Cooped Up Fall

This mama is ready to put away the sandals and tanks and break out the flannel and wild rags.  Colorado is diving into freezing temps starting this week and I could not be happier to say "adios" to the flies and rattlers.  I love every season that our gorgeous state experiences but I know that when it's time to change from one to the next I am more than ready.  I'm sure if you live outside of town like we do and are anywhere near a feedlot or dairy you've experienced the dreaded fly invasion into your home or vehicle this time of year and how much it STINKS!  Not only are they down-right annoying, but they poop on everything, they get splattered all over when you kill them and they're just dirty little things!  But I'm ready for the first freeze for sure and I'm ready for layers...and hot chocolate...and snow...and sledding!!! I was looking through a few pics from the last couple of winters since we've had kiddos and I'm convinced that life is just all-around better with them in it.

IMG_1641.JPG (3) IMG_1632.JPG (2)





Sure, there's no sleeping in or late nights out on the town (not that we did that anyways!).  But there's cuddles, giggles, and seeing they're little faces light up when they get to experience something new or fun.  Today, for example, we didn't have much on the agenda except for caring for the critters, cleaning my house and hanging out with my girls.  For some reason it turned into playing outside on the trampoline and reenacting Cinderella, which turned into going inside and getting they're "fancy dresses" on and twirling around.  I'm sure mamas of girls know all about the "twirl factor" of a dress.  It goes like this, put on dress, stand back, and spin and look down to see how much is flaring out.  Not enough twirl?  Try a new dress and repeat!  We could go on for hours if I'd let them.  But, it really makes they're little hearts so happy and I'm smiling right along side them.  I'm convinced that's the stuff good childhoods are made of!

Speaking of making my heart happy I wanted to share a few things that I've ran across that just gets me excited and ready for our seasonal change.

Wild Rags- they're always a good idea.  Around here I wear them to feed, ride, church, pretty much everywhere.  See my wild rag square knot tutorial here.  And to find some of these beauties check out Instagram for Ashley's Wild Rags(@ashleyswildrags) and Cowgirl Gemz (@cowgirlgemz).

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Warm layers- I love dressing in layers because of all the different dimensions and textures that layering brings.  Colorado is know for having snow in the morning and 70 degree temps in the afternoon, so layers are great!  Pretty Western has some great blanket wraps and ponchos.  Also, this baby outfit from Londinlux is just the cutest, so I had to include it.

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Boots, boots and more boots-  I don't think this needs much of explanation.  Junk Gypsy carries some super great boots for fall.

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Cozy Beds-  These beds are so dreamy and adding a Pendleton to your bed instantly makes it warm and cozy.

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And of course, these two-


Happy fall to you all and I hope wherever you are that it's getting to be fall there too!

Stay warm,