Cooped Up Confession: Lynette Gleghorn

Have you ever met a person that just makes you feel like you are the most special person the world when you're with them?  It's like they see all the good that is in you and really make you feel valuable.  I know this kind of person is very rare indeed and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting a person like this before, let me introduce you to Pastor Lynette Gleghorn.  In a world of people who are quick to talk negative and pass judgment, she is such a breath of fresh air.  Her and her husband Darin, both Pastor Northern Colorado Cowboy Church in Lucerne, Colorado.  This is the church Kirste and I attend.  Pastor Darin and Lynette each preach sermons at services as well as a few guest speakers take the pulpit from time to time.  I can tell you right now that this lady can really "bring it" when it comes to preaching God's Word to the church.  Not only does she make the Bible relatable, but she makes it so every person can really apply it to their lives.  I know for myself, I've learned from Lynette that God is such a good Daddy.  That He loves us so much and does not want us to settle for less than His best.  Being a parent herself, she knows how to reveal the attributes of God that show us how He loves us as His children.  Another principle that I've learned from Lynette is that God is more concerned with our character than our comfort.  Now, don't get me wrong,  He's concerned with our comfort as well, but not at the sacrifice of our character.  So when He's letting us go through something that we feel we shouldn't have to go through, it's usually because God is letting that circumstance shape our character by putting our faith in Him to make it through it.  Oh my gosh, I could go on and on with all of the wisdom I have gleaned from this woman of God.  When we sat down to interview her, I could've stayed there all day and just soaked in the words she had to say.  I hope you can see how much love and honor I have for this woman of God and if you have never been to our church I really encourage to come or visit if your passing through.  You will not be disappointed by the culture of honor and hospitality that our pastors have created in our church by simply following the Holy Spirit's leading.

I've been so excited to bring this confession to our readers and I know you will fall in love as well with this Proverbs 31 woman.

Pastor Lynette Gleghorn

Pastor Lynette Gleghorn

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: I always like to ask what's it like in the day-in-the-life of you, just to give us a peak into your everyday life?

Lynette:  I usually wake up before everyone else and have quiet time with God.  And then I always make breakfast for the kids before I take them to school.  After I drop them off at school I head to the gym.  I really enjoy doing this for myself.  After the gym I head to the church office for meetings with our staff or people from our congregation.  Then it's off to pick up the kids and head home to get homework done and cook dinner.  We really cherish our time at home because of this busy season that we are in.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  I know I've heard it before, but tell us the story of how you and Pastor Darin met.

Lynette:  Well we were at a cowboy minister's conference being held a casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  We were introduced by Crystal Lyons who was a mutual friend between us.  I just felt the strongest presence of God when I met Darin and I really felt like I needed to pray for him.  So I had another minister stand with me and I got to pray over my future husband before I even got to know him.  He lived in Texas and I was in Colorado, so we talked on the phone and saw each other in person only five times before we got married.  We both have the same passion to serve God. 

Pastor Lynette and Pastor Darin Gleghorn

Pastor Lynette and Pastor Darin Gleghorn

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife: Pastor Darin says that, "it's Lynette's world and I just lives in it."  Tell us what that exactly means.

Lynette:  Haha! Well...when we got married he really encouraged me to step into my ministry.  I remember him telling me that he'd carry my Bible wherever I went.  He supports me in all things!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  What does a Godly woman look like to you?

Lynette:  When I think of a Godly woman, I think of honor.  She has honor for her God and her husband.  Her priorities are in line as well.  Gracious also comes to mind.  The more we grow, the more we find that our value is in God and this is more meaningful than just confidence.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  If you could tell a woman that is looking for a Godly man anything to encourage her, what would you tell her?

Lynette:  First, she needs to know her value in God and if she does, she will wait for a man who sees that same value in her.  Don't settle!  Fall in love with God and be patient.  I know for me, I started writing in a journal and I wrote to the man that God had for me.  I wrote down my prayers for him and especially when I was lonely I would write in that journal.  I gave that journal to Darin the night before we got married and it was a such a special and beautiful thing to share with him.

Lynette and her adopted pup, Barley

Lynette and her adopted pup, Barley

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Is there a woman that you admire or one who inspires you? Be it from the from fitness, motherhood or another minister, etc.?

Lynette:  Seeing a woman who is doing what God created her to do.  This woman is walking in the calling and authority that God has placed her in.  There's such beauty in watching a woman be "all out" and not holding anything back in her life.  I love watching a mom and her kids or seeing you girls sing worship on stage.  I'm so inspired by just witnessing a woman that is allowing God to use her in all things.  This woman is aware of His anointing and for her to be able to recognize what God is doing is just so amazing.  Sandy Trice is one of the many women I know who lives like this.  She and her husband had pastored a church in Texas for over 40 years and she just exudes God's gracefulness and beauty.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  So many women can run themselves ragged by serving, working, and being a mother and wife.  What advice would you give a woman who is struggling with this?

Lynette:  If we do it out of our own strength we will get burned out.  If we allow God to work it out through us and we give Him our all, He will put everything in order.  I always think of a quote from Andy Stanley, "Do for one what you would like to do for all."  It's so easy to get spread too thin.  What man establishes man must maintain and what God establishes, God will maintain.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  Ask yourself, "Am I doing what He is wanting me to do and am I partnering with Him?"

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  You and Pastor Darin have had some tough times financially when you were first married.  Could you give us a specific story that illustrates how you got through it?

Lynette:  Well when we fist got married we were serving another minister and we had to travel to where they were ministering to just serve anywhere they needed and we did not have much between the two of us.  We had our truck and our dogs and our luggage was just a couple of Tupperware totes that rode in the bed of our truck.  I remember stopping once at a gas station and we bought some Ritz crackers, spray cheese and a couple apples and that was our lunch, dinner and possibly our lunch the next day.  But we just made the most of it and everywhere we went we just made an adventure out of it.  From that gas station we walked over to a nearby park that had some statues of dinosaurs and I remember taking pictures of Darin riding the dinosaurs like he was riding a bull and getting bucked off and we were laughing so hard.  All that mattered to me was that I had God and I had Darin.  I knew everything would be okay.  We never got upset with each other through the hard times, we just embraced it.  If we couldn't have believed God for the small things like food and gas money, we would have never been able to believe Him for a church and a house.  I remember my dad telling me just a while back that he wishes he would've known how bad things were financially for us during that time because he would've wanted to help. But I told him that if we would've told him, we would've never had to trust God solely for our provision.

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Looking over this past year, what is one thing that you recognize as being a huge accomplishment in your life?  It could be something you did together as a couple or as a family?

Lynette:  We went to a minister's conference in Florida called Voice of the Apostles and it seriously rocked our family in a good way.  We gave our kids the choice of going to stay with their grandparents or coming with us to the conference.  We let them know that it was going to be close to Disney World, but we were only going to the conference.  They chose to come with us and we all got filled with so much out there.  We grew so much as a family as well.

The Gleghorn Family

The Gleghorn Family

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Your kiddos, Rhett and Rhiatta, are some of the sweetest and most respectful kids I've ever met.  What are some things you've really instilled in your kids to raise them "right?"

Lynette:  Honor was the biggest thing. There's a difference between obeying and honoring their father and I.  Obeying is when I ask them to do something and they do it, but honor is when they are not with us and they still choose to make choices that would please us.  Honor is having me in their hearts when I'm not there to see what they are doing.  This is the first commandment that God gives us that comes with a promise. The way we teach them about honor is mainly from the way they see how Darin and I treat each other and other people.  We really try to show them that they themselves have value and to see the value in other people as well.  It all starts in the home.

Rhett and his pretty mama!

Rhett and his pretty mama!

Lynette and Rhiatta

Lynette and Rhiatta

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Tell us one of your proudest mommy moments.

Lynette:  This last fall, Rhett was having a hard time with a boy in school and it had started to become physical.  It was so rewarding to watch him work his way through this hard time and he ended up going to our youth group and had them pray with him to have his own heart changed toward this boy and he also wanted to have the urge to pray for this boy.  It was hard to watch him go through it, but his growth in faith and character because of it, was amazing.

With Rhiatta, we had asked her if she wanted to go serve with us at the homeless shelter in Greeley and she really wanted to go.  But I wasn't sure how she was going to handle being around the folks there so I gave her the choice of working in the back or serving up front and she chose to serve up front.  I was so proud to watch her treat everyone with such honor and respect and make them feel dignified.  She was saying, "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir" to everyone.

And then there's definitely the times when they got baptized.  We waited until they chose to do it and it was so special.  C.W. Wegele stood with Rhett at his baptism and it meant a lot to him.  We have such awesome men in our church that our son can look up to.  As well as the women for Rhiatta to look up to.  She thinks that you and Kirste just about have wings and walk on water! 

The Gleghorns

The Gleghorns

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Okay, so I have to just say that I love your classy style.  You always seem to be so put together and I wanted to know what are some of your go-to pieces?

Lynette:  I love a good denim jacket!  I have a few of those and I also have an army green blazer that goes with so much.  I love something that goes with a number different outfits.  I'm not really into spending money on pieces that are trendy but I will spend more on the classic basic pieces.  Also, a good pair of boots or fun heels are worth every penny!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife:  Just to glean a little more wisdom from you, could you give us some cowboy's wife wisdom?

Lynette:  Always be your husband's biggest fan.  He will have more than enough critics, so he needs you in his cheering section!

Thank you Pastor Lynette for sitting down with us and I pray that your words change lives!

Love the Cooped Up Cowboy's Wives!