The Cooped Up Cowboy’s Wife


Hey friends! I’m Candace Lostroh. My husband, Kody, and I raise our two girls on a ranch in Northern Colorado. We raise bucking bulls, ride horses, love Jesus and we also homeschool. I’m a lover of all things that entail adventures! Be it a hike in my beloved Rocky Mountains, getting lost in a good book or listening to someone’s else’s story of overcoming hardships and trusting God.

I started Cooped Up Cowboy’s Wife as a creative outlet for myself. I’ve always enjoyed writing, reading and sharing everything I’ve learned, so this little blog has been fun. I may take breaks from time to time because life takes me away, but this blog has always been a safe “home” to come back to.

The Brave Series features stories of people who are stepping out and trusting God with their whole heart. Everyone has a testimony and testimonies have power.

Life, love, faith and all of our adventures….

“I feel that my greatest calling in life is to love God and love people and help connect those two together.”

Candace Lostroh