D Western Designs that feature's handmade furniture with a beautiful western flare, check out their website here.  His other favorite items are also the framed pictures of his Papa riding bulls back in the day. What a great legacy Zachy gets to walk in!

IMG_0408 IMG_0407The Brassington's did such an amazing job in decorating this little guy's room!

IMG_0418 IMG_0417 IMG_0415.JPG (2) IMG_0414IMG_0410Isn't this chair the cutest?

IMG_0416.JPG (2)We want to thank everyone who participated in our little contest, we had a blast with it and hope do more in the future!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

'Till next time,






Baby Chick Room Tour: Paige

This here is our dear friend Megan's (from LiveWire Clothing) girls room!  This little beauty Paige sure has a creative unique mom who designed her room out of her shabby chic designs.  When I asked Megan what style/theme she was going for when she first decorated the room for her first daughter Paige, she said " girly, western, cottage chic, and a little bit of everything".  She said she wasn't able to quite decide on one theme, so she wanted a mixture of everything! I personally think, this is what makes this room so uniquely special! Here is Miss Paige! Come take a look into her room…!










This dresser here is one that Megan had found at a thrift store and re-painted.  The colors that she used totally bring an antique shabby chic design to it!  I personally love the yellow accents around the edges and drawers. Megan decorated with pictures of Paige at different stages growing up, and amazing hand painted boots (by her) with flowers! 


Take a closer up look at these painted boots!  What a great idea to spruce up some old western boots either to wear, or for decor like this!  I would love to do this with a pair of old boots that I have!    


I asked Megan if she made these window shames because they looked like like her style of clothing, accessories that she makes, and she said that's what I thought too, but she actually bought them!  The Cowgirl Diva sign was from Hobby Lobby along with the burlap stringed flags here in these next few pictures!  Megan says she loves going to Hobby Lobby to the 60% off isle and that is where you can find all the great goodies, and knick knacks!  I love the way Megan associates different colors, floral, chevron, designs all together and makes it work and look great! 


DSC_2559        DSC_2567

DSC_2566 Now this is so adorable!  Megan told me her sister made this stuffed animal for Paige, she definitely could make money making these because it is so neat!  This elephant is quilted with pink, and has a paisley pattern detailed into it. 

DSC_2574I asked Megan if she could pick her favorite thing in Paige's room what it would be and she said the lamp shade.  When they were out in Las Vegas for the finals one year she found a little booth set up with this lamp shade!  She loved it so much and knew she had to have it to put in her little girls room.  Check out this website to find one similar. 




Thanks for stopping bye and taking a look at this little Baby Chicks Room! Remember to check back next Wednesday for the next room on our Baby Chick Room Tour!





                  Till next time! XOXO

                                    Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


Five Baby Faves

Candace here!  Man, it's been quite a week.  My little Odessa decided to go on a nursing strike. She would arch her back and scream whenever I tried to nurse her, which forced me to start pumping and feeding her a bottle, in which she gladly took.  I didn't know what I had done wrong!  Did I eat something wrong?  Yeah, maybe.  Is she getting a tooth, earache, or fever?  Nope!  I took her to our pediatrician just to rule that out.  So I did some praying, researching, and talked to some amazing "Mommy Friends" and it came down to that she just wanted to drink from her bottle or suck on her paci.  Most would say she's weaning herself, but she's only 4 1/2 months old.  She's never had anything besides breastmilk and I knew deep down that she was not weaning herself.  This behavior had been going on for a couple of weeks but just escalated this last weekend.  She'd suck on her paci and down a bottle no problem, but offer her to nurse and "No, Ma'am! Get that out of my face, Mom!"  Truth be told, I took it pretty personal.  She was in fact rejecting me.  But from what I researched, I'm not the only mama that's gone through this.  Many times breastfed babies that get started on a pacifier and bottle will favor these over the breast because they're easier to get what they want.  So to solve this little problem, I threw out the pacifiers and she will not be getting a bottle until I know for sure we're back on track with nursing.  So needless to say, we've been camped out at our house nursing. That's about it.  Sounds fun, huh?  At least Sheridan gets to go get spoiled by Gramma and Papa while Odessa goes through nursing bootcamp! Well in honor of Odessa, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that I use with my baby girls.  These are just a few of my tried and true faves that I couldn't live without and others that I just think are cute!

1. I'm a big believer in swaddling. Both of my girls are great sleepers and I chalk it up to swaddling until they are actively wanting to roll over while they sleep.  My new favorite swaddle is a beautiful swaddle blanket that I got from Baby Wire by Live Wire Country Couture.  It's muslin and it's huge!  They come in the cutest colors with a bucking horse print on them. You can find them on Etsy and on their website and enter the code COOPEDUP to save 10% on your purchase!

IMG_3496 (2) IMG_3497 (2)

2. Just as much as I love my swaddle, I love my white noise maker.  With the dogs barking, tractors driving by and the rest of the ruckus that happens around here, this little gadget helps keep my babies sleeping.  The only downfall is that when the power goes out and the white noise goes off, Sheridan is wide awake.  I know I should probably wean her off of it sometime, but man, I love how well she sleeps with it!  You can find the one that I have here.


3. When I found out that I was pregnant with Odessa I knew that I was going to need a "beefed up" diaper bag with having two little ones who need a lot of things. I actually found this bag by reading a review from another blogging mama at The Little Things We Do.  I too, believe that this bag is awesome!  It carries a ton of items and I can take out the inner "baby bag" when I just want pull out the essentials such as diapers, creams, and wipes.  The bag I used before was just a bottomless pit that I could never find anything in.  So, this one definitely helps keep me somewhat organized.  I got the brown Madeline and my friend, Meg, got the red Madeline and both colors are beautiful!  If you're looking for a diaper bag that is so chic you can use after the kiddos are grown, this is it! Find it here.

IMG_0231.JPG (2) IMG_0232

4. Odessa hasn't quite transitioned to the crib or pack-n-play just yet.  So, since day one she's slept in the Fischer Price Rock-n-Play.  I used this same bassinet for Sheridan and my both of my baby girls have slept like a dream in it.  I always recommend this bed to my mommy friends.  It's easy to pack around the house and it tucks a baby in to where they feel so cozy and secure.  I've put Odessa in a pack-n-play in our room for a couple of nights but she just doesn't sleep as sound, so until I can get her to sleep longer in the pack-n-play or she wants to start sitting up in the Rock-n-Play, I won't fix it if it ain't broke.  You can find this bassinet here.


5. I totally have to throw this in because I have bald babies who always get mistaken for boys unless they're wearing a head bow and even then some folks till can't tell that they're girls!  I mean "come on, man, they're wearing pink and a bow!"  So these are my new favorites again from BabyWire by LiveWire Country Couture.  They're cute and are very comfy on your babies head.  You can find them at  Aren't these models adorable?

IMG_6285 baby wire clothes

So, I'm curious, have any other mommies out there had their little bull-headed babies go on a "nursing strike?"  What did you do?  Also, what are your must-have baby items?

Keep on keeping on,






Baby Chick Room Tour: Traycer

Here is my little mans room.  When he was first born, we didn't know if we were having a girl or a boy so we didn't do a whole lot of decorating other than both gender themed cowprint, so once he was born and got bigger we did some more fun stuff in his room.  He was originally in the room across the hallway which I now turned into my music room.  The room he is in now is much bigger!  He has a ginormous window looking out east and into the prairie!  He has always loved anything cowboy, bull riding, bull fighter!  It's probably because that's the only thing he has grown up around, which is totally fine!  Check out his room! 

I always loved the rope writings of names, so that's what I did with a kids rope (its a lot easier to bend then a bigger one)! 


This head board was made out of picket fence pieces which was considerably cheaper than using other wood! My mom had a single point burner that I hand drew all the brands on! Then my mother in law- Connie found the sheet/comforter set at Target. I had looked all over for western boys stuff and had not found anything I liked, then she bought this and not only I loved it, but more importantly, Traycer did! 

DSC_2546      DSC_2556


I searched forever for the decal I liked the best and ended up finding one that someone was selling on Ebay. Etsy has some awesome one and Ebay does too check them out! 


Here are some of my fun Hobby Lobby finds! If you sign up for their newsletter you can get coupons!!!! Also check online before you go because they always have good deals on something!  

DSC_2545    DSC_2545    DSC_2547


Here are some of Traycens favorite things in his room! 

This is a picture his Aunt Donna had given us from Cheyenne Frontier Days, and of coarse Traycer loved it because it had a bullfighter and bull rider on it.


Traycens toy chest that his Moomah found at a thrift store. We sanded out the letters to make it look more rustic and then re-stained it. 


We found some old rodeo pictures of his daddy and decided to put those up, along with a picture that our good friend Abby took! It's pretty awesome if I say so myself. We also have daddy's old chaps in his room which right now they are just hanging on the door. They need a home somewhere else in the room though!



DSC_2552    DSC_2547


I asked Traycer what one of the most favorite things in his room was and this is what he pointed to.


This piece of paper is very special to Traycen. Back in January we went to the bull riding at the stock show and we saw our friend Jamon there who took Traycen back to meet Flint Rasmussen! We weren't able to go back there with him but our friend said that Traycen kept laughing every time Flint would say something and was able to give him a hi five! This little guy came back with a smile ear to ear because he was so happy to have gotten to meet Flint. Earlier Flint had been running around in the stands giving hi fives and Traycen wasn't able to get down the stairs fast enough, so to his joy he got a signed autograph and a hi five! The joys of being a little kid! 

Then this just cracked me up because I have been very particular and like organizing everything! Traycen walks in his closet and goes "Mom this is soooooooo cool, I love it". I was like love what and he goes, mom my closet it looks sooo cool! Apparently he liked it organized. He said there's not stuff everywhere anymore hah! Gotta love little kids! 


DSC_2550    DSC_2548


Till next time!

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife,


Fall Favorite Kid Approved Recipes

Hey guys! Now that fall is coming around, it's time to start fixing some yummy fall goodies! This recipe is one I found online from at one time and then modified it to fit how we liked them. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, and Traycer loves them too! We always buy a bundle of bananas at the store every trip, and in turn, sometimes some of them go brown faster than others, which then means we get to make one of our favorite types of bread! Banana bread!!!! Here is the recipe modified from all the one listed above! Try it out! Also there are a lot of other easy fixings on there for meals too! 


*2-3 very ripe bananas, or browned (if ours start to get brown we let them, and then put them in the freezer to keep until were ready to make our bread) 

*1/3 cup melted butter or instead try 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt or greek yogurt! LOVE THAT! 

*1/4 cup of sugar (you can add all the way up to 1 cup depending how sweet you want them, we just like less sugar)

*1 egg, beaten (from our awesome home chickens)

*1 teaspoon vanilla extract (our friend Stacie home made some vanilla for us… it's AMAZING!!!) 

*1 teaspoon baking sodaDSC_2554

*Pinch of salt

*1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour (we use wheat!)

*1 cup or half cup of Quaker Oats (for the mini muffins)





What to do: 

*Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C), and butter or spray pam on whatever size pan you'd like. (we do some in a small glass bread loaf pan and then the extras go into miniature muffin trays)

*In a bowl, thaw our/mash the your bananas with a fork until smooth. Stir the melted butter or yogurt into your mashed bananas. *Mix in baking soda and salt. Stir in the sugar, beaten egg, and vanilla extract. Mix in the flour.

*Pour the batter into your prepared pan/trays (we add the oatmeal to the last little batch for the mini muffins at the end). Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes (check at 50 minutes) for the pan, and for the muffin trays bake for 8 minutes check them there and then add a minute or two if needed! 

*Remove from oven and cool completely on a rack. Remove the banana bread from the pan and the muffins from the tray! ENJOY!!!!!


DSC_2557        DSC_2560


DSC_2566     DSC_2562


DSC_2580    DSC_2582

Till next time!

XOXO CoopedUpCowboysWife       DSC_2591