Saturday Blurp!

Today is literally a hurricane of snow!  As I look out the window, all I see is snow blowing around and faintly something in the background.  But, before this all started I took Traycen out so that he could get out of the house while daddy worked.  We ended up driving around looking for coyotes!  Traycen got all dressed in his gear and off we went! IMG_1507  

Cabella's (The boys favorite store) is where daddy bought Traycen his coyote call!  Let's just say we ONLY use it outside of the house.  Trust me, when we first got it, I think I could have set him outside for a whole day to call in coyotes, he was so excited!  And let's be honest, mom was really annoyed!










We went driving down the road and the gates for cows were open so of coarse they were all out in the middle of the road.  Traycen stated that the cows were having a "cattle meeting" there in the middle of the road!  He makes me laugh.  Then he said that he wanted to be able to take a picture with the cows in the buzzard (blizzard) that was going to be arriving.








No we didn't really find a coyote, but we pretended and played we did!  I love the imagination of a three year old!  We had a fun time just getting out of the house and having a little country road fun! 

Till next time,

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste