My Brave Story- Tera Dadiotis

I really can't imagine anything worse than losing a child. It doesn't matter if you carried them in your womb for a month or held them in your arms after they were born, my heart breaks for the families who have had to get the news that they are no longer carrying a baby or to have to bury a child young or old. I know that it breaks God's heart as well. When a woman miscarriages I feel like the world writes it off as something insignificant. It has a lot to do with the sin in this world and in believing a fetus is not human, the biggest load of bull sh** I've ever heard! But not only that, Christians will chalk it up to, "well, you never know, God may have needed another angel." NO HE DIDN'T! I'm sorry, but He really doesn't, we live in a broken world! I'm not saying that the parents or anyone involved caused this by their sin, but this world is dying and because of that really sad and bad stuff happens. That's why we so badly need JESUS! Jesus gives life!

Okay, so I'll get off my soapbox and introduce you all to my sweet friend, Tera Dadiotis. If you want to hear about a couple who pushed through and held onto the promise that God had for them, Tera and her husband, Jimmy, are those people. They suffered multiple miscarriages, lots of fertility treatments and for most who would blame God for their hardship, these two decided to press into what He had for them. The devil will try to push you down, hold you down and make you surrender to his regime and agenda, but the most important thing that we can do when we have fallen down is to get on our knees in surrender to the goodness of who God is. His Word does not return void, When He gives you a promise He will complete it! It probably won't look exactly the way that you envisioned it and it will not be in the timing that you hoped, but God's got this!


The devil will try to push you down, hold you down and make you surrender to his regime and agenda, but the most important thing that we can do when we have fallen down is to get on our knees in surrender to the goodness of who God is
Tera and Jimmy Dadiotis

Tera and Jimmy Dadiotis

Well, for the past several years I have really grown in my faith. Mostly, because of what we have gone through in our journey of having a baby. My husband Jimmy and I met after we were introduced to each other by some friends, it was love at first sight! We've been together for 7 years and married for 4. We decided to start a family in 2015. We had no clue how difficult the journey would be back then. Perhaps, it was because we were trusting in our own ability instead of God's in the beginning. We tried for a year to get pregnant and then I ended up having to have surgery due to stage four endometriosis. During that time I met a gal at our church who was visiting from California, she told me that God showed her a vision of me with two beautiful children. A month after my surgery we got pregnant, but miscarried at eight weeks, it was pretty devastating. While I was in the hospital miscarrying that baby, that same woman who had that vision was in the emergency room with me and she didn't even live in the state, she was only visiting again. I knew that God was using that to show me He was still with us and that His promises would be fulfilled. We ended up getting pregnant again, six months later, and miscarried the baby at nine weeks. After that, we tried three attempts of IUI and one IVF and all failed. I felt like I was on a roller coaster with all of those hormones that I had to inject myself. That's when I really started to pray and press into the Lord. I asked him what He wanted us to do. I gently felt Him say to me, "Be still and know that I am God."-Psalm 46:10. I knew at that moment that we no longer needed to try to get pregnant but that it would happen in God's timing. I realize that when we work God rests, but when we rest, God goes to work. About one month later we got pregnant again, this time with our little Dimitri.

I knew deep down inside the enemy was going to do anything he could to destroy the process. But I just kept focusing on the scripture God gave me in Psalm 46:10. Of course, I was scared that I would miscarry or that something bad would happen. But the Lord just kept giving me peace and I focused on His promises. Although I did have some complications during the pregnancy and Dimitri came six weeks early, everything turned out the way it was supposed to. The doctors told us when Dimitri was born that he could be in the NICU for six weeks! I couldn't imagine missing out on all that time with my baby after everything we had gone through. So I just kept praying that Dimitri would take the doctors by surprise and that God would give him supernatural strength, health and healing. And that's exactly what God did! Dimitri stayed only one week in the hospital, the doctors and nurses told us that he was taking them all by surprise. That's exactly what I prayed for!

My biggest piece of advice for any couple who may be going through the same process that we did is that miracles happen every day, and God wants to do a miracle in everyone's life. But in order for him to do this I believe we have to be obedient. And when I say be obedient that doesn't mean we have to do things to earn God's grace but actually the complete opposite. It means we need to be obedient and letting God work for us and trusting in Him!

In adjusting to motherhood, I definitely thought it would be much more difficult, but it has been an incredible journey. I think everything we went through makes us appreciate Dimitri so much more. I just put everything in God's hands and I mean everything! I realize apart from Him I can't do anything. So now, being a mama, I need the Lord even more. I need Him to guide me in everything I do especially as a mom.