What if you only focused on what God thought of you?


Hello strangers!! It's been a minute for me here on the old blog, okay maybe more like months!! I don't like calling my life crazy or busy because I think that's what the devil likes us to use as an excuse, but I wholeheartedly believe that are lives definitely go through seasons. There are seasons of waiting and being still with God (think of David waiting and hiding out in the caves, just waiting until it was his time to step into kingship.) There are times of standing and hanging on to the promise that you have from God. Then there are times of moving and grooving. I love what my Pastor says, "This is where you're taking NEW territory!" You're stepping out and going to a new place that you've never been before (think of Abraham, Ruth and Esther!) I say this because I feel like I've gone through all of three of these seasons in the last few months and am currently on the move with God. He's pouring into me but at the same time He's asking me to step out, try new things and to go further and deeper with Him then I have ever gone before (I'll share that all with you soon!)

Writing has always been a way for me to get my ideas out and it's such a creative outlet for me. It takes practice though! When you're not actually doing it everyday, you get to where it's a lot of work and that's where I was. Kirste and I started Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife over 3 years ago and I plan to keep at it because I know God has blessed me with the gift of words and has given me the platform of this blog. But as most bloggers I'm sure can attest, it gets to be a job sometimes. You wonder if people are reading what you're writing. If it's material that people actually care about and if you're just wasting your time. I brought this to God because I wanted to know if it was something I needed to lay down and walk away from for good. God gently let me know He's got stuff to say and that I'm not writing for others but for Him. Let my words be for Him. That I would focus on Him and His thoughts towards me and the love He has for His people and I would share that with you.

So here's my question to you: What would you do if you only knew how God felt about you and not anyone else's opinion?

Would you step and do something brave and bold because you know how much God loves you and believes in you? (Talking to that stranger in the grocery line and asking them if you can pray for them?)

Would go places that you've never been before? (What about that college Bible retreat where you won't know anyone?)


What if you simply just lay down all of your fears and barriers that are holding you back and just say, "God, what do you think of me? Use me and tell me what do next?"

God is an adventurer, an artist, a writer, an inventor, a communicator and so on. Pretty much any cool job you can think of, God is that. The best part is that we are made in His image, so that means He put all of that in us! And you know what? The enemy hates it! Satan can't create, he can't give life and he can't even come up with new ways of trying to screw with God's most precious creation (Us!) So he's going to do his best at deceiving you and feeding you the lie that you are not good enough.

You're best tools for dealing with these lies are reading God's Word and learning what His promises are so that when you're fed a lie you can recognize it right away and nail it to the cross!

So my encouragement for you is to get quiet with God. Ask Him what His promises are for you. You may not hear anything right away. His answer might come through a song you hear in your car as you drive, from the friend who calls you later that day, or when you sit down to read your Bible. I remember when I got to ask this question I was at women's conference. I had the privilege of getting to pray with an amazing prayer warrior and she just started speaking out promises that God was pointing out to her. Scriptures that backed up those promises came next. Then it seemed like everywhere I looked there was confirmation of those words spoken in songs I heard, books I was reading and podcasts I'd listen to. So, just ask!

I hope you have  a beautiful day!

Much love,