Worship Nights

I encourage ya'll to listen to this song called "Revival Song" by Matt and Jorie Henderson. This particular song ministers straight to my heart and is a personal favorite. It says;

"So we rise up and take hold of HIS promise HIS glory outshines 

the darkness. He's high and lifted up. 

There's power, love, and truth and breakthrough

 as heaven collides with earth, to let HIS kingdom come. 

Let HIS will be done."

When I  heard this song I was in total awe. I had been struggling with some things in my life and this song brought me hope. As I listened to those words above I felt like God was calling me to RISE UP and get out of the rut that I was in. God was telling me to pull out from the darkness that was in my life and let His light shine upon it. He was showing me how much He loved me and that I didn't have to be held captive to the struggles in my life. I felt like this song was prophesying over my life, my marriage and all that God had for me. God was going to be changing my situation, my heart and my mind for the better. There was going to be an opening of doors in my life for what was next. The situation that I was in wasn't going to define who I was because God was bringing His power, His healing and His breakthrough to my life. I remember sitting and listening to this song over and over again just bawling in the goodness of God. I would literally marinate on the bridge when it says; "He's moving in stronger, moving in closer, taking us higher and taking us deeper." With these words I could stand on the promise that He was showing me during that time. 

I have been walking out the goodness that God keeps showing me each and every day. He speaks to me in so many different ways and it amazes me. The other day I was in the bathroom at church. I was standing there just looking at scripture on my phone and the lights went out. I stood there in the darkness. Kind of being fearful for a moment I heard God say "step forward." I stepped forward and the lights turned on. It was like God was showing me something through this moment for His children. He was saying, "as you take a step forward you walk out of the darkness into my light." All it takes is one step. God is calling you out of your darkness into the light that He brings. There is power, so much power in the name of Jesus. He is our cloud by day and our fire by night. He burns within our hearts and heals the hurts that we have and brings joy into the places that we couldn't find joy. His kingdom come, His will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven. Take HOLD OF HIS PROMISE! 

This last Friday our home church Northern Colorado Cowboy Church helped host an event that my dear friends were putting on. This event was absolutely beyond amazing! The preparation for each piece that was put together for the event was on point. The people behind this ministry have so much heart and passion for worshipping God and leading Gods people into that worship. This night consisted of worship and prayer. There were numerous people from different churches that came to help support, pray and lead in this event. This ministry will be working with different churches around Northern Colorado to set up monthly prayer and worship nights. The main focal point of this ministry is on 3 prayer topics; unity, salvations and revival. I encourage you all to check out their website and get to know their heart and all the people behind it. If you are around Northern Colorado this year at all check out where they will be at for each worship night. Also you can purchase their album on I-tunes called "Love Like Fire". 

A little about their album: 

 Matt and I knew it was time to record again. It had been 7 years of writing, having kids, and doing life together with each other and friends. When it was time we wanted to do a live recording but with our friends that consisted of other worship leaders, musicians, artists, and intercessors. On Jan 21st 2015 we circled up and gathered 60 of those people together on one stage to worship Him. We knew we had 6 original songs but wanted to be open to the flow of the Holy Spirit that night and knew that He may take us places in worship that were not on our set list. What a powerful night! Passionate prayers were lifted up, spontaneous songs were birthed out of worship to Him and artists created masterpieces that reflected what was going on that evening. We captured that night on this live worship/prayer/art album and we pray as you listen you would encounter His passionate love for you.

Make sure you check out their website: loveonfireworship.com


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