Wild Rags

Here in Colorado the temperatures are not supposed to rise above 10 degrees for the next few days and that doesn't include the wind-chill.  Major burr!!!!  So with feeding animals, breaking ice, or even just getting to your vehicle with kids in tow, dressing warm is a necessity.  Around our house these warm clothes include coveralls, down coats, hats, gloves and the ever stylish but very useful, wild rag.  Depending on where you come from, you may call them wild rags, neckerchiefs, handkerchiefs, scarves or bandanas.  Of course, there is a difference in size between each one, but my personal preference is the largest of the sort, the wild rag.  It's size varies between a 36x36 or 42x42 inches.  This is just the right size to wrap around your neck twice or pull up over your nose to keep warm. Kody likes to sport the solid colored scarves that are usually a silk and rayon mix, but I tend lean towards the more colorful but classic scarves.  To fuel my "scarf love," I picked up this book on scarves while we were out in Las Vegas.  It shares the history of the western scarf as well documenting rare vintage scarves.  Oh my gosh, I wish I could own them all!

IMG_1738IMG_1740.JPG (2)

Our friend, Megan Holdren with Livewire Clothing, just started carrying some beautiful scarves made by one of our very own Cooped Up Confessionals, Miss Amy Fellini.  I snagged this floral one when I was in town the other day and I think I've only taken it off to sleep.  Amy's designs are unique because she always uses a contrasting thread color to stitch the edges.


Another one of Amy's collection. This scarf has a bit of a shimmer to it and would practically go with any color you throw it over.


 A few more of the beauties at Live Wire Clothing.

IMG_1737 IMG_1734


 Western scarves were even featured in Vogue this last year.  Maybe the western world is onto something!


When Kody and I first got married I worked at a tack and feed store that sold wild rags.  I had learned to tie a square knot for scarves from a Western Horseman magazine and I thought it'd be fun to tie a few scarves on the display in a square knot.  Well, my boss loved it and wanted me to tie all them in a square knot.  So by the end of my time working there I had probably tied that knot over a thousand times.  I really do like the way it looks and it's pretty simple to do.  I thought I'd share it with you here:

So first, you have your two scarf ends in the front.


Next, you wrap one scarf end around your two fingers. 


Then, you'll bring the opposite scarf end under the first wrap.


That scarf end will then be wrapped around the back. 


And then with that same scarf end, you'll bring it over the first wrap and under the second wrap.


You're pretty much done with the knot now but you'll just need to straighten all of it out to make it look nice.  This knot is not meant to be tied super tight.  It looks much better being a little loose.  Isn't it classy?

DSCF9501So there ya have it!  If you always held back from wearing a wild rag because it's a little to "buckaroo" for you, you are really missing out.  I'd rather spend money on one of these classy pieces then the trendy infinity scarf any day.  Trust me, your neck will thank you!


Stay warm out there and Happy New Year!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace