What Could You Lose In A Day?

Good morning awesome readers!  Today, here on the prairie of Ault, Colorado it is rainy.  Praise the Lord for the rain, I will SOOOOO take that over snow any day!  It's cold, but hey, we got moisture so it's all good!  So, a few weeks ago I put up a poll asking about three things you use the most throughout your day.  A lot of you answered with your Bible, some kind of drink, and then something personal to you.  I love that a lot you commented your Bibles were the first thing on you list. I think that is the most important one because it sets up the rest of your day. Take a look at what else was on the list! 2. Coffee, Spark or Tea (basically something warm in the morning). 

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3. Technology (of coarse) whether it's your iPhone, iPad, or iPod you always feels naked when you don' t have it with you.

4. Your vehicle, because let's face it when you live out in the boonies sometimes you got to go to town so you don't go stir crazy! 

5. Hair-tyes.  This one made me laugh but I totally agree because where we live it's super windy at the blink of an eye sometimes.  I love having extra hair-tyes or even head bands in my pickup so I can tame my hair after it looks like I got bucked off and blown through a tornado! 

6. Socks!  I could not agree more.  I have to have socks on when I am at home doing stuff and even sleeping because my if my feet are cold, I'm going to be cold. 

7. Other things consisted of music, someone's dog, books, toothbrush and miscellaneous foods. 

Here's my top 3 picks! 

1. My bible and my new book I have been reading by Judah Smith called "Life Is".  It's one of those books you can read the first chapter over and over again because it makes you think that much and it's so good!


2. My Spark!  My favorite is fruit punch.  I stopped drinking excessive amounts of coffee each day and traded it for spark.  Spark is even better hot, (occasionally I do love a Human Bean though, just saying). 


3. My husband and my friends!  Life would not be the same without either of those.  My husband is everything to me.  He truly helps me with everything.  I couldn't do what I do without him especially when it comes to my commitment of leading worship at church, which I love worship.  He works so hard each and every day to provide for my son and I and leads our household.  His heart is for God and for his family.  Love you babe!  


My friends!!! You all know who you are.  Honestly these pictures explain it all!  You are my life, my encouragers, my motivation to do things, my workout buddies, my call on a dime type of people, my trust and my best friends!

images-10 images-8





Here is one answer from a gal that I love so dearly.  Her hearts so beautiful and she is stinking funny! 

"My Bible, caffiene and the computer- but I think I would totally be fine without the computer stuff.  Coffee is just a wonderful beautiful luxuary that I don't want to be without.  The Bible I just really don't want to be without and it is truly something I need.  I would be able to remember and recite some scripture but it wouldn't be the same not having it with me. I know it might be silly but I pretty much have to have it with me in the truck everywhere I go. I can look over at it if my mind is getting off base and be re-minded of His grace and mercy". 

Hope you all have an amazing Friday!  Yay for the weekend!!!

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife  Kirste