Outfit Post: Pretty Western Dress

This last Friday, Kirste and I packed up the kids and headed to a morning wedding.  It was definitely not an ordinary time of day to have a wedding but it turned out absolutely beautiful.  The setting was in a field next to a pond that had enormous cotton woods surrounding the area.  The bride was a good friend from church and her testimony was what made the day so special.  It's a testimony of God's faithfulness, His promises and His redemption.  I'm pretty sure I started tearing up the moment the song started for her to walk down to her groom.  I'm such a sap for a good love story! The weather was absolutely perfect so I chose my new Tasha Polizzi dress that I got from the Pretty Western.  Pretty Western is owned by my sweet friend, Sara McCoy and her sister.  Sara has always had impeccable style and this is so apparent from beautiful clothes that are featured in her online boutique.

DSC_2764 DSC_2778

This dresses bold colors were so fun to pair up with a great pair of Ariat boots and my green shawl that I picked up from Savannah Sevens.

DSC_2771 DSC_2777 DSC_2791

I kept my jewelry simple with a  silver beaded necklace and silver hoops.  I also faked a tan on my legs so I wouldn't blind anyone!  Haha!  I like using Sally Hansen's Leg Make-up when I know I won't be showing too much of my legs.

I'm sure that there will be tons of spring and summer weddings coming up so make sure to check out Pretty Western for the perfect outfit! 


Have a happy Monday!

Cooped Up Mama Candace