Cowboy's Wife Candace- Week in Photos

My cowboy broke his ankle this last Saturday after dismounting his bull.  It was such a weird situation that caused it to happen.  He had rode his bull for 86 points and after the buzzer went off at 8 seconds his bull took off running and Kody dismounted, stuck his landing but his ankle twisted at the same time.  When I watched it on TV, it didn't look that bad, but it still broke.  The PBR doctor assumed that it was broken pretty bad and required surgery, but after getting x-rays this morning the plan is to keep it elevated and iced this week. Come Monday, he will make a decision to compete at the World Finals which begins next Wednesday, or to forego it.  I hate that it happened to him at all, but I really hate that it happened a little over a week away from Vegas.  I think I'm taking it harder than Kody.  He's had such an up and down year with injuries and it just breaks my heart to know that he's still able to compete at the top but his body is not cooperating.  I've come to this conclusion though, that God is good and He has it all under control!  I will place my trust in Him and that's that! With that said, the girls and I have been holding down the ranch.  Our days at home pretty much consist of Mickey Mouse, Play-Doh, lots of booger wiping (darn cold season), cuddling, ABC song on YouTube and trying to get some projects done.  I thought I'd post some of my fave pics from this last week.  Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with us!

Get ready for photo overload!

IMG_0549.JPG (2) IMG_0548.JPG (2)

Last Monday was so beautiful, so we enjoyed our time outside on our new turf. I'm in love with this Chubster's legs!








My girls love to cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse in the mornings. Sheridan always requests, "I want Dessa to sit with me." Gotta love it!









IMG_0567 IMG_0565 Sheridan is a huge Play-Doh fan and her new favorite thing to do is to make a mustache and pretend she's The Lorax.  Just FYI, her boogers turn out a bluish green after she does this, big than you to Dr. Seuss for that!








IMG_0558.JPG (2) IMG_0555My baby, Odessa Rose will be 6 months this Wednesday.  It has flown by.  Kody is the master at putting her to sleep.  I'm pretty sure she's gonna be a Daddy's girl.  Oh, and Kody hates when I post pics of him without a hat on because his hair is flattened and you can see a little receding hairline, sorry babe!








IMG_0569 IMG_0570.JPG (2)On Friday, we made the trip down to my parent's house.  Grandma let's Sheridan make a huge mess and have bubbles but I guess that's what Grandma's are for, right?









IMG_0584.JPG (2) IMG_0582.JPG (2)And on Saturday, we had more bubbles. 










IMG_0589This was the girls Saturday night before bed.  I just love how Odessa is reaching for Sheridan, she just loves her!









IMG_0592.JPG (2) IMG_0594.JPG (2)

Sunday we went to church to watch this beautiful lady (Pastor Lynnete Gleghorn) preach and, man, did she bring it! Such an awesome Word! You can learn about What's in the Name of Jesus, here.  Oh and she's rocking a Livewire Country Couture one-of-a-kind blazer.

We also got to hear our fellow Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife lead worship. She's got a lot of anointing on her!






This morning was a cool one and since Kody had an early doctor appointment, I took the girls to feed with me.  The best feed crew around! It makes my week to her them both giggling in the stroller.