The Experience

Good morning amazing people!  We here at the Wegele house have had a long few weeks with a lot of chaos going on in dealing with different life circumstances.  From getting ready to put our house on the market, cleaning, selling things, and basic life, we've had a lot going on. For example, the other day we let the dogs out together while Traycen and I were in the basement.  The new puppy, Sampson and Ziggs (our Australian Shepard) had not been out together in a while so I wanted to make sure they were still hanging around the house. When I looked out from the porch I saw feathers, everywhere!  We got on our mud boots and headed out towards the chicken pen.  As we got closer I stopped Traycen when I saw one chicken dead.  I walked closer and looked around to then see another chicken dead.  I then ran over to the chicken house to check in there for the rest of the chickens and noticed there were only two chickens.  I asked Traycen to look around for one that was missing he spotted another.  Honestly it looked like a murder scene at our house.  I was so irritated and pissed at the dogs.  Didn't they know that those were Traycens precious chickens? Needless to say the dogs got whooped and it was a life and death learning experience for the little man.  Here are a picture of his chickens! IMG_2255

The next learning experience was shortly after this one but quite a bit different. We had received a call from my parents that my grandma was in Hospice care. This is my dad's mom and Traycen's great grandma Millie. About a month ago was the last time that we were able to visit her. When we arrived she was sleeping and although we wanted to wake her, we didn't because we didn't want to startle her.  So instead, Traycen offered to sing to her while she was sleeping.  He sang his favorite song at the time "One Thing Remains" by Bethel Music.  He held her hand and just sang his little heart away.  I know that this fed into her spirit and it was beautiful to watch my 4 year old share the love that Jesus has put in his heart with his great grandmother.  Anyways, after we heard the news we headed down to the assisted living center to support family and visit.  Prior to this we had explained to Traycen that Millie was not feeling well and was having some difficulties.  The hubs and I wanted to make sure that he knew what was going on.  Even though our kids may not have the full understanding of why things are going on they still know something is up. CW and I, as parents have decided to try and explain things to Traycen in a way that he will understand.  Honestly, sometimes this is easier said than done, but we try.  So anyways, I asked Traycen if he remembered what I had told him the night before and what the rules were. To my surprise he answered with the most positive, real answer. He told me rule #1 was to first pray for Millie when we get in there!  Seriously!  I was in awe of what he said.  I was proud of him.  All along I was thinking that he would say the # 1 rule was to be quiet and to not be crazy in there, but I was wrong.  Then Traycen proceeded to tell us that he is a healer because Jesus is a healer and that he inherited that name with his name.  He said Jesus makes him a healer and so he would pray for his Grandma Millie. Okay, so lets be honest here.  What he said was pretty amazing.  I think about the things that he says and I know that it's straight from Heaven and that God uses him as a vessel to speak through him.  When I was thinking the # 1 rule was to be quiet he was thinking to pray.  I realize that in a lot of situations I typically freak out and over think instead of praying.  This really made me open my eyes to the way I think about things.  What I have concluded is that I want to be more like my little boy and pray first about everything. Like I said before, sometimes this is easier said than done, but after getting to experience my little boy saying that I want to strive after being more like him, like Jesus. 

These are two pictures my sister sent me the other day from a few years back!  

image       DSC_1391

This was our last visit from when we visited Millie when Traycen was able to sing to her while she was sleeping! 




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