Jesus is the reason for the season!

Jesus is the reason for the season”. How many times have you heard this saying especially around this time of year? I honestly have heard it a lot! I'm not saying that it's wrong to state, but what I am questioning is why we say this only during this time of year? As a lot of people have different reasons for using this phrase I have come to the realization that this shouldn't be just a one season saying. God wants us to have Jesus as the reason for the season throughout the whole year. Although the world we live in tends to distract us and keep us focused on other things, we need to stay focused on Jesus. Our focus and faith should be in Jesus. He wants us to have Him through every season, every trial and tribulation. He wants to be our joy, our light in the darkness and our “one and only hope”. We all can tend to get so busy around different times of the year, especially in the winter months, but lets learn to prioritize what's important and what God is calling us to. Here are some things that can help us do just that! *Make Him your first priority.

There's always things that need to be done. If you are putting those other things first and giving them too much focus you will discover that they are endless tasks. With putting Jesus first everything else will line up. He wants you to have Him in the forefront of your awareness and to live close to Him.

*Keep your word/promises and stay integrable.

What does this look like to you. Do you often tell your children that you are going to do something, then you don't do it? Are you late all the time when you're needed to be somewhere? Take the time for the things you have given your word to. Even if it's taking your kids to the park or taking time out of your schedule to sit down and play a game with them then do it.

*Share with others what God has blessed you with.

God has given you everything you have. Whether this is your finances or things given to you by others it was still provided by God. Be obedient in sharing whatever that my be. This includes your time, finances, gifts, and your talents.

*Those little sayings... please and thank you! Let's be honest these can you take you a long way by just simply using them.

*Tell the people you love that you love them. Love the people that you come in contact with. This may be your own family members or strangers. Jesus loves all! Use that love that He brings to love other people too!

Have a happy and healthy blessed season!

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Out of Sheridan's Mouth

Do you remember that show called, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things!"  I believe Bill Cosby (yes, I know the allegations, haha) hosted it.  I always loved that show and seeing the things that kids would come up with. Sheridan's day has finally come for what comes out of her mouth can now totally embarrass us as her parents or just make us crack up!  She's becoming quite the opinionated little thing and she's the master at asking questions that put us on the spot. Especially, if it's within earshot of the person she's asking about.  So, I thought I'd enlighten you on some of the silly things my kid says.

IMG_6063 IMG_6457 (2)

"Mom, why does that lady have blue hair?"  This happened at Target while "the blue haired lady" was standing behind us in line.  I guess if you dye your hair blue you may be okay with little kids calling it to attention, at least she didn't seem to mind, ha ha!

"Mom, why is that little kid acting like a brat?"  And, this took place in the cereal aisle of the grocery store at almost the exact time we pass the "bratty child" and his mom.

"I don't want to talk about this right now."  She said this after I asked her if she wanted to go to "time out" or brush her teeth.

"Mom, you're making me tired."  I hear this from her at least a couple times a day, it happens mostly when I'm asking her to pick up her toys, get in her car seat or etc.

...and my personal fave, mostly because she's totally just copying what she's heard me say...

"This is so freaking frustrating!" 

She said this when she was trying to put on those awful Barbie dresses that are extremely hard to put on even for a grown adult woman!  Yes, those miniature size dresses stress me out just a bit!  Okay, personal rant over!

Anyways, that is the big news going on in our lives.  My kid kinda has a potty mouth thanks to myself and I am extremely terrible at dressing Barbies!

I hope you are all having an awesome December and you will get to have a wonderful time hanging out with family and friends over the holidays!

We are gearing up to launch a new look on our page here,  as well as bringing you some amazing testimonies from some awesome women, so stay tuned!!

Much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


Learning to Discipline

Do you ever ask the question, "what is age appropriate discipline for your child?" I know I have questioned that numerous times through different stages of my son, Traycen's life. From the little things that seemed so big at a moment in time, my trust in God and how He is teaching CW and I to discipline our child grows us as role models and teachers to our child. Although, if you ask different parents, I'm sure you could agree that each and every one of them would have different parenting tools to tell you to try. But personally, I feel like if you lean on God with each and every little thing that you go through, He will guide you in the divine discipline that is needed and purposed for each and every child. I once heard that one of the most powerful ways to love your kids was to discipline them...what? Hebrews 12: 4-11 talks about this as it says, "For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes those He accepts as His children."

Just the other day we had to discipline Traycen. I feel like when we have to do this for a more "serious" thing (I can count on one hand) that it turns into a love/hate relationship of discipline. This is what happened, we were at the gym, because we're pretty much there every night right now training for jiu jitsu. As Traycen and I walked over to the table to sit down and eat our supper, Traycen noticeably slid the stack of magazines on the table. In wonder of why he had done that for, I moved the magazines and saw a hole in the table! I asked Traycen what it was and at first he told me, "well, someone broke the table." My thoughts were, "well of coarse I see that, but what happened?" Traycen ended up telling me, very shamefully, that they were playing and he did a summersault and after he rolled, his foot flung out and crashed into the table. He then proceeded to tell me that he was sorry and that the owners of the gym already knew. I knew right away that the owners didn't know because they would have came to CW or myself and told us that something happened. Anyways, I was not upset that the table was broke, even though that stinks. I was more upset at the fact that this had happened the week before and Traycer had not even said anything about it. The question had been flying  around of who had broke the table this long and it was my kid! 

Instead of getting mad I showed him that I was more hurt by the fact that he was scared to come to one of us and tell CW or myself in the first place. Let's be honest and say that most parents first reaction could be to get mad, but really what is that going to do.  He already knew that he did wrong by not telling us in the first place and was embarrased, so we didn't need to continue to shame him. Traycen apologized to the owners of the gym and asked them what he needed to do in turn for fixing the table. They decided on having him help clean windows around the gym and pay $2 for the table. This morning I found Traycen in the closet dumping out his piggy bank to find the $2 he was going to pay for the table. Even though we wish he would have come to us first, he took the blow and told the truth and then was making an effort to do what was asked of him.

So long story short, I feel like by teaching our children Godly submission they will learn to obey . Ephesians 6: 1-2 says,  "children, obey your parents in the Lord, for it is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise." When we do this we are teaching our children to do the right thing for the right reason. Although, sometimes it ends up being that he has to do it because we said it, I want him to learn to obey us and trust in us because we are trusting in God. When we build this Godly submission in our kids, then they are more likely to decide what is right and wrong and honor us and God even when we are not around! God has given us the authority and responibility to raise our kids, therefore let's trust in Him.

Hope you all have an amazing day! 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


Your Love

imageToday marks the one year anniversary of CW and I loosing our baby girl!  As some of our friends knew and some didn't, I pray that this is more of a testimony than hurting anyone in not telling them. This week, leading up to this day has been quite an anxious feeling for me.  I look back on last year and all that my family and I have been through.  You could say that this year was a rough one for numerous reasons but let me fill you in by talking about our little one.  Last year Traycen started talking about his baby sister.  He would ask us when his baby sister was coming and that he was so excited.  I never really thought much of it until CW and I knew that he probably knew more than we did.  I feel like our kids know so much more than us because they are so pure and know nothing but Jesus and what the Holy Spirit is telling them.  They are so sensitive to the voice of the Lord and it just amazes me.  Anyways, December 5 of last year we miscarried.  The pain and emotion that overcame me was horrible in so many ways.  I was scared and hurt.  I felt rejected from doctors, myself, family and friends.  Although the number one person that was rejecting me, was me!  I have come to realize that one of my weaknesses at that point was feeling like I was a failure.  I took this on as a failure within myself.  I withdrew myself from my family and my friends leading me into the darkness that the enemy was wanting me in.  I look back and think how horrible I was to my husband and how much I hurt him by pushing him away.  By the grace of God and my husband, I was still loved through it all.  God was wanting me to run to Him, to sit in His lap and just be comforted by Him, instead I withdrew from him.  I can't explain why I did this, but I know it wasn't good. I remember after the fact of loosing the baby, Traycen kept asking me, "when is my sister going to come mommy?"  I would get so irritated with him and hurt by that, and that was wrong.  I know that he needed to know what was going on. But, how do you tell a four year old that his baby sister is gone?  We felt like he needed to know because he kept asking about her.  With the help of family and friends we decided to take some time for ourselves and get closure with loosing the baby.  We decided to get balloons and let them go up to heaven to try and help Traycen understand. We stood out on the driveway one afternoon and took the balloons and let them go to heaven for our baby girl.  Traycen stood there and told CW and I that he was sad for his sister and that he missed her so much!







Since then, Traycen continues to talk about her. It always had hurt me so much when he would talk about her because I didn't know how to deal with it.  It's like the more you talked about her the more it hurt because it made it that much more real.  But, then if you didn't talk about her it felt like she was just ignored and not cared about.  With the help of a friend telling me that I needed to start talking about her and making her known, I did.  I still have a hard time talking about her.  It's kind of a weird feeling talking about someone you knew but never actually got to see.  It's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced that, the feeling that you have and how much your mind can mess with you.  Personally, my mind would always mess with me a lot and still tries to if I think too much on it.  I have to take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ and stand on the truths and promises that He has for me.


Needless to say, God continues to bring me through this, healing me everyday.  I don't know that I can say I am fully healed because this is something that we will always remember and celebrate.  God's love has never failed us through this time and His love continues to shine through the darkest of our days.  This week I had a friend call me, not knowing this was the week of when we lost the baby.  She felt like she was suppose to tell me some things.  One being an example of what she deals with working where she does.  She is a nurse and where she works she experiences life, death and healing.  She begins to tell me about what she experiences there at work.  What ministered to me was that death is bittersweet.  To the people here on earth it is sad, heartbreaking and you grieve.  But death also is a celebration.  Death is like a birthday.  Death is actually a birth into the arms of Jesus.  When I heard this I felt so much peace.  Not having the understanding of why we lost our baby and being hurt from it, this made sense to me.  I had the peace that I can now not focus on the death of our baby, but the birth of our baby into the arms of Jesus.  That couldn't have been more appropriate for this week as I had been struggling with what to do with today.  I am so thankful to have people in our life that stand next to us, support us and love us through everything.  I am amazed at the love that God has for me even when I've tried to push Him and everything else away. He stands there with His hands wide open saying "just come sit with me!" Wow!



I pray in the name of Jesus that this brings encouragement to you whether you have dealt directly with something like this or not.  God's love never fails us!  He is always there waiting for us to jump into His arms and to love on us.  I pray for myself and others to not sit and question and blame God, but to lean on Him more and to seek Him in all things.  I pray that we would open up our hearts and open our ears to what He has to tell us and that we would be able to listen to the voice of our Daddy saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste



Winter Wonderland

Brrr.. is all I have to say about 20 degrees and wind out here on the prairie.  My sweet girls have been begging me to take them outside to play, so I relented.  We bundled up (around here that means snow pants, coat, scarves, gloves, hats and snow boots!!) and braved the freezing wind.  Sheridan made a beeline for the trampoline in which she had great fun running and sliding in the snow that lay upon it.  She talked me into letting her take her gloves off which lasted a whole minute before she started complaining of how cold her hands were.  "Lesson learned!" I'd have to say!  I know that's what God must say to Himself when I make a bad choice, haha!  Sometimes I wish He didn't give us choices, then we could live in this perfect little world, Adam & Eve never would've sinned, evil wouldn't have entered into this world.  But do you think we would've been happy?  Probably not, that's not freedom.  I guess the way to think about it is that God wanted us to choose to love Him, just the same way I wouldn't want to make my husband love me, I want him to choose to love me.  There's such freedom in having the freedom of choice and I believe our God really knew that would be true with us. snow4

Odessa is obsessed with climbing the boulders that lie around our fire pit.  She's so fearless and I have to constantly keep an eye on my little daredevil.  I'm trying to not be the helicopter mama who hovers above her child but that kid is so quick that once I look away from her she's onto the next dangerous thing that she can climb on.  I've really been asking God what to pray over my kiddos.  I've resolved to never let them believe that there are limits with God.  I want them to truly take in and believe Philippians 4:13 that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them, we even made up a song for that verse.  I've found that Sheridan can remember just about anything if I put in song form for her.  You should here all the silly songs we've come up with, ha!

snow3 snow2 snow1

Tonight at Northern Colorado Cowboy Church is First Tuesday service and I have to say that this is always my favorite service of the month.  It's such a Holy Spirit led service and Kirste and I will get the honor to lead worship tonight and I'm super pumped for it.  There's a new song that we're introducing to the congregation from Bryan and Katie Torwalt called King of All the Earth.  It's such a great song!

Speaking of tonight, I put my outfit together of what I plan to wear.  I didn't do the whole Black Friday shopping thing but I did stop in to a couple of stores yesterday just to pick through all of the left overs.  I found this great wool vest with a knit Aztec back and fur collar at TJ Max for $30.  I'm in love with thick vest like this because is layering is the only way to dress in Colorado where our weather is so unpredictable.  Black is seriously my go-to color right now.  It's just so sleek and flattering and I feel like I can add fun accessories to add color and dimension.  I plan on pairing it with a sweater from Target, my fleece lined faux leather leggings from the Hidden Arrow, my Boot Socks and Frye booties.  I'm in love with these leggings, they dress up any outfit and they are so warm!  I'll top it off with some of my fave jewelry, can't go wrong with silver and turquoise.


The rest of the week I plan to get lots of indoor projects done as well as some organizing done throughout the house.  Oh and of course we'll be camped out in front of the TV starting Thursday to watch the NFR.  I'm kinda bummed that we aren't there this year, but I'm praying that Kody gets back to riding soon and we'll be there in 2016!  I pray you all have an amazing week!

Much love,


Seasons of Thankfulness

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving I felt like it was appropriate to share some things that I am thankful for with you.  Every year when Thanksgiving comes around I really think about just what it is that I am thankful for.  The things that I was thankful for last year are different than this year.  Of coarse, I am always going to be thankful for Jesus Christ and what He did for me, my husband CW, my son Traycen, and my extended family and friends.  Another thing that I have learned to be thankful for is the season that God has me in and what God is doing in my life.  Although our seasons our always changing, Gods love always remains. Whether you are in a great season or a testing season, you feel like you have nothing or you feel like you have everything, God's love always endures through it all.  God makes a way for us!  I can stand here today and say that I have been in places this year where I didn't know how I was going to make it through this season. I have learned though that God is in control of it all and He continually makes a way for me through everything in the season that I am in.  God continually is speaking to me to trust Him.  It's sometimes easier said than done, but He just keeps pushing me saying, "trust me!"  I am so thankful that I can call Him my Daddy and that He continually "keeps me" and never lets me go. I'm praying for you in the season that you are in or the season that God is leading you into, for you to be able to trust His voice as He guides you. I pray that you would allow God's love to permeate your heart and to be open to what He has for you. Every season is different but keep pressing in to where He has you and where He is taking you. Know that He is faithful in ALL things and that His love ALWAYS remains! 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

P.S. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are blessed by His love! 

Being "You"

I definitely believe that knowing who you are and that being comfortable in who you are is freedom.  Growing up I remember looking up to one girl in particular at my dance studio.  She was gorgeous, popular and extremely talented.  I remember studying she did her hair, wore her clothes and how she talked.  But no matter how hard I tried, I'd look in the mirror at the end of the day and I would see me and not her.  Of course, I heard endlessly from parents, friends and teachers that you are unique and are perfect the way you are.  But it didn't change how I felt about myself.  I hate to say that this can be a struggle for me still today, especially with how much social media and the portrayal of perfection endlessly surrounds us.  I know that God wired us this way for a reason, but it wasn't to look unto another person for our contentment in who we are, it's to look to Him and to what He's wanting to lead us into. chalkboard

A very wise woman that I'm so blessed to have in my life as my pastor, spiritual mother and friend, Lynette Gleghorn explained it like this, "You are never more "you" than when you are in total surrender to God-because He made you and knows who He created you to be.  We are never more "found" than when we are totally lost in His love."  My heart just flourishes when I rest in this truth.  Who would I want to please more than God?  And if all He's asking me to do is just be "me" I feel confident that I can do that!  Haha, but that's just the first step,  letting Him take me by the hand and lead me into everything that He created me to be is almost more than I can fathom.  He's so faithful, loving and good and He promises to never leave me.

So today I encourage you to get into your Bible and pray, ask God why He made you and what has He put on your heart to do.

Love you all so much!!!


How To Dress Your Bed

Does anyone other than me have the obsession of changing things up in their home? I have inherited my mothers creativeness to "change things up" every once in a while. Although I can say that it is not my husbands favorite characteristic that I have (he still loves me). I totally get it though! Coming home from a late night at work, going to sit down on your couch and ending up on the floor is not the greatest way to welcome your husband home for the night! I can attest to some silly stories like that in my household because of my need and want to move things around! But, I have changed...or so I like to think. I have been trying really hard to not completely rearrange my house. To any person who doesn't have this struggle, your probably thinking "seriously?" But, truly it's a mind boggling thing when you feel like you need to change things up always. In order to keep a happy hubby, I have taken the initiative to not always "move things around", but to just change things in the atmosphere of a room. For example this would be changing pictures on the wall, decorative art, painting a bedside stand different color, ect. One of my most recent changes has been our beds in our house! I guess you could say I like the feel of something different every once and a while, so this change up was easy enough. As Candace said in her last blog post that fall in Colorado is at hand and cooler weather is coming in, this means we needed to put away the summer things and pull out the warmer items. There is nothing more inviting than a warm place in my house when I am cold! A good fire (yes we have a wood burning fireplace at this house), and a blanket is always nice. But, I'm talking about that warm place when you go to bed! I have to be warm in my bed, without having to bundle myself up. For myself I don't like the chaos of having your pants get all twisted up as your sleeping, it's a personal problem. I have found that dressing up your bed for fall/winter in Colorado is definitely a necessity, at least in this house! I love the feel of soft cool sheets in the summer time, but in the winter it has got to change! Take a look at our change ups and how we dressed up this bed!

  1. Sheets! I used to not ever like flannel sheets, but in the past couple of years I have fallen in love with them. They are the perfect start to any bed in the cold months of Colorado. You can find flannel sheets at about any store! I don't remember where I found these, but I decided on a paisley floral look. They are definitely priced well and they last for a while since your using them seasonally.image
  2. A good down comforter for that extra fluff! I like the feeling of the fluff over me and down comforters you can find in about any color at any home goods store.image
  3. Pendelton, my favorite! Although Pendleton blankets are expensive, they are totally worth the cost! These blankets are made out of wool and look great on any bed! This Pendleton was given to me by my mother! I love it because I can choose either side I want to display and it's an easy change up. Check out several different blankets, throws,  and bedding @
  4. Pillows! Who loves pillows? I definitely love a good pillow to sleep on and even more the ones that dress up your bed. Although, I don't like too many pillows. At our house it's about simplicity! If you have ever heard that saying K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) that applies here. Personally I like the look of having pillows but when it comes to undressing your bed and then dressing it back up the next day, you want to keep it complex. We have a new store near us called "At Home" where I found these burlap pillows which were great prices. If you already have pillows and just want to change them up, you can buy pillow covers which are always easy and affordable. Check out Hobby Lobby for those!image

Send us pictures of how you dress up your bed! We would love to hear from you! I hope everyone has a super day and remember to be blessed in all you do! You have favor where you go!


Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Cooped Up Fall

This mama is ready to put away the sandals and tanks and break out the flannel and wild rags.  Colorado is diving into freezing temps starting this week and I could not be happier to say "adios" to the flies and rattlers.  I love every season that our gorgeous state experiences but I know that when it's time to change from one to the next I am more than ready.  I'm sure if you live outside of town like we do and are anywhere near a feedlot or dairy you've experienced the dreaded fly invasion into your home or vehicle this time of year and how much it STINKS!  Not only are they down-right annoying, but they poop on everything, they get splattered all over when you kill them and they're just dirty little things!  But I'm ready for the first freeze for sure and I'm ready for layers...and hot chocolate...and snow...and sledding!!! I was looking through a few pics from the last couple of winters since we've had kiddos and I'm convinced that life is just all-around better with them in it.

IMG_1641.JPG (3) IMG_1632.JPG (2)





Sure, there's no sleeping in or late nights out on the town (not that we did that anyways!).  But there's cuddles, giggles, and seeing they're little faces light up when they get to experience something new or fun.  Today, for example, we didn't have much on the agenda except for caring for the critters, cleaning my house and hanging out with my girls.  For some reason it turned into playing outside on the trampoline and reenacting Cinderella, which turned into going inside and getting they're "fancy dresses" on and twirling around.  I'm sure mamas of girls know all about the "twirl factor" of a dress.  It goes like this, put on dress, stand back, and spin and look down to see how much is flaring out.  Not enough twirl?  Try a new dress and repeat!  We could go on for hours if I'd let them.  But, it really makes they're little hearts so happy and I'm smiling right along side them.  I'm convinced that's the stuff good childhoods are made of!

Speaking of making my heart happy I wanted to share a few things that I've ran across that just gets me excited and ready for our seasonal change.

Wild Rags- they're always a good idea.  Around here I wear them to feed, ride, church, pretty much everywhere.  See my wild rag square knot tutorial here.  And to find some of these beauties check out Instagram for Ashley's Wild Rags(@ashleyswildrags) and Cowgirl Gemz (@cowgirlgemz).

21b5c9f84a4ad15f0f6f80632d5e9823 IMG_1735







Warm layers- I love dressing in layers because of all the different dimensions and textures that layering brings.  Colorado is know for having snow in the morning and 70 degree temps in the afternoon, so layers are great!  Pretty Western has some great blanket wraps and ponchos.  Also, this baby outfit from Londinlux is just the cutest, so I had to include it.

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Boots, boots and more boots-  I don't think this needs much of explanation.  Junk Gypsy carries some super great boots for fall.

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Cozy Beds-  These beds are so dreamy and adding a Pendleton to your bed instantly makes it warm and cozy.

db52054b95d3af6f5ca10cb673b5eb3f 2da3bb70e7c5b1fec8287ca18c58df0a

And of course, these two-


Happy fall to you all and I hope wherever you are that it's getting to be fall there too!

Stay warm,


Conversations With A 4 Year Old!

Have you ever just sat and talked to your children? What kinds of things do they talk about? I love talking to my child. I find that our most precious moments are when we get to snuggle, when he shares something special with me or our small talks through out each day. Sometimes our talks consist of the randomness of how our day is going and how he burped when he ate a pickle, to the seriousness of why God loves us and why not everyone has Jesus in their heart. I personally think that when we get questions like that, we as parents need to be intentional on how we are responding to these questions for our little ones. I as some of you can admit that sometimes I just don't know how to answer some of the questions he asks me. Or I don't have the time he is wanting me to explain the answer to him. But, I think that we need to be intentional about sitting down with our little ones and conversing with them about these things. This is just what we got to do today! I hope you enjoy some of our small conversations from the day!  image

Mommy: Trayce what is your favorite thing about God? 

T: That we love Him and that He loves me. 

Mommy: What does that mean to you to love Him? 

T: That it means loving everyone and it means good not bad. 

Mommy: What does God do for you? 

T: He makes good things like strength. He also makes us Glorious. 

Mommy: What does that mean to be Glorious? 

T: To be strong and have strength and be healthy. 

Mommy: That's so true Trayce! Does God make your heart healthy too? What does God do in your heart? 

T: When there's yucky stuff and bad things, He washes your heart out...Cool huh? 

Mommy: Yes that's so neat that He can do that for people. Is that what happens when we forgive too? 

T: Well it (forgiving) means to say sorry and to forget and throw it away. 

At this point I'm just honestly in awe of what my child is saying because I think it's amazing!!! 

Our conversation continues to go on about when friends do things that hurt our feelings. We talk about how we say sorry and then we throw it away so that we don't keep bringing it up. This has been a recent thing for Traycen to say as we are going through the "tattler" stage of wanting to make sure everyone else is doing what they are suppose to do! Anyways I decided to change the subject and to ask Traycen what we can do for our friends when we get hurt feelings and we want ourselves and our friends to make good decisions. 

T: We should pray for friends that come over and play with us. 

Mommy: When should we pray for them?

T: All the time! But you can't pray for people to come back from Heaven. They are there in Heaven for all time. 

Mommy: Who is in Heaven? Can you tell me about what you mean? (He looks at me silly sometimes when I ask questions like this because he knows that I already know).

T: People go there when they die. You get to see them sometime. You only get to see them when your old, like me I'll get old one day and be able to go there when I'm real real old. I'll see my dad's dad and my dad's grandpa. 

Then the conversation changed to going to his Moo-Ma and Papos house this weekend! It was short but sweet! I love these moments of small talk with Traycen. They truly are a blessing because I feel as my child talks, I get to learn. Yes I know the answers to these questions, but the way a child presents the answers are so pure and faithfilled it just amazes me. They make things so simple when we are the ones trying to make sure we have the correct answer and make sure it sounds right. We tend to make things more complicated for ourselves when all along our kids know the answers and are saying "just listen to me, it's simple."

I encourage you all to sit down and really dig into a conversation with your little one. Make time in your day, your week to talk to them about God. We can send them to church all we want in hopes that they will have a relationship fulfilled with Gods love, but we need to guide them in that. We need to step up and lead them into knowing God more. Through this we probably learn more about ourselves as we are learning more about God through them. 


Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste 

Laying the Reins Down

Kirste and I want to apologize to everyone for being total slackers here on our blog.  This fall has seriously been a busy, crazy and fun one, but our little blog kind of fell on the way side.  I had such a great time doing our series on building our children's faith and pretty much didn't know where to go from there.  I guess that might be a constant thing in the blogging world if you're not planning ahead (which we don't most of the time, haha!). Our family just recently returned from the PBR Finals in Las Vegas.  It was so good seeing some of our dearest friends that we haven't seen in quite some time since Kody has been injured.  I got to share some laughs and tears with three of our past Cooped Up Confessionals, LeAnn Hart, Kylie Shivers and Sara McCoy.  These ladies are so near and dear to my heart and I wish I could see them everyday, they are truly so sweet!  I also got to hug the necks of some other precious sisters that I will be featuring here on our blog soon, so stay tuned!

IMG_6557 IMG_6490

With fall being so busy for so many ladies, I wanted to take a moment to redirect our thoughts to what God has put on my heart to share with you all.  For the moms out there, so many times we feel like our identity gets wrapped up into "just being a mommy."  Some may argue the fact that it's ok if that's all we are.  But I'm here to tell you that it's not all who you are.  God has called every single one of us to rise up and start living for what He's putting on your heart to do in His kingdom.  You may not know exactly what that is, but I recently heard a good question to ask yourself to find out what God's calling you do for Him from a sermon podcast by Jesus Culture.                             What moves you to tears?  Is it unborn babies being aborted?  Unsaved souls?  Human trafficking?  Orphans?  The poor?  What moves you is what God is calling you to!  I know these seem like huge endeavors and they are but I always love how my pastors put it, "do for one what you wish you could do for all."  Start small and I believe the best place to start is where you attend church.  Are you serving there?  If not, you should be.  Once you start partnering with God and His people the limitations are taken off.  Do you now why?  Because if He can trust you with the little things, He can trust you with the big things.  Start serving in the kids' church or nursery if your heart hurts when you think of abortion.  Volunteer to greet at the doors if unsaved souls are what bring you to tears.  Offer to prepare meals for those who just had a baby or are sick.  It's amazing the doors that will open to you when start serving.

Oh, and for those who have a dream in your heart to start a business or travel to do missions or any other "out there" endeavor the best place to find those people who might be able to help you along and support you may very well be the people that you serve next to at church.  Why not give it a try?


I'm reminded what my pastor told us on the worship team a couple weeks ago.  He gave us an analogy of when you're riding a very excited horse, you can just feel the power that he holds, but you're holding the reins back and holding him back from running.  Then, you lay the reins down and let him go, how that rush of excitement feels when you just trust him to run.  That's what my pastor wanted us to do in our worship that morning, he wanted us to just trust the Holy Spirit and lay our reins down for him to run.

God's waiting for you and so is your true calling in life.  Are you going to take that next step and trust Him?

Share with us what God's put on your heart and if you "laid the reins down" in your life.  We want to hear!

Love you all!


A Childs Faith: Raising them up

Good morning Monday readers!  Today we carry on with our mini series, "Raising your kids up in faith."  As you will read this morning, this gal Kacy has always been an amazing influence to me.  I always have looked at Kacy as a "super mom" with her daughter, Austyn.  I admired the way Kacy was teaching her daughter to live, and move and breath in God's goodness!  I only met Kacy a few years back and really have started to get to know her better lately.  She is truly a joy to be around.  Not only is she an amazing wife and mom, she is an amazing friend and teacher.  Kacy helps lead little ones into worship and the word in our church's Extreme Kids Ministry.  Her heart for God pours out onto everyone around her and she constantly exudes joy!  She is such an authentic worshipper (yes, I always look for her while worshipping on stage because her praise is so exuberant I love it... a true worshipper).  I know you will enjoy getting to know her and her family just as much as I have.  Coming from Kacy: 

Most importantly our family does not take themselves very seriously!  I am not exactly shy, so Austyn has grown up with a mom who wishes life was one big musical.  I have been known to dance in the grocery store and sing my sentences instead of speaking them!  "Dork” is a term of endearment and something to be proud of in our home.  Her dad is a little more buttoned up in public, but don’t let that fool you, he is a big kid!  He takes Austyn to ride horses, loves cartoons, and is a master practical joker.  One of his favorite past times is jumping out from behind corners to see how loud he can make us scream.  We are a very close family and spend lots of time together.  Austyn has 20+ aunts and uncles who spoil the heck out of her and is really close to her grandparents.  We love to travel and try to make it to see at least one new place per year.


How does Austyn's upbringing in Christ look like compared to how you and your husband were raised?

My husband had a very traditional upbringing in Church; they went to Church 3 times a week and he knew all of the "Sunday school stories."  But, he says it differed quite a bit because it was so traditional and was not "spiritual."  There was a way to pray, rules to follow, etc. but God and prayer were always part of their family and just what you did growing up.

I wasn't really raised in Church.  I remember Sunday school a few times but it was when I was really young and then we just stopped going.  It wasn't until I was older and out of the house that I found out who God really was and really got on fire for Him.

Austyn was born into a home and Church family (Kersey Cowboy Church) where everyone was completely in love with Jesus.  The church we attended when she was born was really like family.  She was able to pray on the stage, sing on stage in Church, and it was just second nature to be a part of a Church where love came first.  It really helped her to understand the love of God because growing up she was surrounded by people that showered her with love and affection.


How did you start to foster such a strong giving & helping spirit in Austyn?

First, by praying for her and over her constantly and thanking God for the gift He gave us when we became her parents.  Then, by never setting limits!  She was given freedom in her faith and her prayers.  We never wanted to make God "kid sized" and so whenever we would pray or talk to her about God it was the same way we would talk to an adult.  We read out of a family devotional, and did an adult Bible study on David.  Some of it was pretty mature but she got it.  We have always told her that God has huge plans for her and a vision for her life.  Right now at 6 years old that means she is going to be a pilot so she can live in Hawaii and be a missionary in Guatemala all while being a paleontologist in both places...we say, "GO FOR IT!"  If she grows up thinking there are no limits to who she can be, it's easy for her to understand there are no limits on what God can do in her life.


Tell us about a special moment or moments where you saw God using Austyn and working through her?

Prayer is definitely one area; she prays with wisdom and authority and power.  People are constantly calling, texting, or emailing asking for us to have Austyn pray for something specific.  There have been a number of times she has prayed for healing or breakthroughs and THEY HAPPEN.  One of the first times I remember was when my parents dog got hit by a car; I witnessed it happen and it was pretty bad, he got hit head on by the bumper and went under the car.  Austyn started praying in the car to the pet hospital that he would be healed and when we got to the hospital that little dog was fine!  No broken bones, no internal injuries, just a little was AMAZING!

She also has very prophetic dreams and visions.  Sometimes it will be as simple as "mom, God just told me we need to call uncle TJ and tell him to wear his seatbelt" - and of course we call right away to share the message.  Or they will have very deep meaning.  She often prays that her eyes would be healed and she wouldn't need glasses; at one point in particular she was feeling really low so we had been praying over it every night before bed; that night she went to sleep and woke up running into my bedroom to tell me about the dream she had.  She was in a beautiful, colorful, garden with Jesus and an angel.  The garden had more colors than she could describe and was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  To her that was God's way of telling her that her earthly eyes aren’t perfect but He has given her eyes that see more.


How do you encourage her in her faith and how to walk out listening and acting upon the Holy Spirit?

Lead by example.  We invite God into every situation, we praise Him, we worship Him, and we talk to Him constantly.  Sometimes that's me praying, "God forgive me for what I just thought about that other driver, help me to see them like you do."  LOL!  Or "Man, God must love us so much to make those beautiful mountains for us to look at." I figure if she hears me praying and praising then she knows she can pray over everything too.

Also (the most important part) making a big deal about what Holy Spirit tells her.  Whatever she sees/hears/is told to do, as long as it is in line with God's word, we help her do.  I also always try to make a big deal about it.  When she was two years old she told me there was an angel in the car talking to her...I told her it was amazing and she was so lucky to get to see that!  We never down play something as "make believe" or overreacting.  If she shares something from her heart that God is saying then we make sure she knows how special it is and that He picked her for a reason.

Do you have any extra input on raising your kids up in Faith? 

The best tool on raising a "Kingdom Kid" came from a teacher named Lisa Max who is from Colorado but works at Bethel Church in CA.  She was giving a workshop and started talking about teaching kids to discern the "three voices."  We all have three voices in our heads:

1) The voice of the enemy - who speaks lies, hurt, anger, and always makes us think and feel bad.

2) Our own voice - it's all about me, me, me and makes us jealous, or selfish, and doesn't think about others

3) The voice of God - always positive, speaks love, builds people up, always makes us feel good

So, using that as a tool; when she starts throwing a fit about something or is feeling really bad about herself I ask her "whose voice is in your head right now?"  Then I have her close her eyes and imagine a chalkboard in her brain.  Then we picture erasing those thoughts that aren’t positive and writing what God says about it instead.  Then we pray about what God says about her.  He loves her, He made her beautiful, He made her smart, He made her powerful, and He gave her everything she could ever need, etc.  It's been a really good tool that helps to turn her head and refocus her attention on Heaven instead of what the world says about things.


I am so thrilled that Kacy was able to share this! I love "raising a Kingdom kid." I am definitely going to have to use that for my son. What an amazing way to describe different things with your children. I personally think we all need to be doing that! 

Well that's all for now!

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste


Raising Kids to Love Jesus featuring Kerry Cramton

Do you ever just mindlessly scroll through Instagram and come across another fellow Instagrammer and think, "wow, I really like this person?"  Like, "this is my kinda person!"  Well, maybe it's just me, but this Kansas sweetheart is totally "my kinda person!"  I initially started following Kerry Cramton because she creates some stellar leather cuffs and stamped metal jewelry that I'm totally in love with, as well as she has some killer style (hello, Savanah Sevens Model!!)  But the more I stalked... uh, I mean "followed" Kerry I realized that she loved Jesus as much as I do and she has two young children just like me and she's raising her children in a broken world...JUST LIKE ME!!!  So I decided to contact this lovely lady and pick her brain on raising kids, teaching them about Jesus, but most of all I wanted to know how her and her husband live out their faith and direct their children into what God has in store for them.  I completely believe that our most important role as parents is to teach our kids about God's love and to live out our lives so that they will want to be just like us, which in turn will hopefully imitate Jesus!  Amen to that, right? So, I know it's Monday, but why not start your day off with a cup o' joe and reading an inspirational testimony regardless if you have children or not.  I hope to someday meet this incredible mama who I'm so blessed to call a sister  Christ and I know you will fall in love with her beautiful words as much as I did.


Hi! My name is Kerry, I'm 32 years old and live in the heart of Kansas!  My husband, Clint, and I have two boys, Coyer is 4.5 years old, and Case is 2.5 years old!  I'm so very blessed to be married to an amazing man, the love of my life and my rock, Clint!  We met shortly after college, I'm a KSU alum (Go Wildcats!) with a business degree.  Clint attended JUCO on a basketball scholarship and also attended Fort Hays State University, where he also received a business degree.  We both were born and raised on a farm and ranch.  We now raise Sim-Angus cow/calf pairs and no-till farm corn, wheat, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa near Tescott, Kansas. We feel so blessed to raise our boys in the country!  I think any time you can be close to nature and God's creation it teaches children so many valuable lessons about life and it gives us many opportunities to teach our little ones about God and our faith.  Especially with the agriculture industry, there are a lot of unknowns from price fluctuations, Mother Nature, and risks of disease/death in the crops and animals.


Candace asked that I share a little of my testimony and my walk with God.  I was raised in a very small non-denominational church and I felt I have experienced and saw a lot of God's presence and miracles at a young age!  I also have been in two pretty bad farm related accidents and I saw and felt God really move in my life during those times. Although, the recovery from the accidents was hard, it was a huge time of growth for me in stepping out in faith and believing for miracles.  I was so fortunate to eventually walk away from both accidents with no long term pain or problems.  With all that being said, I also felt times that I wasn't walking close to God and many times I felt unworthy or not perfect enough to please God and I chose to distance myself because I didn't feel good enough.  I want to encourage anyone that is going through a hard time to really focus on God and trust in HIM to spend time in His Word and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  The more you get in the Word the more you build your faith and open the door for Him to move in your life!  God has really taught me in this last year that He doesn't want perfection, if He wanted perfection He wouldn't have had to die on the cross for our sins.  We are an imperfect people who need Jesus!  All He requires is that we ask him into our heart, believe in faith, seek Him, and ask for forgiveness of our sins and try to live life according to His word.  Mistakes are going to happen but if we stop and recognize those mistakes and truly repent and move on, that is all He requires of us.  God's grace and mercy is truly amazing and a love that is so unlike any kind of earthly love. I love that God can bring so much peace to my life when I feel it gets chaotic, if I make time for Him, He never fails me.  This past year I would say was the biggest time of growth and where I have changed so much in my walk with God.  A year ago was breast cancer awareness month and at the beginning of the month we had some really tough news.  My sister got diagnosed with breast cancer and it had spread to her lymph nodes.  My sister, who is also my best friend, is only 34 years old and has twin girls that are 2.5 years old as well as a 5 year old daughter.  We were devastated when we got the news, she had just lost all her baby weight and is very active, and we didn't have any breast cancer in our family!  When I heard the news I was in tears, I knew she would have to have chemo and I knew this would not be easy.  Life felt pretty unfair at that point.  Her and her husband farm and ranch as well, and raising twins was a task in itself.  She was just finally getting a little more freedom from the newborn stage!  We both really dug into the Word and tried to keep positive throughout her treatment.  She was a rock star, by the way, and I couldn't be more proud of who she is!  The amazing part was that God never once left either of us, on our darkest days we would have encouragement in various ways that we knew were from God!  Fast forward a year and she is cancer free, she has reconstruction in November and her journey is not over, but wow, how much God has changed us in this last year!  I thank God every day for His love and guidance as we walked out this journey and everything He has taught us.  It has not been easy, but I can't imagine walking this out on my own, I would have crumbled.  He has been my strength and encouragement and I've grown so close to God through this.

I'd love to share a little bit about my boys.  Coyer is my oldest and is very strong willed and can be a challenge at times.  He is ALL farm boy and loves the outdoors and doesn't slow down for anything!  However, he never misses a thing and has a steel trap for a brain.  He also is very tender hearted and loves his mama, family, and God.  My youngest, Case, is definitely more easy going, and he loves to cuddle, but likes to get into mischief with his brother and can be very ornery at times!

12064408_10102578897475751_400000714_n - Copy

Cooped Up: How do you teach your boys about Jesus? Is it more book learning, experiences, Sunday School?

My boys witness a lot of what goes on in my life, I try to be very open and honest with them and always tell them as much as I think is age appropriate.  We prayed together for my sister and we pray for anything from little to big problems in our life.  I always try to teach them to be thankful for everything they have, the life that we live, and to watch their words!  I want them to speak positive blessings in their life, not negative talk.  I love to hear them pray, I usually say bedtime prayers, but sometimes they ask to pray and it melts my heart to hear how thankful they are for everything God has done in their life and their innocence when they pray.  I also have really enjoyed "Duck Commander Devotional for Kids" by the Robertson Family/Duck Dynasty.  The boys love reading it every night and I enjoy the little activities it has for them to do.  My oldest remembers a lot of what we read and I think it has been great for him. We also have an amazing church that we are involved in and this is the first year Coyer has got to go to Sunday school and not the nursery!  He LOVES going and learning. He also has started his second year of preschool, it is a church based preschool and it has been so good for him socially.  I have really enjoyed watching Him grow into the little man that he has become!  My in-laws and my parents are great role models as well, they both are Christians and share with the boys about Jesus when they get the opportunity!

12067957_10102578900834021_1629628036_n - Copy

Cooped Up: Have your boys ever asked you questions about God that made you really think?

My boys ask lots of questions about God and sometimes I don't know the answer!  I try to be honest and say, "you know I don't know, but we can pray that God shows us the answer to your question and I bet He will show us in some way."  I encourage them to start their own relationship with God and I tell them He is a best friend that watches out for them and loves us a whole lot, that He is always there in your time of need or when you are scared.  I tell them to pray and ask God to protect and watch over them any time they have fear or doubt!

Cooped Up: How do you feel the best way is to help grow your kids' faith?  And is there an example or experience that you've got to witness firsthand Jesus at work in your kiddos?

The first things that comes to mind is I always lay hands and pray for my boys when they don't feel good or any kind of pain.  Sometimes they say it still hurts and I remind them to have faith and mommy will keep praying and believing for healing.  I can think of one time in particular that Coyer can also remember God healing him.  We had just got a trampoline and my husband went to jump with my Coyer, well when Coyer came down something happened to his forearm.  He is a tough kid and doesn't really sob cry about anything pain-wise.  He was bawling and my husband felt terrible, as we both were regretting this purchase!  Nothing I was doing helped the pain and even into the night he couldn't sleep.  It was a weekend so I thought we would wait it out until morning because he could still move fingers and his arm.  I was worried though that he may have a fracture in his forearm.  My husband and I both laid hands on him and prayed for him, and I told Him we were praying God would heal his pain and that he would be just fine. He  woke up in the morning still in a lot of pain and slept terrible that night.  As I was trying to make an appointment to see the doctor, he slipped off his makeshift sling and said, "mom it's all better!  See I can move it."  As he went on his way driving his combine everywhere and he had zero pain!  He has remembered this incident, and although it may seem little to you all, it really impacted him.  He didn't forget God's faithfulness!  I think anytime we can read scriptures to our kids or even when they sit in church and hear the word, you are filling them with the biggest blessing you ever could!  Just hearing the Word has so much healing power or even listening to Christian music.  I've found some great worship music, I especially love the bands "Third Day" and "Unspoken."  I don't always have on worship music, but when I do I'll hear my kids singing those songs and I think how awesome it is to hear them sing such powerful words over their life.  We really need to watch what we are letting our kids listen to, I think so many times some songs that are catchy are so negative and I don't want that for my children.  They are at an age right now where they are taking everything in, trying to figure out this world, why not give them the most powerful tool to be successful!  The most important job in my life is that I take the time to teach my children about Jesus that they know He is their savior and how important it is to ask Him into our heart so we can all be in heaven some day together. There is nothing in our life that is more important than Jesus Christ our savior!


A few things that I have enjoyed lately are "The Everyday Life Bible" by Joyce Meyer, she has tons of extra commentary and advice and I really, really love this Bible!  Also, I'm enjoying the "She Reads Truth" app and "Jesus Calling Devotional" by Sarah Young.  I just finished "The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God" by Jep and Jessica Robertson, and I highly recommend this book.  If you struggle with trying to be perfect or not feeling worthy of God's love, this book is a must read.  It is beautifully written and they both were so open about their past and how God has transformed them!  I also have really enjoyed the "I Am Second" testimonies on YouTube.  It's so powerful to hear peoples' testimonies about God working in their lives and it makes you realize we are all an imperfect people and no matter our backgrounds we have very similar thoughts and feelings!

Check out some of Kerry's fabulous jewelry creations on her Instagram here!


Letting the Lion Roar

imageWe all know parenthood comes along with the trials of raising children and helping them grow up to be the strong little warriors God intends them to be! Although, I will admit I personally love getting to spoil my child by taking him to the park or getting him that "special something" he saw at the store, playing pirate ship or just spending quality time with him. But, my most favorite is when I get to see him sing, dance and worship Jesus Christ. Our kids have Jesus forefront in their relationship.  They have not been "corrupted" from the cares of the world (to say the least).  They trust in us as parents and they trust in Jesus because they know no different. Sunday evening we decided to go try something new and attend a service that was called "Let The Lion Roar." This service was featured around "Sukkot," the Feast of Tabernacles. There was to be praise, worship, dancing and teaching. So we knew somewhat of what would be presented at this festivity. Now some of you right now may be questioning what the Feast of Tabernacles is, so I will kind of fill you in.

The Feast of Tabernacles is an eight day festival that begins at sundown on the first day of the feast.  In Romans 11:17 it states, "And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree." This means that we are grafted in and share our rich heritage and roots of this celebration. Anyways if you'd like more in depth teaching look up the book "A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays" by Robin Sampson and Linda Pierce.

At this celebration we didn't know what it would look like but we are open enough people to go and experience God in any way, shape and form. We got there a little late and sat in on the teaching. During the teaching the Israeli celebration dancers would get up and dance during the service, leaving opportunity at the end for everyone to participate.  I asked Traycen if he wanted to participate and he jumped right in.  I love when kids just go for it. We literally danced and praised Jesus for a long time. Traycen had such a blast and the joy on his face was so contagious. At one point I was tired of dancing and being on my feet but my little boy wanted to stay and worship the King and so we did so. This was such a memorable worship for our family as we stepped into something new and experienced the joy of God in an entirely different way. I encourage you to step out into the newness of what Gods calling you to do. Be with your little ones and just praise the Lord. I know I probably looked like a goof "trying" to dance how the Israeli dancers were guiding us, but it was all for the Glory of God and so it didn't matter. When you are obedient and just let God shine through you, it doesn't matter. Hope you enjoy some of these pictures!




Till next time ,

XoXo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

Mama Needs a Break!

Okay, so I'm speaking to all of our mama readers out there.  I hate leaving anyone out, but this mama needs to vent or scream or a long-overdue trip to Target by herself!!!  Am I all alone here?? My 3 year old, Sheridan, has taken the "question asking stage" to a whole notha' level this last week and I'm seriously ready to pull my hair out.  I know that this is how she takes the whole world in and is learning and I really am not wanting to stifle that.  But the "why" question that's been happening as of lately, I believe is just to get mommy to go crazy!


For example, this morning she was watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that is her favorite that we have recorded on our DVR.  She's seen this episode at least 50+ times (yes, I'm that mom that puts on tv to get something done, haha) so as she's watching it she continues to ask me, "Mommy what happened to Mickey...why did they do that...where are they going??" so at first, since I've seen this episode almost the same number of times, I answer her questions.  But then comes the "why, why why?"  Oh my gosh, child, I don't know!  Because he wants to, because she was happy... what do you want from me kid?  Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but after I calmly answered the "why" questions, then came more "why" questions.  It's like by answering one question that multiplied more questions!  Then, she'd get upset with me because the answer I gave her wasn't what she was looking for in an answer.  That's when I started disciplining her.  I'm not above disciplining my child when she starts whining because she doesn't get she wants or doesn't get the answer she was hoping to get.

So after I put the girls down for a nap (can I get an AMEN for nap time???) I went outside and I prayed.  "God, will you show me how to have wisdom for dealing with my child right now?  I could really use your help!"  God is so good in answering me right away.  He told me that so many times His children ask why and many times He answers them right away but most of the time His children respond better if He can show them.  Days, months, or years may pass but God will show that person why something happened.  The answer may not be what the person wanted to hear and they may get angry with God, but if they choose to wait and trust in Him they will learn to understand His ways.  They will look at a situation and know where God is in it and where the work of the devil may be taking root.  The more they get to know their Creator the less they'll blame God for bad things happening.  Evil is not in Him, it never has been and it never will be.  But He's not above using the devil's schemes to turn a bad situation into good by teaching His children how to trust in Him.  This always makes me think of Joseph and the horrible events that took place in his life.  His own brothers threw him in a pit and then sold him into slavery.  From there he was put into prison after Potipher's wife's accusations and then finally he was risen up into a position of honor and saved an entire nation because he trusted in God.  He looked back at all of the atrocities that befell him but he saw God's goodness and how God was able to use him because he continued to trust God.

So talk about a major rabbit trail from Mickey Mouse to Joseph in the Bible,  but I just want to show you my imperfections and struggles in my everyday life and how God is there for me in my "whys?"  He's there for you too and He always will be.  He promises to never leave you or forsake you.  So, I will continue to answer my precious girl's questions to the best of my ability and I will hopefully learn to show her the answers more than just speak them.  But most of all I pray that I can show her God's unfailing love and kindness towards her.

Have a blessed day!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace

A Child's Faith

As I was talking with my husband this morning and talking about raising up children in the faith, CW said probably the most important thing to him for our son (children some day) would be to worship as a family. He said that going to church as a family is important because you are setting the standard of importance of your relationship with Christ, being with family and fellowshipping together in unity with the body. Through different researching of this subject it is commonly stated that there is a larger percentage off kids who will attend church and continue on in their faith regularly if both parents are involved in a relationship with Christ and attending a church. As being the head of our household there is an importance of the dad leading his family through his walk with God and helping to assist his wife and children in guiding them in their walk with Christ. CW says that "as the head goes the body will follow". How true is this? When you think about it in the physical and you look somewhere you are going to turn in that direction. This is the same in the spiritual. Where my husband is going, I am going to more than likely follow (unless I'm being stubborn, which let's be honest runs in my family). This applies to our son too. Where my husband and I go, what we do and how we walk out our relationship with Christ, our son is going to mimic that also. I think about the way my husband worships God. When he's driving in the car and gets to listen to worship music, he's all out. So, guess what... my little man does the same thing. It's a natural habit for us to follow what our father does. This is also the same as we should be keeping our focal point on Jesus and following where our Daddy is leading us to. I get so excited when I get to see my child do something that he may have seen my husband or I do at some point. For example I love getting to bless people with things (I need to do a better job at receiving on the other end), but our little man sees us do that and he wants to do the same. We don't even have to tell him to give someone something. Traycen just wants to give out from his heart for that specific person. A few weeks ago my other Cooped Up Mama was at our house getting ready to leave when Traycen finds his little cowboy hat from when he was a baby. He asks me if he can go give the cowboy hat to Miss Odessa Rose. I told him of coarse and then he brings it to Candace to give to Odessa. Candace then looks at me and asks if that's okay with me and I said yes. To me, its a material posession. Yes, that may or may not have been Traycens first little cowboy hat, I honestly don't remember. But that's not important to me. What is more important to me is that Traycen wanted to give that hat to Odessa. He wanted to pour out of his heart and give something to someone else. At our house we want our kids to know that if God tells them to give something, then give it. I know some people may be thinking,"but what if it's brand new or it held super high importance of something... !"I've asked myself before too. The thing is, that if God tells your kids to give it, then trust that they are hearing from God to be obedient in what God told them to give. God telling them to give that special something is your kids stepping out into faith of what God has said to do. God will even honor them for giving it as they honor God. God is so cool like that. What better of an age to start to form your kids hearts. Let them take control in what God is telling them to do and how God is telling them to do it. We need to be empowering our children as they hear the Lord speak and not just "controlling" what we think they should or shouldn't give. My theory has always been that God gave it to us in the first place whether we bought it or not. He holds the provisions for all of our things. If the time is up in one day, two weeks or a year, then we need to be obedient in what He is telling us to do with it. If we need that certain "thing" at another point, He will be the one providing the provision for it again. 

I pray that you would seek God in all things this week! I pray that God would show you how to help lead your little ones in everything that they do. I encourage you to start to ask them to have God show them who it is that they can give something to. Ask them to pray about it and then give that person the thing they feel like they need! Our little ones hear from the Holy Spirit so empower them to do it! 

Here's some photos of my hubby and my little man! 




Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife 


A bittersweet goodbye

Good afternoon!!! I hope everyone is having a super great start to the week. I am enjoying the cooler weather here in Colorado and getting pretty excited for fall to start! With it being the weekend that it just was (Rosh Hashanah) I felt like I wanted to write to you guys and share about our recent bittersweet goodbye. Some of you know that we had been preparing to move as we sold our house in six days when we first listed it. After packing, getting rid of stuff and getting ready to move there was a lot of stress. We knew we were suppose to sell our house and that it was the right season for us to move into the newness that God was creating for us. Although, we had not found a place to live yet. Being human and allowing some of my "Kirste" thinking to get in the way I started to get kind of nervous. But, God has never failed us, so why would He now. Faith isn't faith unless your test it out right? With one week left before we had to be out of our house, we found a a place to go and moved in three days!  As we pass our old house every Tuesday and Thursday as we drive to pre-school Traycen reminds me that's where our "old" house was. As he says that it makes me realize the old that is there at that house. I feel like in each season that we are living we have things we wish we could change or go back on or even maybe memories that we love and wish we were still in that particular moment. There is memories from that house that I will never forget that were good and bad, but those memories are only memories, not where we are headed next. I feel like there is importance in acknowledging certain memories so that you can grow from them. There may be some that are of laughter and some that are from pain and tears, but with them all take where you have been and look into where  God is leading you next. Our eyes should be focused on what He has for us always.

God is faithful in all things! Although this move didn't really look like how I would have chosen it to look like, it all worked out and now we are in an "in between" house twenty minutes closer to town. During this time we are just relaxing and really seeking God for where He is calling us to go next. Our eyes are open to discover the goodness that He continues to show us. I have been listening to Kristene Dimarco's new cd "Mighty" lately. If you haven't listened to it I highly recommend that you download it! It's not only amazing, but for the season that a lot of people are in it's just that! Every song that I listen to speaks to me so much in the season that I am in. Throughout this whole cd are songs that are so fitting in my life right now. For example she speaks of how we trust Him, through it all we keep our eyes on the Lord, and that He is our only answer and our only strength. Whatever it is that you are in , know that God holds you in the palm of His hand and is walking with you through each and every one of your situations. We are to trust him through it all. He is the ultimate one!

I pray right now that during this time you evaluate where you are with God. We stand before God and open up our hearts to allow God to begin a new work in us. He's taking out the old and bringing in the new. I pray that as you walk in the newness that you would begin to see His goodness in all things and that you would exalt Him through the old and the new, the good and the bad. I pray that you wouldn't ever feel alone. God is always right there walking with you, covering you and wanting to love on you, so let Him.

From a kind gentleman I met today, "it's okay to not be okay." We all feel like we sometimes have to have it all together and let's be honest we don't, or at least I know that I don't. Jesus is saying just come sit with me, let me take care of you and take care of your needs. I am your everything so just trust in me!

Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife




Child Like Faith

image This is just a little blurb for my post today for our new series!  There will be more throughout the series but after going to church yesterday, this just ministered to me so much!  Our Pastor was talking about where your value is. Who do you find your value in?  Do you find your value in other people and what they say and think about you?  Or do you find your value in the Creator, the one who made you perfectly the way you are. Think about that.  If everyone tells us that we are beautiful as a woman, but we don't believe it ourselves.  It won't make any difference what anyone else says to us, will it?  But, if God tells us that we are beautiful, then we are beautiful because He created us. Another thing that our Pastor mentioned was to focus on what is noble, what is good and what is righteous!  Wow! Instead of focusing on the bad things that your children have done, focus on the good.  We can reprimand our kids for whatever they are choosing to do at that time, but if we are only doing that, then I would really question what good we are doing to teach our kids to make the right choices.  I want my son Traycen to know that he is noble, and he is good and he is righteous because God made him that way.  We all mess up and all stumble and our kids will do the same, it's just whether what us as parents choose to do after that!  We need to be raising our kids up in His kingdom.  We need to be encouraging them daily, maybe even hourly about the good things they are doing.  This goes from little ones up to high schoolers.  When we teach our kids in love the way they are suppose to act, the way they are suppose to treat each other and their mom and dad, we are establishing His love in them and His righteousness and worthiness. I pray right now that each and everyone of you would take a step back from your parenting and look at what you are doing.  Are you only correcting time after time and not showing them love?  Encourage them and show them who God has called them to be.  Explain to them what it is that God wants for us and what God likes to see them doing. God open the doors for new ways to help our kids and to help show them and teach them Your love and all that you have for them! Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

A Child's Faith

So I've really been thinking and praying about how we can teach our girls about the love of God and the magnitude of what Jesus did on the cross for them.  I just think back to my childhood and I knew that God loved me, but I didn't really learn how big of a deal it was that Jesus died on the cross for ME until I was well into young adulthood. I'm not the crazy mama who wants to dramatically make a huge deal out of this for my girls, but I really feel like for all people, you don't get how much God loves you until you accept that Jesus died because He wanted to save you and me, not because He deserved it.  I want to show them the joy that comes out of letting go and worshipping God, how to pray prayers that ignite power from the Holy Spirit to release ministering angels and I want them especially to ask God to sow huge, amazing, and radical dreams into their little hearts!


My husband and I totally agree that the best way to convey this message to them is by living it in real life.  I love putting worship music on and just getting totally silly with my girls.  I know that God's presence just descends on the joy that is happening in those moments.  Or when we come across someone in the grocery store that needs healing and we take the time to pray over them.  I want to show them that our faith and God's love extends farther than our church doors and He's waiting for willing hearts to help Him change the world.

So for the next few posts, Kirste and I are going to ask some other wisdom-filled friends that can explain what they love to do with their kiddos to expand their faith and we'll share books, other blog posts and anything else we that can help us, as well as our reader's in our journey to nourish our children's faith.


So make sure to check back with us next week!

Much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace


Praying For Your Husband

Good morning !!! Over the last couple of weeks, Candace and I have been able to share with you some of the amazing woman we know and how they pray for their husbands. I am sure that you could agree that this was very humbling getting to listen to each woman as they shared their insight on their prayer life. This last woman I have always admired. Every time I look at her I see the beauty that God created in her and she truly shows the love of what a wife is. I have always looked from the outside of the marriage and said "wow!" It literally had me in tears reading everything that Hope shared for this post and I know it will minister to you just as much as it did to me. Take a look at a beautiful mom of two boys and an amazing wife. Congratulations as they just celebrated their 18th anniversary a few weeks ago.

Hope: Tony and I have spent more of our life together than apart!  We met in high school.  We were actually buddies before we dated.  We dated for 2 1/2 years, were engaged our senior year, got married two months after graduation, and started our family two years later.  He is truly my best friend!  After many ups and downs in our marriage we have realized, that doing it "our way" fails EVERY TIME and that the only way to keep our marriage strong is to do life with God at the center!

To be honest, Tony and I started our marriage "with God" but weren't "in relationship" with Him.  It wasn't until we hit a huge bump in the road, when we were both lost and were left on our knees, that we truly surrendered ourselves to God.  At that point praying for my husband was a practice that I took up immediately.  I continually pray for God to stir up the purpose He has for him on the inside of him, for God to give him a passion for Him that will overtake his life, and for him to take up the leadership and full authority that God has given him over his family and his life.  As for our marriage, I pray that God strengthens us and uses us as vessels to serve Him in any way He wants to!

How do you encourage your husband ?

As a wife, and being the perfectionist I am, I had the tendency to compare him to other husbands.  Or I would point out Tony's shortcomings, somehow thinking that he didn't know about them himself!!!  I realized this was crushing him, making him feel defeated and unworthy.  While I'm not perfect at it, I stopped comparing him to other men and I do my best to celebrate his strengths!  The things that make Tony "Tony!"  I speak into the AMAZINGNESS that God has put in him.  For example, when he handles situations at work or in every day life the way God would want him to, I take notice and let him know  that I notice.  I thank him for working hard every day to care for our family.  And I make sure he knows I appreciate the appreciation he shows to me as his wife.

-Do you make time to pray with each other and when is that time ? How often do you pray for your husband through out the day?

We pray together daily.  This wasn't easy at first.  It took both of us stepping out of our comfort zones to "make it happen."  We start almost every day praying together or as a family, and we end each day praying together before we go to sleep.  I have always prayed for Tony when he has things he is struggling with, however I've just recently started praying for him throughout the day!  As silly as it sounds, "there is an app for that!"  Haha... I found an app called "Praying Wives."  It literally helps you pray for your husband from his head to his toes!  I have found that it's a great place to start.

-I've ways heard that saying, " Prayer is one of the most important things we can do for our spouses."  What importance does praying for your husband have in your life and marriage ? Praying for Tony has changed our life and our marriage!  I started praying for him during a tough time in our marriage.  He and I hadn't been walking with God the way we should have been.  I had an awakening and starting running to God and he wasn't quite on board.  I remember literally "laying hands on him" while he slept and praying my HEART OUT!  But the coolest thing about it was God asked ME TO CHANGE!  He told me to serve Tony!  He told me that regardless of where Tony was in his walk with God, that I needed to honor him as my husband and the leader of our home and serve him the way God has designed me to.  So as hard as it was, I did and I prayed for him every step of they way!  I really think that that's the cool thing about praying for your husband that most wives don't understand, is while prayer will truly help your husband, it will also help you be the wife God has called YOU to be!  It will help put your heart in line with Gods heart for your husband.  IT IS AMAZING!!!


The need to pray for our husbands is a must!  I think we all can agree that there is power in prayer and God can surely work in any man's heart to change him and lead him to be who God has called him to be.  We as wives need to stand up and be side to side with our spouses. We need to be his help mate, his friend, his lover, his encourager, and most importantly trust God with our husbands! I pray that you would daily give your husband up to God. When we do this, we say, "God lead him, guide him and teach him how to lead through you and how to love like you."  It's not in our control, but it is indeed in him! Thank you so much for sharing Hope!

P.S. Make sure you check out the app! It's only $1.99 and really neat. I read one to CW for last night and he said that spoke directly to him and that was something I could be praying over him.

Till next time,

Xoxo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste